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03/02/10 02:46PM This is my test page.
31/01/10 10:45PM Paper Waves - Part II This is a continuation of Surfing the
03/02/10 09:05AM MegaOLA CLED.2010 II Jornadas en línea / I Congreso virtual CLED.2010
04/02/10 03:03PM CoSN ETC wave CoSN ETC wave Here are some resources for leaning about wave Here is a good guide to get some
03/02/10 07:46PM [no title] eLearning 2010 / ITC10 This wave is for the ITC Networks' eLearning 2010 conference, which will be
03/02/10 06:13AM Forex Now of course naughtiness Translations powered by Google Translate
04/02/10 11:13AM Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave Vous trouverez ici la liste de parties de Jeux de Rôle proposées sur Google Wave.
04/02/10 01:59PM hey any1 here cool how are you ye
04/02/10 12:51PM TR5 DoTA League We, the Players of Dota, are the most noob gamers in the world!
04/02/10 11:30AM Borderlands argentos y afines Una pequeña y modesta wave para juntar gente que juegue boderlands :D
04/02/10 06:14AM Wave Robots com - It empowers the user with the ability to query Wolfram Alpha's Computational Knowledge Search
01/02/10 10:51PM Wave Games - This wave is edit-moderated. All content posted by others but the creator will be deleted Please refer to this wave to understand the guidelines. For questions please refer to the Wave
03/02/10 07:53AM Волна сообщества onliner - Часть 1. В помощь новичкам в Google Wave: Каталог (Оглавление) русскоязычных волн - начать лучше отсюда,
03/02/10 06:21PM Here's a Wave to get the Colorado4x4.
04/02/10 08:22AM 我们都是飞虎队,翻墙方法大家群策。愿大家一起编辑。 目前ONLY 孖疣门,毋戒门能用了。 纪念下我的tor等一批方便快捷的工具。 大家群策群力,为我们以后要翻越GFW去看谷波准备。 那就不火了
04/02/10 12:35PM Mandarin (or How to swear in Chinesse) “ Stupid son of a drooling harlot and a monkey.
01/02/10 11:11PM 图片集 02 讲秩序,行四方:周二,购票的旅客在上海火车站排起长队,武警在一旁维护秩序。预计中国铁路系统在今年春运期间将发送旅客2.1亿人次。
01/02/10 04:39PM New to Wave? here are some things that might help you out. This wave will grow with time as people and resources are added one of the things you may find helpful in the beginning is the with:public
01/02/10 05:55PM RadioTux@HoRadS #90 Sendedatum: 27.01.2010 27.01.2010 - 18 Uhr Themen: News: Bei Weta (das sind die Jungs die Avatar gebaut haben) werkelt auf mächtig viel Hardware Ubuntu Linux: http://www.linux
02/02/10 05:59PM Probando google wave, bueno veo que lo primero es generar una ola en castellano para ir acumulando info en nuestra lengua sobre wave search,restored:wave
31/01/10 03:25PM Apple A4: The nucleus of iPad and the iPhone of the future. No more Samsung processors, says Apple to our minds with Apple A4.
01/02/10 11:46AM Ubuntu Italia Wave italiano sulla distribuzione GNU/Linux più popolare del momento. Questa wave è moderata solo dal buon senso delle persone, in pieno stile opensource. Non facciamola diventare un
03/02/10 08:39PM What are you doing? Update Note: Any participant on this wave can tweet on behalf of the authenticated Twitter user.
01/02/10 07:30PM Vamos falar sobre filosofia? Wave destinada à discussão de filosofia em geral. Regras: * Esta BLIP é de somente leitura. Por favor respeitem e não editem; * Não adicionar Gadgets nem Robots (degrada a
01/02/10 10:54PM Music Suggestions
03/02/10 02:41PM What are you doing? HUSK at melde dig ind i gruppen "Google Wave Danmark" på Facebook.
03/02/10 11:28AM Demo and installer: Image Gadget
01/02/10 10:17AM [ZIKULA] Module Release Plan Nicolas, Drak | anybody else ) answers the wave "I am going to add it to the Cozi" Contact (Chris|
03/02/10 09:25AM SSC Times - Issue 2 (2009 - 2010) the search giant, seemed to be unable to stand this unreasonable barrier.
03/02/10 08:49AM TZM Discussions - Scientific Language Project Altough we don't really feel like just adding everybody because google wave is still pretty fragile
01/02/10 05:43PM Foro en español sobre Google Wave Tal como prometi hago una nueva Wave para el Foro ya que la anterior estaba muy cargada
03/02/10 09:31AM [no title] (spreker thank God! History maker)
01/02/10 12:50PM Middle / High School Game Design and Development Greetings. I currently teach a game design and development course as a half year elective to 8th graders. The course aims at teaching students
04/02/10 11:59AM Node.Js Web Framework - biggie A JavaScript Web Application Framework built on node.
01/02/10 01:43PM Tool Wave I wanted to share some of their songs with all of you. I really enjoy their music, its really spiritual (to me) and some of it is not serious at all, but no vulgarity in these songs. Anyway I
03/02/10 06:14PM The Unofficial Verge 2010 Wave Who's Here?
01/02/10 01:53PM Formula UK - Debates e conversas de botequim no GoogleWave
01/02/10 10:57AM Metallica em São Paulo - 30/01/2010 e 31/01/2010 Wave de contagem regressiva e comentários para o maior e melhor show do ano de 2010. Gran Disco!!
03/02/10 11:05PM MINIWINI wave 사용자
04/02/10 01:49PM The Chamber of the Onyx Skull - Legacy of the Lines (Gameplay, scene 16) A flickering purple light dimly illuminated this pillared stone chamber.
03/02/10 02:58PM Gulbar - Grupo de Usuarios de Linux de Bariloche Web : http://www
01/02/10 04:56AM Seeing alot Friend Feeders on here you think Google WAVE will take it's place? search for topics - FriendFeed being most immediate interest, actually!)
03/02/10 01:35AM Google Wave Tutorial in Persian (Gadgets, Robots and Tips) News, Weather, Search, Translation جهت سرچ درون ویو.
01/02/10 11:21AM How to boost the web speed.(creditz goes to tinkernut,the original uploader--thnx dude) your reviews please!!!!
31/01/10 11:30AM Testowanie Google Wave Polska Fala testowa Google Wave, przeznaczona do dyskusji nad aplikacją. Czy Google Wave będzie konkurencją dla
04/02/10 02:02PM Ask a Christian 4 This is a continuation of Ask a Christian 3.
01/02/10 06:58PM Google wave as a collaborative learning tool Are you interested in discussing the use of Wave as a tool for education? If so then please join this discussion. We are featured in the news![link] check
01/02/10 11:04AM omponk cakep
04/02/10 11:08AM Let's see how this works Okay I am editing it, can you see it you bastard? Lockerz is bullshit, a scam
02/02/10 09:53PM Search Center - chrome extension com/extensions/detail/ndfplmdnbnefomnjiknbpejdceedhdmf Search Center is centralised place to search
04/02/10 02:34PM Google Phone Wave images and other content that is best viewed in a wave that is maximized This wave is moderated
03/02/10 06:33PM Benchmark public wave Da vidimo koliko nas ima :) Trikovi How To Find Public Waves you search with:public.
03/02/10 05:57AM Opittu avuttomuus - valitettavasti :D Hauskat, face-palm, totaali pöllöt, hei-mulle-pitää-kertoo-ihmiset. (Ei gadgetteja, linkkaa upottamisen
03/02/10 08:05AM [no title] Ajuda Google Wave
01/02/10 10:40PM Twitteros Peruanos en el Wave! Llegaron las invitaciones muchachos, arriba estan algunos personajes conocidos en la twitosfera, agreguenlos a sus contactos para vayan ampliando su red. En mi
01/02/10 09:41PM MI COLOMBIA EN FOTOS Agrega fotos de COLOMBIA de todos aquellos lugares hermosos, calles, gente, que enseñen la cara amable, alegre, fantastica de nuestro pais, por que Colombia es mucho mas que lo que
04/02/10 02:57PM HTC Android Discussion/Chat Mine is, if that helps :D Although it may be good to note I had to do the make a call in WM first to
03/02/10 04:53AM Esperanto?
04/02/10 12:29PM La Guia Completa Sobre Google Wave Yo con el tema que no he podido entender muy bien aun es : Three Different Ways to Update a Wave -
02/02/10 08:41AM Come surf ActionComplete Wave - AC community hub suggested by Ross! Search as you type and more ;-) Here's a teaser screenshot: Projects - AC 3.
03/02/10 04:04PM BattleMappy To use
03/02/10 08:01AM Wave pre používateľov zo Slovenska a Česka / Wave for Czech and Slovak users na Google Wave a chcel by som nájsť nejakých Čechov a Slovákov, ktorí Wave tiež
01/02/10 08:12PM Japanese Twitterers on Wave/Waveにノッてる日本人Twitte-rerリスト(ReadOnly) Please Move To 2nd.Wave (Japanese Twitterers on Wave/Waveにノッてる日本人Twitte-rerリスト2nd.Wave ) 1.リスト 書式は統一で” daccot
31/01/10 07:04AM TUTORIEL : TRAVAILLER EN LIGNE AVEC GOOGLE DOCS DANS WAVE Il est bien évidemment possible
03/02/10 03:21PM I'm in a wave bro. Dave Balter of BzzAgent is teaching my Brand Management class about Google Wave
03/02/10 04:54PM Google Wave Idag hade vi lite folk på kvällsmat och vår chef som precis börjat med Google Wave var om möjligt
04/02/10 03:03PM Sudoku public de WeFrag
03/02/10 06:11PM Android Developers Hey all, it is amazing what you can find if you just search :) anyway, so i have been seeing these
03/02/10 11:26AM Favorite Torrent Site? It's a Meta-Search Engine, close enough.
01/02/10 02:33PM Contact Information Index > Contact Information I can be reached here on Google Wave (preferred) or by one of the following: Email: (Please, use subject “The City RPG”) MSN
01/02/10 02:34PM When and Where Index > When and Where When: Saturdays 8:00pm CST (2:00am GMT) Begins: TBA Where: Google Wave Duration: Approx 2hrs IRC Server Information Server: Port: 6667
03/02/10 08:59PM World Development ----------------------------------- This wave is part of Fantasy Brewmasters' open development
01/02/10 06:48PM Bristol Orienteering and Hashing Liftshare This wave is to discuss where we're going and how: for people based in the South-West of the UK. What we're going to do includes O, running, mountainbiking
01/02/10 04:19PM Filosofia UFRGS wave pública para os estudantes de Filosofia da UFRGS
02/02/10 04:21PM Open Source Job Mesh & Google Wave Ideas Dear Collegues, who
01/02/10 08:39AM ORIGAMI WAVE! Hello all, welcome to my first attempt at a public Wave. dino.jpg I decided
03/02/10 07:39AM will you change your xp to windows 7?你会考虑升级到windows 7吗? windows 7? 个人感觉除了变得好看一点以外,一点先进的功能都没有。我觉得光IPv6 支持就值回票价了 好吧,我承认我已经在用windows 7了。正在慢慢习惯他。虽然用不了卡巴2009
03/02/10 04:15PM Anime Wave at Saratov!
03/02/10 02:29AM Will Google really pull out of China? Is there much data on how big of a share Google has in search engines biz in China?
03/02/10 04:07PM The Deaf Wave-rs! Tip: If you want to search waves from the Public wave, use english filters if you don't want to get
02/02/10 09:09PM Seekers of the Ashen Crown (discussion wave, part deux) these waves, but I've been adding the "ashencrown" tag to all of them so I can use a saved search.
04/02/10 02:41PM Deus existe Parte 3 Este é um espaço para qualquer um que queira discutir a existência ou não de qualquer deus.
01/02/10 09:01PM 西安交通大学 Xi’an Jiaotong University 西安交通大学 Xi’an Jiaotong University 温馨提示:本Wave遵守Wave回复公约。在参与此Wave的同时请遵守这些公约
01/02/10 07:33PM Wichita Wavers / Wichiwavers Other Wichita Waves POLL: Should we call ourselves Wichita Wavers or Wichiwavers? Wichiwavers Directory What to do with the WichitaWavers wave? Link to this wave Short URL
04/02/10 08:52AM [no title]
01/02/10 11:07PM 韩寒和陈丹青在世博会论坛上得演讲(找俩上去骂自己的不多见啊……) 韩寒: 大家好! 我很少来这样的场合,我比较习惯回答问题,我觉得在上面讲总有一种想要说服人的感觉。只参加过一次,当时区里面请一些在外面混得比较好的人回来,我有幸是比较好的人,当时讲了高速公路修的多方便。论到我讲的时候还有点紧张,讲了两个问题。这次是嘉定区两位朋友请我来的,还有在位的几位老师,都是我比较敬佩的人。我也准备了一点东西
04/02/10 02:24PM The Word Association Game 6! anyone??? Someone says a word, the next person says the next word that pops into their head.
04/02/10 01:31PM [no title] com/ Google Wave: A Complete Guide @ Mashable.
31/01/10 11:48PM A game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard
02/02/10 01:10PM ufirefox usetools project on wave ufirefox – сборка веб
01/02/10 02:04AM This is the Casual Collective wave from now on!
04/02/10 12:39PM SocialTech 2010 Event - Main Wave 1:30pm - 2:15pm Rolling Out a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy in a Matrixed Company Matt Strain,
03/02/10 08:23PM Conway's Game of Life Gadget Demo Click and drag in
01/02/10 10:42PM MIAMI HERE WE COME! Are you Going? A PT wave
01/02/10 01:35PM Pleace! Invite me on !!!! Дайте плиз инвайт если у кого-нибудь есть лишний! Обещаю не подвести с ratio !!!
01/02/10 06:50AM Does anyone know how to make Microsft CRM bill at different rates for different individuals who work on a contract or contract line? In relation to Eservice
03/02/10 01:39PM Lokale Energiewende im Dreiländereck
03/02/10 09:47PM Wave updates When a wave is clicked in the search panel, it turns a darker green and the text turns white.
01/02/10 04:59PM Debatewise GYP Point: Developing world is reliant on money from the developed world.
03/02/10 11:01AM Cultural Fuel: Digital Strategy/TechCheck (And it's good to see that you found where to search for this!:) )
04/02/10 12:55PM Debatewise GYP Point: Rainforests will cease to exist if CO2 emissions are not reduced.
03/02/10 05:40PM Hopping Over From Twitter This wave is for interesting folks I follow or follow me on Twitter. Yes
04/02/10 02:03PM Security Talk! I had a discussion recently with Johannes Ullrich regarding the definition of a penetration test.
03/02/10 09:46AM Знакомство и Общение Серьезно, давайте знакомиться
03/02/10 09:02AM Aucklanders. Jaffas, call them what u will... The best NZ Wave, because Aucklanders are the best! Auckland - The only important city in NZ
03/02/10 10:16PM Haiku OS Q: How can Google Wave benefit Haiku OS?
03/02/10 08:10AM Debatewise GYP Debate: Put clean energy before saving the rainforest?
03/02/10 01:39PM Future of mobile Wie sieht die Zukunft mobiler devices aus? Museum of future
03/02/10 08:33AM [no title] ua [sha] [sha'ni]
04/02/10 02:45PM KotSf (D&D 4E wRPG) Table of Contents I will be running a published game from WotC, namely Keep on the Shadowfell.
01/02/10 03:22PM Langeweile-Wave: Postet hier mal all den MIST der euch unterhält, wenn euch mal wieder die Langeweile quält!
01/02/10 07:26PM Corinthians - Poderoso Timão Pra Corinthianada que tiver Wave, esse é o espaço pra debater sobre tudo que envolver nosso Timão! Salve Corinthianos, esse é nosso espaço!
04/02/10 11:51AM [no title] Nexus one fans club。。:P 有twitter的可以留意下方便follow喔。。呵呵 @loson
02/02/10 03:32PM Wave dla początkujących Czyli garść niezbędnych informacji
03/02/10 10:42AM BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes Ultimate Edition Wave Hey, this
03/02/10 02:05PM Softscape Lunch Wave I'll create an extension tonight that pulls any tweets in from @slunchtweets and creates an entry and poll for them. 2/1/2010 @ 12:30
04/02/10 11:14AM WaveTube Demo and Installer Hi to the creators of WaveTube! Your program is very good, obviously I got installed it in my Wave.
04/02/10 12:10PM Debatewise GYP Point: They are the ones who need to reduce their emissions.
03/02/10 09:28PM 웨이브 성공할까요? 투표 받습니다.. 구글 웨이브가 엄청난 성공을 거둘 지, 아니면 실패할 지 투표 한번 해 볼까요? 엄청나게 성공할 거 같다
04/02/10 12:16AM Six things I like to do with Google \/\/ave Wave surfing: Do a search for with:public lang:en This will take a minute to load, and then all
03/02/10 05:08PM TZM Belgium - 2010/01/21 - Meeting Minutes -website take over, integrate forum, google wave, 1 point for all communications -dubbing zeitgeist
03/02/10 11:43AM This is a test wave emanating from the GIS Team at NASA LaRC. Hi Ray ! Since you are new to google wave, may I suggest you some reading ? A good wave to begin
01/02/10 07:07PM Welcome to Adamthegeek's Wave! Http://
03/02/10 09:43PM Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Discussion I think the most obvious explanation is that they created a parallel reality.
01/02/10 09:47AM Operating Systems, Spring 2010 (Class) Welcome! There's a lot of people in this class I'm not connected with in Wave.
04/02/10 08:36AM Un val pentru Romania, adunati prietenii aici!!! com/2009/10/14/ultimate-list-of-google-wave-gadgets-and-tools/
01/02/10 04:03PM [no title] Welcome to the Apple Wave! Surf in the 1st wave encyclopedia of the world, only dedicated to Apple! And now we share this message: think different.
03/02/10 09:08PM [no title]
04/02/10 02:30PM Excel VBA Hallo, als Newbie in VBA habe ich folgenden Code aus dem Netz geladen und meinen Bedürfnissen fast angepasst. Einziges Problem ist, dass die Abfrage
04/02/10 02:14PM Is Ubuntu 9.10 better than Windows 7? However, as far as I understand it, it is a lot easier to develop games for the Windows/DirectX
03/02/10 06:04AM Google Wave for MMA fans! Discussion Group: WaveChat
01/02/10 07:47AM How to Embed Google Wave on Your Wordpress Blog org/extend/plugins/wavr/ or search for wavr in the add plugin admin page Then build a public wave:
03/02/10 04:18PM Веб-дизайн Веб-дизайн Статьи, полезные ссылки, обсуждение. Информация Всё что касается дизайна в интернете. logo Примечание: Когда даём ссылки на сайт
02/02/10 01:44PM [no title] Our Patch The First
03/02/10 06:35AM \/\/ave Tutorial Was ist Google \/\/ave? Google \/\/ave ist ein von Google Inc.
04/02/10 02:46PM OOC Wave for The Black Ship - Portents of Darkness (Star Wags Saga RPG) it was more like the vidscreen on the ship at the beginning of The Phantom Menace--more of a panel.
01/02/10 10:44PM 수도꾸 한판?? 웨이버 여러분 스도쿠 한판 어떠세요?? 기분 전환으로 한판씩 두고 가세요~ hey! (translated by hello (translated by
31/01/10 06:32AM Canon Rumors Yes, but you would need to search for new waves every day or can you subscribe to a wave that still
02/02/10 02:32PM This is a test of the privateness of the group. just search: with:public all your base belong to us
01/02/10 01:14PM Glaubt ihr Google Wave wird die E-Mail ablösen? Ich glaube, dass es früher oder später so sein wird! Und wir waren von der Preview an dabei :-) Da bin ich mal gespannt auf eure Meinung und vielleicht
01/02/10 01:14PM GeoDesign
04/02/10 02:06PM psyphen problems? Might grab a copy this weekend if I can get some internet.
04/02/10 11:19AM Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live Gamertag Exchange The purpose of this Wave is to allow xbox gamers to find other gamers they can play online
03/02/10 01:55PM Forerunners of Akheva OOC CHAT Forerunners of Akheva OOC CHAT
31/01/10 02:32PM Portugal (o tal IRC canal). com/wave/?pli=1#restored:search,restored:wave:googlewave.
04/02/10 08:20AM La wave à perdre du temps Une wave sans prétention, histoire de prolonger mon blog que je ne tiens plus à jours
31/01/10 12:25PM [no title] search with:public programming - incidently was my first search with public :-)
03/02/10 08:50PM Vamos nos conhecer melhor!!! Por favor nao vamos por Gadgets para nao deixar a wave lenta blz?
01/02/10 10:38PM 스도쿠 한번 열어봅니다. 하실분 있으신가요?
01/02/10 10:33PM Go in Google Wave Finally!! A couple of users managed to play a go game in google wave. You can find the gadget here: Thanks to Geremias Canya
03/02/10 07:24AM I just want to see how Groupy likes me. Hey everyone at the same time.
03/02/10 09:20AM Hannover auf Wave - Wave für Hannoveraner Wave User Gibt es schon viele Hannoveraner bei Google Wave? Added euch und schreibt was.
02/02/10 09:04AM No One Has To Die Tomorrow Current applications are search and rescue, but the "boatload of bots" approach could work
01/02/10 04:16PM SUDOKU for everyone People who likes sudoku will also like Go.
01/02/10 02:28PM Wave's Radio
03/02/10 03:39PM Hi cartotalkites - I thought I would just start a wave here so that we can gather somewhere, ok? Awesome, this could turn out be a great use of Google Wave!
04/02/10 01:28PM 誰かと繋がっていたい!!!(ワクワクしたいよ♪)Vol.3 Where do you live? Please tell me.I mark it on the map.友達地図 freiendmap
04/02/10 12:21PM iNotifyEx notification system for iPhone Here is a wave all about the up and coming, all new iPhone notification system for the iPhone called
04/02/10 12:55AM Climate Change A complete search of the document shows no reference to CO2 at all, so I do not see how this
04/02/10 12:56AM Idea of using Google Wave for Issue tracking R10 - Search for keywords in a named set.
01/02/10 10:11PM Math Tutor阶段展示Wave序列 Math Tutor阶段展示Wave序列
03/02/10 10:53AM NSF\/\/ave 009 (in-show) neues Soundboard Soundboard Google \/\/ave Etherpad von Google gekauft und Code ge-open-sourced.
03/02/10 09:40AM 董的这张照片真是又猥琐又邪恶,你觉得 W.H.Dong
31/01/10 01:40PM Campus Party 2010 - Dia (29/01/2010) Este é o link do primeiro wave. Campus
03/02/10 10:06AM UX에 대한 질문 답하기(2/4) - 역할과 조직 UX세미나에서 신청자분들께 받은 질문이에요. 관심있는 분들은 누구나 리플로 답변 달아주세요. Ping은 보내지 마시길, 지워지지 않는 버그가 있습니다
01/02/10 01:27PM AKTIVNÍ ČESKÁ POKUSNÁ VLNA Prostě takové pískoviště, ale s určitými pravidly. (Vytvořena 23.10.2009) Pravidla: Nemažte blipy kolegů!!! Tento blip needitujte!!! (upravuji pouze já) Vyhrazuji si právo
03/02/10 10:05AM UX에 대한 질문 답하기(4/4) - 업계 이야기 UX세미나에서 신청자분들께 받은 질문이에요. 관심있는 분들은 누구나 리플로 답변 달아주세요. Ping은 보내지 마시길, 지워지지 않는 버그가 있습니다. Q. 이러닝 작업을 혹시 겪어보셨는지요. 웹디자인과 이러닝 업종은 제가 보기엔 상당히
03/02/10 10:06AM UX에 대한 질문 답하기(3/4) - 실무 경험 UX세미나에서 신청자분들께 받은 질문이에요. 관심있는 분들은 누구나 리플로 답변 달아주세요. Ping은 보내지 마시길, 지워지지 않는 버그가 있습니다. Q. 일단 웹에서의 UX 사례들.. 핸드폰이나 아이팟등 다른 분야의 UX가 웹에 미치는
03/02/10 12:22PM TZM - RepRap Project [Area] Progression Log [Template] x (add index number to/from the TZM - Main Wave Index) This wave follows the progression of the [
04/02/10 11:38AM How To Guides for Google Wave How to Link to a Wave (If you're on the How To Guides for Google Wave page on the HowToGuides.
01/02/10 10:49AM deneme
03/02/10 06:16PM Negócios no Sul de Minas Wave pública para empresas interessadas em fazer e oferecer produtos e serviços para cidades do sul
01/02/10 08:51PM SNK-N.> Wave Evitem incluir bots e gadgets nesta wave! Estes só deixam as waves lentas e não iram contribuir para a mesma. Atalhos: Home: vai pra primeira mensagem da wave End: vai
04/02/10 01:53PM Public Wave for JetWave 3 (2009/12/10) JetWave is a Jetpack "feature" for Firefox.
03/02/10 05:26AM Google Wave API Useful links: Google Wave Federation Protocol http://www.
02/02/10 10:18PM I'm new to the Google Wave community! Has anyone found a way to search for waves with 'Greater Than' or 'Less Than' message count?
04/02/10 02:48PM Google Wave Searches Worth Saving - After only a few weeks of Wave usage, and thanks to the "with:public" search *, your inbox is full
03/02/10 08:37AM Google Wave in iGoogle
01/02/10 08:38PM Digital Humanities in all its Manifestations A forward moving space for discussion
02/02/10 10:04AM [PTX] Wave!!! ¿qué es google wave? Google Wave es básicamente un nuevo sistema de comunicación, especialmente
03/02/10 07:47PM The Unofficial Bindlestiff Wave Searching for Public Waves In the search window in your inbox, put in "with:public" You can also do
03/02/10 08:46AM TZM - Scientific Language Project Wave Language Project Collaborative Conlang Building Wave Phonetic spelling (add content) (add content)
01/02/10 04:22PM The City RPG - Index General Information Contact Information How to Join When and Where Character Creation The City (World Summary) Powers Government Infrastructure Machines and Electronics
01/02/10 02:34PM World Summary Index > World Summary The City is a gritty place, filled with people living on the edge of survival. Buildings are decaying and in shambles almost everywhere. Roadways are narrow due to
01/02/10 02:34PM Character Creation Index > Character Creation Characters will be made using 175/75 points in GURPS 4th Edition. Characters may be highly skilled normal individuals, or mutants with discrete powers. The
04/02/10 10:56AM BØLGEN - Wave Magasinet - MasterWave Kig og Tweet Ugen der Twik - Pip Gourmet Google Streetview - Del dine danske fund Kolofon -
01/02/10 02:34PM Teleportation Index > Character Creation > Teleportation While the Teleport power is allowed, there is some restriction to its use within The City. Due to the nature of The City and to maintain the
31/01/10 04:30PM History / Historian Wave organization tool that can handle a wide variety of formats and with powerful and intuitive search.
01/02/10 02:34PM Powers Index > Powers Discrete Powers Basically, any powers your character has, cannot be highly visible/detectable or must be easily hidden when not in use. The more visible they are when you’re not
03/02/10 02:56PM Manifiesto en defensa de los derechos fundamentales en internet
03/02/10 04:21PM CGA Public
01/02/10 09:33AM Apro la WAVE ufficiale di 6unblog, dove possiamo commentare gli articoli e parlare di tutto quello che ci viene in mente: Hello i will shorten your url with J.
03/02/10 12:03PM Playback Tutorial: Deobfuscating Javascript Code When malware
04/02/10 02:45PM Southeastern N.C. How can I insert a photo or image of a Web site in this Wave? I tried to save an image to my
01/02/10 04:03PM #vipp: Vie privée vie publique au travail lien vers le site ou se trouve la video: Themes abordes lors de la reunion [a editer/ajouter/...] Type de surveillance
04/02/10 02:15PM VoiceChat-9 First Public Wave You can navigate to the end of the playlist and backup a message to hear it right away; you may
01/02/10 12:24AM Российская SEO волна Представители этой интересной профессии
04/02/10 09:45AM 用google wave玩视频聊天 是啊 啥玩意? Translations powered by Google Translate
04/02/10 03:30AM Vzporedni Twitter :) in zbirališče Slovencev, državljanov in državljank .si, na Google Wave.
04/02/10 10:47AM Emaily, the Wave-Email Gateway (new v0.3, new features NOW) Overview Emaily is a robot running on Google AppEngine, which works as a gateway between Google
03/02/10 02:43PM Public Wave Feel Free to leave comments:
01/02/10 10:21AM Website CMS The church I go to recently had a web server crash.
01/02/10 01:47PM Новая Одесская Волна. Со старой благодаря некоему боту случился коллапс. Пишем сюда.
03/02/10 07:23AM HipHop for PHP!!! Basically, convert PHP to C++ to make your
04/02/10 11:55AM My Collection of Google App Engine links Google App Engine - Early Look at Java Language Support
03/02/10 07:44AM The Cisco UCS Wave I think it is a really good idea to have UCS FAQ, as I think that google wave allows you to have a
03/02/10 05:53PM Linux - Brasil - Versão 2 Esta é uma wave pública para discussão sobre Linux onde podemos compartilhar experiências e
01/02/10 03:42PM Classic Rock Video Enthusiasts Everyone feel free to post a great classic rock video I hope we find some good ones! Great video + [ +0 ] -
01/02/10 09:03AM Icelandic Wave Users - (ísland, íslenskir, iceland) Er bara að athuga eftir íslenskum Wave notendum. Kannski tilvalið að
04/02/10 02:54PM Foro en español sobre google wave Agregare a los contactos que tenga pero no tengo a todos asi que si pueden haganme el favor de
31/01/10 04:27AM Putting the Tea in Digitalengagement, lets do IT.
01/02/10 04:20PM fælleswave - lær sammen Denne wave er for alle, der gerne vil afprøve Wave.
03/02/10 04:20PM This wave is for members of the kidlitosphere to practise on. eu/2009/11/08/our-favorite-google-wave-extensions-and-add-ons/ The RSS bot is not working right now
01/02/10 10:22PM Wave FAQ in Bahasa (Indonesia) Rekan-rekan Waver dari Indonesia, ini adalah FAQ (Frequently Ask Question) tentang Google Wave dalam bahasa Indonesia. Tujuannya untuk menyambut para Waver baru dari
04/02/10 12:18PM Курская Волна герб города Город Курск на карте: Ссылки о Курске:Курск Этнохороним: куряне, курянин, курянка События в Курске
03/02/10 09:13AM Nexus One: I don't think so. Here are my
03/02/10 08:14AM DELPHI BRASIL fala ai, pessoal! acabo de entrar no google wave e fui direto buscar alguma de delphi, e achei esta!
04/02/10 12:15PM When will we be waving for real Any thoughts on the timeline for when we could see Wave go live?
04/02/10 06:12AM DISKUSI - Wave FAQ in Indonesia lagi ada error dengan public search sepertinya RT @googlewave: Wavers: we're working hard to fix
31/01/10 10:40AM How To Find Public Waves How To Find Public Waves you search group:public@a.
01/02/10 02:31PM Lifehacker v5.0 Now with Multiplayer Sudoku! [Last Title Edit : 11pm EST] Sudoku Wave ; Lifehacker v5.0 Note : Please keep resource hog gadgets out of this wave. Please Note : The Lifehacker v4.0 Wave
01/02/10 09:13PM [no title]
01/02/10 12:53AM Why Should You Care About Google Wave? Have you done any for mobile --> Help, didn;t record answer Why doesn't search work like Google
01/02/10 02:00PM Can this be embedded?
02/02/10 11:31PM Science Fiction Book Discussion For discussions of sci-fi books to better
04/02/10 11:47AM Beautiful men [Please maintain this wave SFW]. Just a wave to see and comment beautiful men.
04/02/10 09:52AM is live! Very nice! I'm glad someone wrote up a guide on google wave quickly!
01/02/10 07:11PM Polska Fala Sudoku Zapraszam wszystkich do gry :)
02/02/10 02:26PM Windows 7... The start menu search is much better.
04/02/10 09:28AM This Week in Google #16 So what is the etiquette with concern with public Google Waves.
04/02/10 01:25AM Anime Best Practices Best practices for researching, finding
01/02/10 06:49AM iPhone 3GS or Nexus One? When typing, sometimes my thumb will hit the back button or the search button (btm left & right)
01/02/10 07:39PM Что Вы думаете о браузере Safari 4 под Windows? Пользуетесь ли Вы браузером Safari под Windows?
04/02/10 09:47AM Google wave. The GYP is one of the largest and most substantive uses of google wave there is so far.
04/02/10 01:25PM Inside the Mountain - Beyond the Door! Just note that if you go off to far, I might reel you back in a bit.
31/01/10 12:58PM JavaScript programming Topics Uses & contexts Web pages User
04/02/10 02:40PM Amigos do Twitter e do Wave Ae galera mais uma wave pública para reunir a galera do twitter e do Wave para a gente trocar uma
04/02/10 12:37PM Learn to speak Italian! si, vivo a Roma.
03/02/10 04:10PM <!The Click Game!>
04/02/10 12:34PM Firefly Adventure Session 3: Back on Solid Ground! The entire cavern is basically a landing pad.
01/02/10 10:30AM PyGoWave Live ToDo List and Roadmap I look forward to discussing this more tomorrow at the meeting 4.
03/02/10 08:26AM Martin Beas Nuñez Wave creada para consultas desde mi sitio
01/02/10 11:26AM Gravidez na Adolescência - Perigos Associados a Essa fase da Vida Nos ultimos anos vemos o grande aumento da gravidez na adolescência, muitos estudiosos não atribuem isso a falta de informação, alegam
01/02/10 04:13PM Hello World
01/02/10 05:15PM Polska Fala Sudoku - Dyskusja link do fali z grą: Polska Fala Sudoku Ta fala powstała do rozmów, by nie zaśmiecać fali z grą Pozdrawiam, Adam
04/02/10 01:39PM SSW Community Wave Be sure to edit this post and add yourself below, so that we have a list of participants.
03/02/10 04:01PM 구글 웨이브 초짜가 알면 좋은 팁들. 구글 웨이브 초짜가 알면 좋은 팁 모음입니다. 더 좋은 내용 있으면 추가& 수정해 주세요.
03/02/10 11:46AM Sheila Dixon resigns as Mayor effective Feb 4 com/2010/01/06/report-mayor-sheila-dixon-resigning-feb-4/ This wave is started to discuss this topic
03/02/10 12:52AM NEON support for FFTW Hi Philip! Happy to see you on wave. How can I
03/02/10 01:36PM N900 vs iPhone Is the iPhone better than the N900?
03/02/10 03:15PM Cours M. De Fouchécour Portfolio Management -- 16/12/09 Aurélie et Laurence deux anciennes élèves des Arts & Métiers, options respectives: Sysico et Creda
04/02/10 02:56PM Stargate: The Outrageous Things Fans Do We've sorta mentioned this in a few other waves (the people with the tattoos, the wedding cake, etc)
01/02/10 09:28AM 4e WotC Benchwarmers: Table talk Please excuse any percieved tardiness in my posts as I try to wrangle our Waves into a single folder
01/02/10 01:33PM Choral Music Discussion This wave is for discussion of choral music topics - history, genre, analysis, performance practice.
01/02/10 01:24AM CCNA support. Help me study for my CCNA. Give me all the
04/02/10 01:21PM Debatewise GYP Debate: As developing countries are set to suffer the most from climate change, should it be the developed countries who dictate the terms of glo
04/02/10 12:32PM LCA Planning Wave: EventName When is it? Who's coming? Where is it?
01/02/10 04:18PM Navi, Autoradio und Bluetooth - schön und gut, aber wie höre ich dabei Musik? Ich hab folgende Aufgabenstellung: Mein Autoradio bietet Bluetooth - sowohl Hands-Free, als auch A2DP (Musik / Multimedia
03/02/10 09:35AM iGoogle Gadget List (Now it's a title! Wavelet-title-bot
03/02/10 08:40AM Google有意用Google Wave来接管手机的短信和彩信服务
03/02/10 09:22AM SuperMotion Animation Competition Who wants to get involved
01/02/10 09:18AM Seth Godin on the Lizard Brain Seth Godin on the Lizard Brain
01/02/10 09:48AM The Thriving Game: I'm not going to bog us down with details, but I want to stress the setting and the importance of
01/02/10 06:47AM Хотят ли русские Волны? Поздравляю всех русскоязычных пользователей с новым этапом освоения волнового
04/02/10 02:51PM Star Trek Online (STO) In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe will appear for the first time on a truly massive scale.
03/02/10 04:08PM You know you're oldskool internet when...
04/02/10 02:40PM Преступления советской власти. Судить ли Русским советскую власть?
03/02/10 09:34AM Eclipse Phase one shot: Kadonneet Lapset Foundation - Scene 2 Location: Main Asteroid Belt, en route from Nysa 44 to Kadonneet Lapset space habitat STI Ursus is a small fusion-powered space craft with
01/02/10 07:42PM 桥梁专业波 有没有做桥梁设计的? 或行业相关的?
03/02/10 01:47PM Battleship - Game - Gadget! Play the game Battleship with others. Just install this extension and start playing. Don't be too hard on me, it's my first extension. How to play: Install the extension
03/02/10 12:38PM Чат постоянных пользователей!
01/02/10 10:22AM Will waves extend journalism/news media? here I go with my first Wave.
04/02/10 02:09PM [no title] of this blip Add or remove anything as you see fit Write a better story :D Leave this blip alone.
03/02/10 10:55PM 欧美等国在挖我国的先富阶层 (ZT) 欧美等国都在用降低投资移民审核的办法挖走我国靠着各种办法富裕起来的先富阶层, 我们不能用过于克制的民主和人权为借口放纵这些卑鄙的行为。 - 我们的明星有钱了移民的很多,但那只不过是表面上的一个人群,而更多的先富阶层和 官僚阶层则是有钱后移民的主力。毕竟,每年中国移民中的十多万人中,是演员的没几 个。 西方在经营了数百年后,社会较大多数发展中国家社会更为适宜居住
04/02/10 12:42PM CONOCIENDO GOOGLE WAVE Una vez agregado haces la búsqueda directamente ahí, no es necesario ir a la página web.
02/02/10 03:33PM BØLGEN - Live Eight - State of the Twittosfære Hvad sker der med
03/02/10 11:09AM Studencka fala SGH Witamy wszystkich studentów z esgiehu!
04/02/10 12:24PM Hi Add some friends, i want to see a Really big wave.
01/02/10 03:20PM [no title]
01/02/10 09:30PM STORY. GO. A man wakes up with an extra finger one day.. and goes on an epic journey to find out why. It was a cold and frosty afternoon outside. The tv was stuck on CNN again and little messages
03/02/10 03:54AM KMwave (where? at the very bottom with tags?) YES - Great - found your search Did you also see you can
03/02/10 06:17AM I need help with my Chinese Speaking Presentation Assignment! afterwards, search for the result on wikipedia to get the best interpretation of the result.
01/02/10 10:51AM Twitter Geopocketing / Geo-restricting and geo-tagging outbound tweets Chris, Deirdre, Daria, Russell, Lorand, Russell, Nicole, George, Mitch, Sy, and Rob: I
31/01/10 02:16PM What are you doing? meu primeiro post no google wave Update Note: Any participant on this wave can tweet on behalf of the
04/02/10 11:32AM 战斗在法国的同志们呢?
03/02/10 04:33PM EDUCAUSE CIO LIST - Wave of the Week 11/20/09 EDUCAUSE CIO LIST - Wave of the Week 11/20/09 The topic for discussion of this week is: How is your
03/02/10 03:42AM [no title] For a search to find a certain set of waves for me, those waves need to have something in common.
03/02/10 09:30PM Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG A fantastically long wave with lots of information.
01/02/10 10:10PM Music wave 2010 Go ahead and add some new or old music that you want to share with us. Just paste the URL of the video, and then select embed video by clicking the lightbulb. When you are done please
30/01/10 10:14PM All about Cloud Computing and technologies supporting cloud infrastructures! Of course the MS-Danger - Microsoft data loss 2009 (http://en.
01/02/10 03:43PM [no title]
03/02/10 03:49PM Devices Part of Smartphones vs cyborgs Featurephones vs. Smartphones vs. Phones file car-navigation-devices notebooks internet tablets medical device
02/02/10 08:09AM Storage Technologies wave for discussing past, present, and future storage technologies (including fabric and solutions) between the wave and search list.
04/02/10 12:47PM HDin.TV - обсуждение ресурса (part 3) Приглашения на ресурс
01/02/10 09:47PM North Carolina Wave...
03/02/10 10:49PM Do you speak Esperanto? that sort of snag in languages in the age of computer services and gadgets like Rosy here on Wave.
30/01/10 06:39PM TZM Central DataBase A search screen is generated to query the HRD for best matches.
04/02/10 09:02AM Draw Board for Google Wave. Extension for drawing images inside the Wave collaboratively with other users. Written in Java Script (no Flash). To see how it works
04/02/10 02:48PM OOC Table-Talk 21 - Legacy of the Lines (D&D 4E wRPG) Do clerics have a specialised book out for them? I saw they did a whole book on the Dragonborn; is
03/02/10 07:28AM ¿Dónde estamos los EOLianos? Se me ocurre que podemos indicar en Google Maps dónde estamos cada uno, que queda más chulo que
03/02/10 09:26AM What Smartphone Do You Have? -- Poll What Smartphone Do You Have? iPhone Blackberry Windows Mobile Device Palm Pre Other None Submit Poll
04/02/10 01:12AM Native Client Would you rather use a native (desktop application
03/02/10 10:11PM Info & Complaints: Post here This wave is for those actors who have info or a complaint regarding the services of Virtual-Actor.
03/02/10 06:28AM Who loves Biriyani do you like Biriyani ? if yes wich one ?
01/02/10 05:28PM How to Link to a Wave This may seem trivial to folks in the know, but to new users it's not obvious. You can simply drag and drop waves onto an existing wave like this how to reference guide (directory
04/02/10 10:10AM Pico Wave - real time conversations Что же это сделать? Translations powered by Google Translate
01/02/10 01:59PM Road Racing, Nasa Pro Racing, SCCA WAVE. This WAVE is all about road racing with your local sanctioning body. What to do in the winter? Links to other racing Waves
02/02/10 09:26PM [no title] Press Shift+Enter and add one useful wavetip (search twitter for #wavetips) 2.
03/02/10 01:11PM Berkel en Rodenrijs (Lansingerland)
31/01/10 12:37AM Knitters on Waves I'd like to find one that will post a Twitter search within a wave.
01/02/10 03:35PM Call of Cthulhu - Open Thread Game Type: Modern Day Call of Cthulhu - Nocturnum Wave Link or Contact: Call of Cthulhu - Nocturnum Accepting New Players: Yes Gameplay Pace: Play-by-post Running Fantasy
04/02/10 06:43AM [no title] Try this search: with:public -with:blog-wave@appspot.
03/02/10 09:05PM Séries de Tv e Cinema Wave Post Séries
03/02/10 05:12AM Star Wars fan wave A wave for Star Wars fans.. Fave movie - ROTJ
02/02/10 09:38PM Open thread on Google Wave in Education After posting, check out
01/02/10 02:16PM The NerdBlurb Wave!!! The Wave!
04/02/10 10:22AM Frases, Videos, Livros etc marcantes e excertos que sumarizam conceitos centrais (Parte 2) google.
04/02/10 02:27PM Google Wave Tutorial How to find a wave with a particular topic in it.
01/02/10 09:17AM [no title]
03/02/10 12:01PM Esta sera a wave dedicada ao só qd receberes um wave da google a dizer q podes enviar os convites
01/02/10 06:09PM Any Pittsburgh Wave Users out there?
04/02/10 12:56PM Visual references for the SRPS
31/01/10 02:36PM Apples Diktatur Apple ist nicht demokratisch, sondern eher kommunistisch. Geräte und dienste die diese
03/02/10 06:20PM [no title] School of Management, University of Texas at DALLAS SOM Youtube
03/02/10 04:59PM Обсуждение контента ресурса HDin.TV Обсуждение размещения на ресурсе новых сериалов. Основная волна HDin.TV - HDin.TV - обсуждение ресурса.
02/02/10 06:10PM Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Contributors Home Wave ) To see all waves shared with the group use this search: group:google-web-toolkit-contributors@
03/02/10 06:01PM Danske Rollespillere med Wave-konto Der er skumle planer om at bruge det her wave-halløj til asynkron rollespil.
31/01/10 08:51PM Chrome OS Discussion Wave New wave because the old one was dying. What is this, the fourth one? :P
04/02/10 06:51AM 誰かと繋がっていたい!!(友達になってください)Vol.2 I want to connect with someone. Please become a friend
01/02/10 06:40PM Test Your Reaction Time - Play this Game (new game) Gadget XML: From "Go/No-Go reaction time tasks
01/02/10 09:53AM [ZIKULA] User Management Overhaul And I don't ever see the age check on commercial sites.
04/02/10 12:21PM ASIMO the (Honda) Robot. ASIMO Links. ASIMO Timeline. ASIMO
03/02/10 07:52AM Subete a esta Ola de los resultados dar click donde dice "Save Search", puedes guardar esta búsqueda como "Mensajes
01/02/10 10:47PM [no title]
04/02/10 02:15PM Fedora France Wave Linux Français Open Source fr Fr-fr Suisse Fr-ch Fedora France Wave Linux Français Open Source fr Fr-fr Suisse Fr-ch Pour les wavers de
04/02/10 01:36PM Prvi public wave Smedereva :D Nema nista od masovnog koriscenja wave-a dok ga ne srede i optimizuju.
03/02/10 04:25PM ALI EBook Open Gov Principals People Objectives Strategy Technology Culture Policy Technology
03/02/10 12:29PM Apple iPad nice use of the yes/no/maybe gadget! A use for Google Wave!
03/02/10 06:52AM HTC Hero google.
04/02/10 11:44AM Wave in Farsi - موج سواری برای فارسی زبانان This is to test support of Farsi (mainly) in Wave. اگر ویراستار فارسی ندارید میتوانید از گوگل استفاده کنید و متن را
31/01/10 01:49AM North American Video Game Release Schedule
03/02/10 08:28AM Stoke-on-Wave, a public wave for all residents, visitors and friends of the Potteries and Staffordshire, in the UK. Search Cheat Sheet What is Google Wave? WAVE
03/02/10 04:23PM Oklahoma Wave I've heard on other forums that some of the Wave apps.
01/02/10 12:06PM Collective Inventory and Party Purse - Legacy of the Lines (D&D 4E wRPG) Everyone feel free to edit this when we pick up more loot. Gold: 336 (plus individual gold, including gems) Mundane items
03/02/10 02:55PM 맥쓰사 포럼 웨이브 #1(2009/12/14) 즐거운 맥북 정보공유~ 함께~~~해요~~~!
03/02/10 11:18AM Волна Магнитогорска Кто есть с Магнитогорска, присоединяйтесь!
31/01/10 01:00PM The (semi) official Welcome to DWF Wave! You guys learned to check out public threads yet? In the inbox search box, type with:public (
03/02/10 10:41PM 51 Area for Robots Instruction 1, make this wave public like what public@a.
04/02/10 09:56AM How To Use Google \/\/ave Let's make this a place where we can all come together to talk about how to use Google Wave.
01/02/10 05:14PM Fakulta informačních technologií Vysokého učení technického v Brně
04/02/10 03:15AM NMIMS Class Project What you can't change: Budget Network (can only advertise on search network for Google Grants
03/02/10 10:18PM CECS 5580 Sandbox This is a place for everyone to play with wave before we start our discussion in week four.
03/02/10 03:24PM Ford Mustang Wave! Hey everyone! I wanted to start a new public wave about our favorite cars, the Ford Mustang! Lets
02/02/10 07:54PM Learn to Wave (public wave) can see the add button along with the search box that appears in the pop up may come in very handy).
03/02/10 09:33AM Nickname des Tages Hier sollte man jeden Tag den Nicknamen eintragen, der einem gerade eingefallen ist. Optional sind auch Bandnamen möglich. Am besten auch eine Erklärung wofür der Name gut ist.
02/02/10 06:07PM Wave Brasil Seja bem vindo! A idéia é formar uma rede nacional de usuários do
01/02/10 08:45AM Chrome OS discussion wave There are 200 or so emotions expressed facially, not i want to open up google and search "i am
03/02/10 09:15AM [no title] GENTE DE GOOGLE-WAVE.
31/01/10 03:53AM Google Wave使用大全 Google Wave 邀请开始白菜了
03/02/10 07:49PM Google Wave Extensions List (Mirror) mmm this wave already exists
03/02/10 03:27PM Student-side Class Management: a Wave template 5' Trackback: Wave in Class Google Wave as a collaborative learning tool Software Roles in Education
31/01/10 09:28AM Google Wave and E-Discovery just drag the wave you want to link from the search box to the current wave
01/02/10 02:14PM Хвиля Гуртом.com Основних 5 новинок на сайті: 31.01.2010 Шерлок Холмс / Sherlock Holmes (2009) DVDScr українською 31.01.2010 Трансформери: Дилогія + Бонусні матеріали / Transformers - Dilogy + Bonus
04/02/10 09:01AM Are you using chrome to view Google Wave Are you using chrome to view Google Wave And if not chrome, what else? (No editing titles) ~Matt
01/02/10 10:09AM Statuto del'Associazione Eurocloud Italia 7, i Signori: *ELENCO_FONDATORI* - Francesco Mondora nato a Sondrio il 9 luglio 1974 residente a
04/02/10 02:18PM YouTube Search Extension Is there a link with information about this gadget and extension installer?
01/02/10 06:40AM Справка по Google Wave В этой волне собраны ссылки на основные
03/02/10 08:56PM Notes and discussion on Stewart Brand's book " Whole Earth Discipline Whole Earth Discipline" the Wave: I'm currently reading this book and thought Wave may be a
01/02/10 06:58PM Wave FAQ w języku polskim English - Español - Česky - Svenska - Português - Polski - Italiano - Nederlands - Deutsch Proszę nie dodawaj żadnych robotów do tej fali. Dyskusja dotycząca FAQ toczy się w
31/01/10 01:33AM Холивар на тему СЕВернЫХ языков ПроГраммирования © microsoft.
01/02/10 04:17PM RobotIndex test page and demo - submit your robots and gadgets! Version 3 with auto-complete and a nicer layout. Version 3.1 with an improved search engine. Version 3.3 added gadgets support. Please
04/02/10 11:14AM Firefly Recruitment wave This is the firefly recruitment wave.
04/02/10 08:44AM [no title] intended to be used as a compilation and resource center for materials created through Google Wave.
03/02/10 07:44AM Do you like Car Crash?
03/02/10 12:02PM İtü Sözlük GayrıResmi Wave; İtü Sözlük GayrıResmi Wave; Helper
04/02/10 08:46AM Google Docs 和 Google Sites 从今天起停止对 IE6 浏览器的兼容。 Wow!! 之前 Google 推出了 pubsubhubbub ,在博客作者发布博文后能够通过“推”的方式更快地将所写内容让读者在 Reader 中阅读到, 而现在,博客作者每打出一个字,
01/02/10 05:12PM THE CELTIC WAVE: Robbie Keane - yeah or nay? The other Keane arrived at Celtic with much hullabaloo but after making serious "mistakes" and "feeling like a fraud". Does that mean that we should view
01/02/10 10:35PM 피아노 가젯입니다. 연주해 보세요
01/02/10 03:45PM Считаете ли Вы выпуск Windows 7 удачным шагом компании Microsoft?
03/02/10 12:39PM Mission Trip to Haiti with Raincatchers in March 2010
02/02/10 07:26PM The God Debate, (Gaff Mode) I want to try infusing some of the
04/02/10 11:36AM Immram Satallite Chase 2
03/02/10 01:18PM FOFC Wave The official wave of Front Office Football Central This is the wave where we talk about trout.
03/02/10 05:08PM Debatewise GYP Point: Cost/benefit
03/02/10 03:50PM Casual jim's url regex ws/⅚ (yeah, Unicode powah) Can you confirm it?:) The one which Google is using in this wave is working superb, we should hack Google >.
04/02/10 02:43PM Guild Of One Name Studies Wave [ G.O.O.N.S ] org/ A meeting point for GOONS on Google Wave I would recommend that when setting up a public wave
04/02/10 11:59AM University of South Carolina Gamecocks - Go Gamecocks! Shall we send up a prayer?
01/02/10 03:46PM Conversation about reVRM during Virtual REBarCamp I know Bill wants to have an on-going Wave for reVRM, and I am all for it. reVRM explained by Bill
01/02/10 03:46PM Berliner Chat
03/02/10 08:26PM Guild Wars 2 - Discussion & News com/ Image Gallery Wave: Guild Wars 2 Gallery News: Here's a new Guild Wars 2 trailer! http://www.
01/02/10 11:49AM Debatewise GYP Point: Not every country has inland territory to allow for migration
03/02/10 12:32PM Learn More about CS3216 This Wave is a means for NUS students who are interested in taking CS3216 in AY2009
03/02/10 02:09PM Bible Study: James I found this group via the public search with:public google english
01/02/10 06:40PM PAX East JPAG Wave Holly Attesi suggested we have a Wave going. Go ahead and invite people are planning on going to PAX East. What hotel is everyone staying at? When are you coming into Boston? Where
01/02/10 03:45PM Debatewise GYP Point: Loss of cultures
03/02/10 07:29AM El Geek Errante - general madness Este es un experimento, una Wave
03/02/10 05:52PM Welcome to the FoH Wave I mean, the search tools are pretty good.
02/02/10 06:44PM Chromium OS Search for the Chrome OS event Webcast
01/02/10 11:03AM DruFS Design Wave What I propose with DruFS is a flat filesystem with tags.
03/02/10 06:00AM 华中科技大学(华中理工大学,华工,HUST) 刚刚收到邀请,发个波试试,呵呵,看有没有华工校友~~
03/02/10 10:13PM 地缘看世界(转自鄙视抢沙发的)
03/02/10 04:39AM NTRPG!!! 用空格 可以切换到下一条未读消息 如何解决头像被墙问题: 在edit Profile项目中更新头像的时候, 选择使用google image search 用它来搜一张你以前常用的头像 按Cmd+
01/02/10 11:49AM [no title] AKIHABARA BLUES, WAVE OFICIAL
01/02/10 05:37PM Python Developers Editing because the OB needs more content. So poll: Do you still accidentally use print as a statment in Python 3 occasionally?
01/02/10 11:09AM The Mystery Wave Case #1 – The Dead Businessman At 10:23 on a cool and dreary Thursday night, Detective Frank Butler
03/02/10 02:50PM Fenerbahçe Taraftar (Fan) Wave! file file file
03/02/10 09:30AM Making new friends on wave Do you find it hard to make new friends
03/02/10 02:35PM Probando Wave: Gadgets y Bots. me pasa lo mismo, eso que tengo google gears pero igual.
01/02/10 05:13PM Клавиатурные сокращения в Google Wave Это небольшой мануал для действующих клавиатурных сокращений (быстрых клавиш) в Google Wave. Cамый простой способ распечатать это — скопировать всё, вставить в
31/01/10 12:52AM 並カン 並列プログラミングカンファレンスです。 日程: 1/31 (日) 13:00-18:00
01/02/10 01:43PM КубГУ - волна Кубанского Государственного Университета. Лично я учусь на журфаке, первый курс. Давайте знакомится :D Это он. Сайт Универа - на всякий случай :)
02/02/10 02:18PM TUTORIEL : DEVELOPPER DES EXTENSIONS POUR WAVE Il faut installer une extension qui est
01/02/10 11:45AM Festival 8 Are we all going? Going out west with the best of Friends. Llama ta boot ta boo! Phish Festival 8
03/02/10 04:15PM Перша Львівська Хвиля. Glian', jak sam wave gryzut' prozesor.
03/02/10 12:59PM Wanna tell Google how to improve Google Wave, here's one way...
04/02/10 10:04AM ويف جديده الشرح باللغة العربية com/2009/10/add-google-wave-in-your-site.
01/02/10 10:34AM Motorola CLIQ/DEXT Development Wave OK so I just started up this wave.
03/02/10 03:57PM Músic Wave? Será que funciona? Let's Go! Que tipo de música vc mais curte? Indique uma banda!
01/02/10 05:02AM So, are we able to add the Bloggy robot, yet? second i can see this being much better than twtter search for "with:public"
03/02/10 09:53PM Keep Portland Mayor Sam Adams tweeting! they keep up? Is there a best practices methodology for officials to adopt or is it a free for all?
01/02/10 03:07PM Wave in Class This project now has a blog! Please join us :D :D Wave in Class Contents: Introductions Meta aspects of this Wave Collaborative Note Taking Informal Discussion Wave as a Debate Host
03/02/10 06:11PM The Dorset Wave - What's happening in your corner of Dorset? of them will be in Dorset, and as we all did - randomly search for Waves and come across this one.
03/02/10 11:35AM Blackboard Vs Wave From a quick Google search, I've found: Suing Desire2Learn (more than once) Buying Angel WebCT
01/02/10 05:20PM Google Wave RPG Polska Fala opinie na temat rozgrywek za pośrednictwem Google Wave pomysły na sposób prowadzenia gry boty przydatne podczas grania informacje o planowanych sesjach
03/02/10 08:10PM 或被停机
04/02/10 08:34AM Jornalismo e GoogleWave posts interessantes sobre o assunto: How Google Wave is Changing the News O Google Wave e as
04/02/10 08:58AM Social Media in NUS Be it on Google Wave, or compiling the list of Twitter accounts for the various NUS groups on the
03/02/10 01:23PM [no title] trèèèèèèèèèèès lent, il semble qu'avec le navigateur de Google, cela soit un peu plus rapiiiiide !
04/02/10 02:25AM NUS NM4881a Wave looks like a good platform for collating
31/01/10 01:51AM Google Wave on Windows Mobile through Exchange server, Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail (either using the java app
03/02/10 04:23PM Hello World Wave Hello World in various programming languages - thanks to 'World Hello Day' now including a loop. World Hello Day
01/02/10 06:18PM Hello, this is the IB Online Media team's wave for feedback. We will be around as much as possible, but feel free to discuss anything relating to IB online media in our absence ;-)
01/02/10 11:01AM 大越孝太郎 好きなんだけど最近なにしておられるのだろう。
03/02/10 03:30AM What are you doing? Je kan ook op het plusje achter search klikken en dan in het query veld dit plakken: with:public
01/02/10 01:28PM Tips to use wave better - Add if you have any!! 1.Use spacebar to read through un-read blips!
03/02/10 09:31PM MIT Wave Discussion Group: WaveChat Your wave has been added to this group
01/02/10 05:42PM Den Store NORSKE Chatte-Bølgen Dette er en wave (bølge) hvor jeg har tenkt at de nordmenn som har fått seg Google Wave kan prate sammen om alt og ingenting, dele alle mulige erfaringer med andre
01/02/10 12:08PM Comandos do google wave Retirado do site Comandos para buscas Ao lado do botão New Wave, você pode digitar a sua query para fazer uma nova busca
03/02/10 04:31PM Michigan Bans Smoking in ALL Workplaces on May 1st. As a person who enjoys a cigarette on occasion (Read: Constantly) it would be likely for someone to
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for April 9 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
03/02/10 09:46AM Mit jelent számodra a konnektivizmus? amúgy sem árt kipróbálni a windows live-t (még ha google pártiak vagyunk, akkor is).
03/02/10 06:37AM Queer Public Wave - Safe for Work [keep it g-rated please] haha hiya Stu hiya I see your search was the same as mine ;-)
04/02/10 11:43AM Discussion of 'Ask a Christian' Wave: Continuing a discussion on the manner in which waves may be derailed.
01/02/10 09:48PM The Singapore Wave Hi everyone, I'm trying to compile a list of all the Singapore Google Wave users so that we can get together and discuss this amazing new tool. Maybe we can even organise a google
03/02/10 04:05PM Top five do CQC Espero que vocês curtam, eu achei hilario......
04/02/10 02:34PM BØLGEN - Private Nine Ny på BØLGEN? - Let's go for a ride Personsfære? Privatpersonligt? Personliv?! - Ugens tema og @
01/02/10 11:54AM Google wave users in Serbia Are there any Google wave users in Serbia, or am I the only one so far?
04/02/10 02:13PM PHP Freaks Public Wave try taking a look at one of the large public waves
03/02/10 05:08PM Google Wave Tips and Tricks: Training Wave: Part TWO surviving turbulence search box over there on the right understands regular search syntax, so get rid of in
01/02/10 10:46PM How do you like Google Wave so far? I just got it a couple hours ago. Mine came with no invitations so I'm here trying to find out how people use it. My typing is slow, hard to edit slow. However I
01/02/10 01:11PM PRINT PRODUCTION IN THE GRAPHIC DESIGN INDUSTRY I. Paper Products and fun galore. • Basic Weight: The basis weight shows the weight of one ream (typically 500 sheets) of basic size paper in pounds. Do
31/01/10 10:06AM chrome discussion wave This plugin was designed to let you
04/02/10 11:45AM Русская Покер волна Приветствую всех любителей покера! Надеюсь собрать тут игроков, увлеченных этой интересной и умной игрой. Волна только строится. так что
01/02/10 10:26PM Hackintosh Wave This wave is dedicated for Hackitosh lovers to share informatica Hackintosh.
03/02/10 08:59AM 关于《这个男人来自地球》,谁看过?
01/02/10 12:39PM Entension Installers ^^^Use with - Multi-player collaborative sudoku gadget. - Allows you to add
04/02/10 02:18PM ITEC 2009 - Conference Backchannel/Notes ITEC 2009 - Conference Backchannel/Notes I'm curious to see how Wave would be as a tool for
03/02/10 08:51AM Радио-Т с ссылкой? просто хочу с другом поделится радостью пребывания в google wave, а его ящика не знаю.
03/02/10 04:43PM [no title] Joomla Wave Plugin Demo (public preview) Demo at http://wavedemo.
04/02/10 10:38AM An Inconvenient Truth I was just wondering how things like Google Wave will contribute to solving some of our bigger
04/02/10 10:25AM The Femslash Wave This is the femslash public wave. This is NOT a repository for actual stories. This is designed as
01/02/10 10:50AM Santa Cruz Geeks I've heard of some RPG stuff, but it all sounds a bit complex to me.
04/02/10 02:26PM ¿ALGÚN DIA SERA POPULAR EL GOOGLE WAVE? Yo creo que no, opino igual, el cambio del mail a wave será difícil de conseguir
04/02/10 10:56AM windows 7好用嗎?
03/02/10 11:53AM Sacramento area Star Trek Online Any locals playing STO? Username: VENATICI
01/02/10 11:13PM [no title]
04/02/10 10:15AM [no title] 看起來更新將在宏達網頁,一些用戶的英雄下載並安裝。 Translations powered by Google Translate
31/01/10 01:33PM Suomalainen "public Topic" -lista Tähän siis vain linkkauksia
04/02/10 08:50AM [no title] HI 大家好,来自中国的朋友们请留言 谢谢! (请不要修改本标题,谢谢合作!) 谢谢谢谢! # (en) HI Hello everyone, my friends from China, please leave a message thank you
04/02/10 01:19PM 14 February 2010 is coming 14 February 2010 is Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and Lunar New Year. 14 February 2010 is Chinese New Year
31/01/10 08:50PM Google Wave финти и прашања во search полето пишете "with:public" за да ги видите сите јавни вејвови, и да си најдете нешто
03/02/10 09:35PM A Sea of Crystal Sphere's Posting 1) Please Use This Wave for In-Game Posts only! (I.
04/02/10 09:45AM Kontaktwave Det finns en stor wavekatalog här: Katalog över svenska Google Wave-användare
31/01/10 11:46AM The Rise of Social Networks in the Built Environment People can do a search for you on these tags.
03/02/10 01:19PM Archive - Six things I like to do with Google \/\/ave Wave surfing: Do a search for with:public lang:en This will take a minute to load, and then all
04/02/10 12:47PM Zitate Wave Die besten bitte nach oben!
04/02/10 08:23AM Wave degli utenti di - sperimentiamo! O Ah, ma c'è un elenco con tutti I tasti di wave? The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use
03/02/10 06:03PM Onda Blogosferiana Olá pessoal, estou aqui aprendendo um pouco do Wave.
03/02/10 12:28AM Public Wave の作り方とかiPhoneとか色々 Then in the search bar in the inbox you can search for a topic on public waves.
03/02/10 02:12PM This is public wave!
04/02/10 09:08AM Our Patch The First Wavezine
31/01/10 03:30PM [no title] Should there be be more attention paid to people who say
01/02/10 05:37AM Cubase & Nuendo Wave A Wave for discussion of users of Cubase & Nuendo - Steinberg's DAW Applications. Hints and tips and general news can be discussed
04/02/10 03:03PM Will you purchase The iPad? “Amazon’s done a great job of pioneering this functionality with the Kindle.
04/02/10 02:06PM Играем в карты Колоды виртуальные, правил четких нет, но играть мы будем в подкидного дурака. Управление: S - перемешать выделенные карты (можно рамкой), F
01/02/10 10:07PM Wave Extensions Created by David Antonucci DO NOT ADD EXTENSIONS OR ROBOTS TO THIS WAVE! 6Rounds: Gives two wave video call. Includes games, YouTube and Facebook syncing, and webcam effects. You must
04/02/10 11:36AM Philosophical (and Philosopher) Jokes Wave Here's an idea... let's have a wave of jokes by and about philosophers and/or philosophy. Here's one really bad
04/02/10 10:54AM Apple iPad - Videos and Polls Which means you can sync it with corporate systems or Google.
04/02/10 02:53PM Rechercher & Retrouver avec Google Wave modifiable et destructible par TOUS) il vous suffit d'ajouter à vos contacts l'adresse public@a.
01/02/10 12:45PM Publicar una ola fuera de wave .................Actaulizado el 23/9/09, dos veces ................ Gracias a la colaboración de Jose Maria de, estamos logrando buenos resultados
03/02/10 07:13AM 中国成都
03/02/10 10:27PM OOC Wave for Hand-to-Hand with Three Gamorreans - Portents of Darkness (Star Wars Saga RPG) Continued from OOC Wave for A Strange Encounter in Empty Space
03/02/10 10:29PM Hand-to-Hand with Three Gamorreans - Portents of Darkness (Star Wars Saga RPG) Continued from A Strange Encounter in Empty Space Initiative: Map: .
04/02/10 12:20PM An Inconvenient Truth Twitter Feed
31/01/10 02:26PM Warum ich Windows 7 ablehne Windows 7 ist veröffentlicht und das
04/02/10 04:49AM [no title] SM Google Wave
01/02/10 01:54PM Pizza Ordering Template Size Crust Topings Who is paying for the pizza?
01/02/10 01:51PM Meeting Template When can you meet up to plan things? Topics for the meeting: Poll on a meeting topic:
01/02/10 06:39PM GNR Episode 28 Instructions: To add items, double-click where you want them and select "Edit" in the popup. Section headings should be H2 (use the menu or ctrl+2) Articles should have an H4 title (ctrl
02/02/10 06:27PM Week 2: Paradigm Wars: Educational Technologists Discussing Learning and Instruction learners to engage in problem-solving search? Learners could much more
01/02/10 11:15AM & Официальная волна №2 от неофициального сообщества. обсуждаем плюсы и минусы Google Wave, ChromoSapiens, Google Chrome и т.д. Во
03/02/10 11:08PM Computer Science and Other Off-Topic Discussions To continue what started in the Stargate Wave repository.
03/02/10 06:12PM Svet kompjutera Diskusija o novim brojevima, recenzijama, temama i još ponešto...
01/02/10 10:22PM Can a 2 Pointer Geek get a 10 Pointer Hottie? Well, they're making a movie on it...Pyaar Impossible - Official Group (Yash Raj Films) | Facebook Pyaar--Impossible.jpg Pyaar-Impossible.jpg
03/02/10 09:58AM Welcome to WAVE: XIPHOS From the greatest MSN KD in the land of Utopia to the greatest Wave KD.
01/02/10 02:12PM Daily Log Discussions Template
03/02/10 05:46AM 搜索技巧 Google \/\/ave Extensions List 很多资料,可惜是英文的。
04/02/10 11:10AM Понравился ли вам Google Wave? С gmail в первую очередь, с остальными сервисами google.
01/02/10 02:41PM Canadian Wave This should be a public wave for canadians. Hello from Kelowna. :)
04/02/10 01:19PM Краснодарская волна Краснодарские ссылочки КубГУ - волна Кубанского Государственного Университета. Всякие полезности на волнах Регионы (Оглавление) * У кого есть
04/02/10 07:01AM [no title] * clique em Submit para criar a Search.
01/02/10 12:09AM Local Governement & Municipal Knowledge Base - January 2010 Update Thats what i got from the big G Try a search for with:doctorwave https://wave.
03/02/10 09:19AM Y a-t-il quelqu'un là? Bonjour Jose Oui utiliser Google Wave au début, c'est un peu comme avoir été le premier à s'etre
04/02/10 02:05AM HOT GIRLS WAVE !! college girl
03/02/10 06:24AM Baroda Wave / વડોદરા વેવ Baroda Wave / વડોદરા વેવ Write about upcoming events, review your favourite eatout, shopping tips or just a general
01/02/10 07:15PM Hey AIESEC!!! So you're an AIESECer and you've got Google Wave? Where are you from, what do you do, who are you? Tell us about YOU. Get your thoughts down below and introduce yourself, and just give
03/02/10 11:14AM EDUCAUSE CIO LIST - FUTURE TOPICS AND IDEAS I'm brand spanking new at this, but how about a topic on Google Wave and professional development
01/02/10 02:55PM EventCamp 2010 - Hybrid Events Panel Pre-event discussion / Event Notes / Post-event discussion During the actual session we will be simulcasting to an online audience using
02/02/10 08:35AM Public discussion on Google Tech. and Wave
04/02/10 02:05PM The Dark Ages Southern Sears - Act 4 - West of Skalfier - Spring 3, Year 56 This third day of spring is cool, cloudy and with a strong wind.
01/02/10 02:18PM The Dark Ages Southern Sears - Act 4 - OOC
04/02/10 08:17AM An Open Wave for Autodesk Maya users. The maya list moved over to a google group.
01/02/10 03:42PM PhilMUG Wave Hello guys, let's start a PhilMUG flavored Wave?
02/02/10 04:19PM [no title] users in Wave? Share your profiles! Add your profile to the list, preferably
04/02/10 12:23PM [no title]
02/02/10 08:04AM Windows 7 Hints, Tips and Discussion The one thing I hate, is the search function (same as in Vista).
03/02/10 12:21PM The Help Earth Foundation Wave A third wave foundation that is here to help & serve Introduction: The Help Earth Foundation (HEF)
03/02/10 08:35PM I'm really starting to enjoy java and jna! My first try on this has been to do a memory scanner, using readprocessmemory! Now I would like to
01/02/10 11:25AM - Все для праздника и карнавала шапка новогодняя декор.jpg воздушный шар.jpg Каталог товаров на НОВЫЙ ГОД 2010 Что Вас может заинтересовать для празднования НОВОГО ГОДА? оставляйте свои
01/02/10 03:27PM 【MutantDwarf】KOTOKOファンの集い【I've】 KOTOKOファンの人いませんか? Google Wave版 Public Waveです。 KOTOKOすきだよ~っていう人、書き込んでください! Links MutantDwarf(KOTOKO Official Web Site) Google Wave Tips and Resources Google
04/02/10 01:02PM Iris Nox blind, -2 social rolls) Vow, Minor (On a quest to prove herself and such) Edges First
02/02/10 09:24AM The Unofficial SUDOKU WAVE
03/02/10 12:36PM Allods Online Чем мы хуже ВоВовских задротов? Империя, Лига, присоединяйтесь!
02/02/10 10:17PM DroidTalk on the Wave Guidelines: Don't edit this initial introduction
03/02/10 11:03PM Japanese Okinawa Photo Club on Wave NOTE1: Please only add yourself to this Wave if you speak Japanese or are based in Japan.
03/02/10 10:15AM Librarians Experimental Tyre Kicking Wave The place to push
04/02/10 08:18AM cnBeta用户交流 cnbeta用户来交流一下! cnbeta交流群:14164894,欢迎加入
01/02/10 07:23PM Turner Peeps: I was just trying Wave out and wanted to see any Turner peeps used it also
03/02/10 03:58AM Meine Bookmarks iGoogle Picasa GoogleDocs GoogleMaps GoogleCalendar GoogleMail StarFortress Tales of mere existence Advanced Search Terms
03/02/10 10:24AM 9fans Wave for fans of the Plan 9 operating system.
04/02/10 12:59PM Zagraj w LuckyYou! Zasady: Masz 30 sekund na obstawienie liczb, potem następuje losowanie. Jeśli zostanie wylosowana liczba, którą obstwiłeś/aś - wygrywasz! :)
04/02/10 01:23PM Wave-France : Waves publiques francophones Il a tout juste était annoncé officiellement sur le blog de GWave le 8 décembre.
03/02/10 04:40PM Petit test pour l'insertion d'une vague dans wordpress.
03/02/10 10:32PM Tottenham Hotspur public wave - Come on you Spurs As you have added this wave, does that mean we have to try and fight as I created a gooner wave;)
01/02/10 04:36PM Federal Wave - Home Mission Statement | Intellipedia? | May 21st Summit Federal Wave on Facebook - Federal Wave on GovLoop - Federal Wave on Wiki - Other - Google Wave Users Group in MilBook - Current
02/02/10 04:30PM NSF\/\/ave 007 Hier gehts zur Übersichts-NSF\/\/ave Titel: NSFW007 Schleichwerbung Länge: 02:11:56 Blogeintrag
03/02/10 07:39AM This is the first Google Wave for Guildford, Surrey (UK)! (Sponsored by Wiredfusion Web Solutions - )
01/02/10 06:07PM Garmin GPS Map60 csx Ich werde ab dieser Woche auch Besitzer eines Map60csx sein und mein gelbes eTrex H vor allem wegen des fehlenden datenkabels ausrangieren. Ich nehme an, die meisten von euch sind
04/02/10 11:10AM Wave JdR Fr : Bots et gadgets Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave.
03/02/10 07:17PM This is the discussion wave for all lockerz members!!
04/02/10 11:10AM Wave JdR Fr : Systèmes de jeu Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave. Outils et ressources > Systèmes de jeu (Retour à l'index)
03/02/10 08:14AM Используете ли Вы для Google Wave браузер Google Chrome? Согласен, с сервисами Google и с Wava в частности он просто летает, поставил его только для волны,
03/02/10 11:26AM 9 dager igjen til OL (Olymic Games in Vancover Canada) Tror dere at været holder? Tror dere at vi kan slå de 11 poengene vi fikk i 2006 (5 gull, 0 Sølv og 6
01/02/10 12:32PM deutschsprachige OpenSolaris Wave Menschen, Infos, Sammlung, $foo, guter Kaffee - alles was zum Thema passt.
03/02/10 09:15AM Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Google Wave Nedir Google Wave? Kelime anlamı dalga olan Wave, aslında birden fazla kullanıcının aynı alanda
02/02/10 09:20AM [no title]
04/02/10 11:37AM Firefly RPG Wave Game Rules. There will also be a main TOC wave that will contain the ordered list of the adventures.
04/02/10 12:27PM [no title]
03/02/10 09:56AM Оффициальное™ представительство Хайвмайнда. опрос дня Вы сосете хуи?
01/02/10 12:57PM Groups: The Google Groups Solution This wave is moderated. Please follow these rules when contributing! Look here for a list of groups. On how to transition, look here Moving distribution of Waves over
03/02/10 08:00AM Groups Once you’ve joined, you can read the waves in the group, by preforming a search (here in Google
02/02/10 06:42PM SEO and Internet Marketing Google Wave would appear to have huge potential for search engine marketers and all those involved
01/02/10 08:40PM ショッピングリスト バター 薄力粉 片栗粉 牛乳
01/02/10 05:05PM Galera, Estou Criando um espaço para discução do SuperBowl XLIV, Entre Indianapolis Colts e New Orleans Saints. Digam seus palpites!
03/02/10 07:18AM Lightclub Official Wave Burada Google Wave ile ilgili izlenimlerimizi paylaşıyoruz, sorularımıza cevap buluyoruz.
03/02/10 08:46AM Lad os se DRlive sammen! NB - Denne Wave kræver Google Gears installeret samt afvikles bedst i Google Chrome Hvor er I henne
01/02/10 10:41PM Hello RPG!
03/02/10 01:31AM What's Up Icrontic Wavers? If geeks love it, we're on it Add yourself to the map! (Please zoom out to
01/02/10 02:55PM Free online eBooks and tutorials for learning different programming languages. People on have been asking me where to get free ebooks and tutorials for various programming languages, so I started a
03/02/10 10:05AM Gicker's Play by Post RPG Recruitment Games being run currently on google wave: Gicker's Forgotten Realms 4e Rules: D&D 4e.
31/01/10 06:05PM London Java Community Chat Is it just me or does it have a slight drawback from IRC in that I can't simply search for a Wave
03/02/10 01:51PM Emergency Management: I am new to Google Wave, so this is also an experiment on how the whole thing works.
03/02/10 09:57AM รวมพลคนใช้ Google Wave ในไทย เอาประสบการณ์มาแชร์กันครับ
01/02/10 12:49PM E-Space: exeter-hackerspace Hey all. I thought I'd make an official E-Space thread. Remember, E-Space 5 is February 12th 7PM at the Farmer's Union!
03/02/10 06:38PM Gestão de Pessoas - Wave pública para pessoas interessadas no assunto sobre recursos humanos. Visite o Blog: Gestão de Pessoas Gestão de Pessoas na Wave
04/02/10 11:59AM New Poker software. Have a look at a new innovative poker hud for holdem and omaha games, works on fulltilt & pokerstars
01/02/10 09:40AM [no title] Hol laksz? Jelöld be! (This wave is ONLY for HUNGARIAN speakers, do not add a translate bot to it, thank you!) A világtérképes wave (és az indexes wave
03/02/10 11:25AM LOST BRASIL WAVE Wave dedicada ao seriado a ABC "LOST"!!! Está chegando a 6ª e última temporada! (Não é permitido
04/02/10 02:03PM Apple Wave Community™ that a big thing who is missing.
03/02/10 03:59PM Ubuntu ubuntu
01/02/10 05:15PM Debatewise GYP Point: History
04/02/10 03:00AM Fighty Discussion Fighty is a battlemat gadget for wave. Please
03/02/10 01:36PM 小段子,小笑话,小故事,小鸡鸡等的摘抄波 跟B即可,请勿修改,请勿发表无聊评论
03/02/10 08:43PM The Wave Invite Exchange (For Everyone) This wave is a place for the Wave Invite 'haves' to help the 'have-nots' who are
04/02/10 03:03PM Exalted dice A simple template for Exalted style dice rolls.
01/02/10 02:01PM Planny extension Installer Feel free to invite any friend you want to share this extension with ! Please do not edit or reply to this wave (concider it read-only). If you want to comment this extension
04/02/10 04:57AM 2012 Don't forget to vote up^^ What are your thoughts on 2012? Many beleive that an
03/02/10 02:45PM Experiences teaching programming to newbies A little Wave to discuss how best to teach programming to newbies.
03/02/10 09:57PM Team Ferris - CapStone
01/02/10 05:39PM Hungry Minds, Gwave & Future Libraries I'm not sure how this picture made it into the start of a new wave from the thread I was on. Anyway... Anyone up for a wave that we would give input on how we
04/02/10 02:00PM World of Warcraft Blog Directory A listing of World of Warcraft blogs.
03/02/10 04:19PM [no title] O que o Gmail não tem, a Google disponibiliza de outra forma.
01/02/10 04:31PM Supernatural Ae galera, criei essa wave pra debater sobre uma das melhores séries que existem, colaborem =D.
31/01/10 01:05AM Google OS They've done such a great job with the search engine and other web technologies.
31/01/10 01:25AM WOW – Women on Wave more to the Google Wave User Group waves and the like (feel free to do a search from your inbox).
03/02/10 01:41PM Microsoft Office 2010 Beta The un-official Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Wave.
30/01/10 09:50PM 小众软件 wave讨论 去搜了一下public 没找到 所以就自己建一个玩玩 大家有什么发主题讨论吧 请遵守 wave公约 不要随意修改他人的波~谢谢 此波是公开的 有表情的 恩 恩 小众软件
03/02/10 10:37AM dela tud to?*
04/02/10 12:32PM Where do you gain the most insight forest (big picture) or trees (macro - details)? I'm a big picture guy.
03/02/10 10:32AM APPLE Wave - Discuss the iPad! What do you think about Apple's new
03/02/10 02:09PM Syntensity Role Playing Setting Role Playing Setting Its a game type based
04/02/10 10:17AM Cuiabá Wavers Next Update: Integrate with any RSS / Feed Translations powered by Google Translate
04/02/10 02:43PM Learn English Wave 12 Schedule ~ Map ~ Join Group ~ Previous Versions ~ Resources ~ Grammar Q&A INSTRUCTIONS English 中文
03/02/10 08:53PM 7Journeys leaving normal behind Ride the WAVE! 7Journeys leaving normal behind Ride the WAVE! How about using WAVE to share stories of our 7
03/02/10 02:44PM Co mieliscie na obiad ? :D
04/02/10 02:15PM Você está achando o Google Wave útil? Desde o momento em que começamos a usar nós descobrimos cada vez mais coisas.
01/02/10 11:27AM [no title]
03/02/10 07:34AM THE VIZRT DESIGNERS AND DEVELOPERS WAVE This is a public wave for designers
04/02/10 12:30PM [no title] Sudoku & Chat!
04/02/10 01:14PM Roger's Wave - In Perpetual Construction* Univ Nottingham Science - Computer Science Whats a byte? History of the Internet (video) Science -
03/02/10 05:24PM Portrait of a Developer kid in a candy store Amazing that a search "with: public portrait" dont work but a search "with:public portrait" does.
04/02/10 11:53AM Problems with watexy
01/02/10 02:28PM Wave users in Groningen Voeg jezelf toe aan de kaart, stel jezelf voor, of niet. ;-)
02/02/10 03:01PM Des Moines, Iowa Wave Anyone in
01/02/10 12:09PM Share your favourite Spotify tracks and playlists! Like: Forgotten Swedish pop: Born in the 70s? How much did your female friends
01/02/10 10:51PM Мегапортал «Простые фокусы» Твиттер @focused_ru Бета-тестеры субдоменов: http://a13th.focused
03/02/10 03:46PM Acceso para todos.
04/02/10 11:13AM Topics to be discussed on The Velocast posted it to the wrong wave.
04/02/10 01:53PM RadioTux@HoRadS #91 Sendedatum: 04.02.2010 (voraussichtlich) com/qh2fwxt7bha9b2rq Musiktipps: Sounds Like a Chicken mit "El Chupanebre" Ska / HipHop http://www.
30/01/10 09:34PM A Wellington Wave Add more
31/01/10 02:52PM iPad Discussion. There are rumors about the next iPhone OS supporting multitasking now that Apple released its A4
01/02/10 07:01PM eComm Sessions Wave directory Schedule: Etiquette: The first person to create a discussion wave for a session should title the wave with the session name, tag the
03/02/10 09:48AM Einiges über Wave, das mir den Einstieg erleichtert hat: Neue Stufe der Unternehmenskommunikation Complete Guide use cases Wave Willkommen - deutsch Blog
04/02/10 09:07AM Welcome to ◇ 哎.瘋.人.網 ◇
03/02/10 02:05PM Where on the planet are all of our group?? I have made this wave public to avoid the locked out issue.
01/02/10 07:59PM [no title]
03/02/10 03:28PM Let's discuss 'The Wire' I've just begun watching the first
03/02/10 10:03PM This is the first trial of Google Wave as a collaboration tool for entrepreneurs & mentors on Wave" button at the the
03/02/10 06:55PM Mallorca Wave Probando el Wave.
03/02/10 10:38AM Eina Revisió Qualitat Projecte: Midgar. Aplicació: Comercial. Funcionalitats: Logging usuaris. Validar contra què
04/02/10 01:21PM Web 2.0, Le Macchine Pensanti e L’uomo. diffusione di internet a partire dagli anni ‘90 (anche se non ancora pervasiva in tutto il mondo).
03/02/10 05:56PM Wave para blogueiros Você tem um blog? Quer divulgá-lo? Conhecer outros blogs? Chegou na Wave certa.
04/02/10 09:30AM 北航gwaver聚集贴 可以这边聊! 开一个public wave还是找到一些人的呀。哈哈 PS:我这里还有一些wave的邀请,谁有朋友需要的在这里留下gmail地址。
01/02/10 10:40PM BUPT 北邮 北京邮电大学 google wave 交流贴
03/02/10 10:52PM Google Wave Email Notifications and do i search that just by using the search bar in the 'middle' pane? like, the search field next
01/02/10 04:22AM What are you working on right now? Show the other waving
03/02/10 06:54AM [no title] wave publique de l'université de technologie de compiègne et
31/01/10 07:35PM Tools for Social Networking LinkedIn To share in professional networks and job search.
02/02/10 03:36PM Periodistas/Journalists 2.0 Si trabajas en el campo de las
01/02/10 05:17PM Do you want to buy Apple new iPad touch Size and weight Height:9.56 inches (242.8 mm)Width:7.47 inches (189.7 mm)Depth:0.5 inch (13.4 mm)Weight:1.5 pounds (.68 kg) Wi-Fi model;1.6 pounds (.73 kg) Wi-Fi
01/02/10 05:43PM HORNFAUST I wanna get a 'proper' game going. Campaign Premise A notable enchanter has gone missing from South-Under Hornfaust. There have been sightings of a Tetujin in the region and the National
03/02/10 08:35PM New Gadget (Game): Colcrop Create a new wave.
03/02/10 07:34AM RadioTux@HoRadS #89 Sendedatum: 21.01.2010 Wave zur Sendung 90 Themen: News: Google und China: http://www.
01/02/10 12:41PM Boarding the Starguider - Portents of Darkness A gruff-looking guard escorted the group back to this massive ship's only completed hangar. Shuttles and transports lifted off and landed in a ballet of
04/02/10 11:27AM Greater Memphis Chamber Wave This is the Greater Memphis Chamber Wave dedicated to connecting Chamber Employees, Chamber Members,
04/02/10 01:03PM Qworky resource wave A resource page about Wave, with a focus on meetings, diversity, and small-group project management.
03/02/10 06:45PM Convido todos vcs a visitarem meu blog: um blog 99,9% curioso e 0,1% criativo acesse já assine nosso feed atualizado
03/02/10 10:43AM Fala EREPUBLIK.COM niedawno dostalem zaproszenie od google z mozliwoscia zaproszenia 7 osob
03/02/10 04:20PM Google \/\/ave Extensions List Google Wave Extensions List Also check out Google \/\/ave Gadget Installers Please Do NOT Add Robots
04/02/10 12:34AM Discuss Google \/\/ave for Newbs v.2 How do you search for public waves? I appear to have missed that one.
02/02/10 11:23AM ::: DJ TechTools-Starting-Wave ::: Since this Wave is filling
04/02/10 01:36PM ::Native Instruments Traktor Pro-Wave:: more features for the money means as a traktor user, we win.
01/02/10 10:23AM Thinking in Public: Google Wave as the extended seminar room I've been thinking that it might be interesting to use Wave as a way of "thinking in public".
04/02/10 01:15PM ATP by Matt Groening 7th to 9th May at Butlins, Minehead Tickets are ± £165 per person from WeGotTickets. There are still 4 berth chalets available. We didn't
04/02/10 01:54PM Волна города Челябинска! Присоединяйтесь! Общайтесь!
03/02/10 10:09PM Первые русскоязычные Office Hours прошли здесь: Русскоязычные Office Hours - 01.02.10 (ЗАКРЫТЫ) короткая ссылка -
04/02/10 01:11PM Обсуждение русскоязычных Office Hours 1 февраля 2010 года в Волне пройдет первая тематическая онлайн-встреча сообщества русскоязычных разработчиков и
03/02/10 03:35PM 136 - Pituitary Gland Introductory remarks: Endocrine diseases are rare and often missed. One must be aware of them. They often come in minor forms, particularly in women. The pituitary may be damaged
03/02/10 04:04PM Google Wave Themes? how can u change the google wave themes?
04/02/10 11:38AM Bleach Manga (No Anime) So we don't post spoilers for Anime fans, here is a wave to discuss manga only Join join join!!!
03/02/10 06:04PM CodeIgniter PHP Framework
03/02/10 10:23PM Our Patch - Index The First Wavezine Lisa Miller and Don Crowder Here is an index of our Wavezine, latest issue listed first. Enjoy, and join us! February 1
04/02/10 02:25PM DOCUMENTS, SPREADSHEETS AND PRESENTATIONS IN GOOGLE WAVE By using a powerful gadget, it is possible to embed and edit documents, spreadsheets and
04/02/10 12:27PM What do you people think about Google Wave. Present and Future Features. Give in your views.
01/02/10 02:34PM The City RPG - General Information Game System: GURPS 4th Edition Status: Currently Forming Party: Recruiting Members (3 confirmed; 1 unconfirmed) How to Join When and Where Character Creation World
01/02/10 02:34PM How to Join Index > How to Join Welcome Players! If you interested in joining this campaign, please send me a PM here on Obsidian Portal with your character concept. Please make sure you review When
04/02/10 02:58PM Alternative Currency and the Future (Index - The Singularity Wave) This wave is a branch-off from a wave on the Singularity (even though
03/02/10 08:37PM Frobozz, Chapter 2 Into the Depths After bravely tiptoeing past a sleeping dragon and losing track of original party
03/02/10 10:07AM Acfun zhuanyo专用讨论串 V6 , 代号Vista 这个讨论串将不会使用聊天室插件。 请各位按主题以回复的形式进行讨论或创建新主题
04/02/10 02:41PM KotSf (D&D 4E wRPG) Character setup and discussion I'd like a balanced party for this, so one of each, and then maybe another defender-ish type person?
04/02/10 02:54PM Here's the first #AKWave! Please add anyone you have on your contact list that's a part of our AKTWEET site (http://
02/02/10 01:53PM [no title] buddy:help news:word - searches for news web:word - websearch blip:song - search for songs on blip.
03/02/10 01:57PM [no title] does anyone find it acceptable to barter trade for goods or services as it relates to a Google Wave
01/02/10 02:27PM Prelude: Ten little soldiers all in a line, a shot rings out, down to nine... This is your Prelude, you are still human but not for long. We can go two ways, I like both, so you decide: Start the way
01/02/10 09:46AM SC hearings on Article 377 I am so looking forward for how long does it take for supreme court to decide on this matter.
31/01/10 03:39PM XNA Performance This wave is dedicated to improving performance in your XNA Games. Feel free to post your findings here. FAST SLOW GARBAGE MONSTERS
01/02/10 03:29PM Vermont Wave
03/02/10 12:35PM Astronomy 264 Purdue university collaboration Class notes directory
03/02/10 09:38AM <杭州><数独>原来台湾的那个老是崩溃,自己建一个, &lt;杭州&gt;&lt;數獨&gt;原來台灣的那個老是崩潰,自己建一個, Translations powered by Google Translate
04/02/10 01:19PM Piratencafe #4? Termin: 04.02.2010 Leibliches Wohl: Mate ist nicht mehr viel da. Wollen wir neue haben? Schaffen wir es vorher bei der Warpzone neue zu holen
03/02/10 09:10AM Dungeons and Dragons Online [DDO] S: First public wave.
31/01/10 11:41PM [no title] Nokia N900 Everything to do with the Nokia N900. Please add or
01/02/10 12:53PM Coffee Thread Hopefully a discussion on types of coffee people are drinking, what they like and how it's different. Could be coffee from a farm and roaster...Maybe...
01/02/10 04:51AM How To Make Money Online Discuss how to make money online. The work from home
01/02/10 11:39AM Nokia Booklet 3G Initial impressions Excellent quality packaging, robust and functional and yet aesthetically pleasing. All leads to expectation of a serious quality product within. Opening the layers
03/02/10 08:54AM Обсуждение волны среди мариупольцев Делимся впечатлениями
01/02/10 01:43PM Wednesday News Wave - 12/2/09 This wave is to discuss today's news in Baltimore and the rest of Maryland. It is brought to you by Please add your friends in the Baltimore area or
03/02/10 11:53AM Esto es una prueba de waveeeeeee!!! Es guay! Participa en mi wave, plis!
01/02/10 06:40PM Спроси у Ларса Расмуссена (25-го ноября вейв-марафон Киев-Сидней, Ларс — онлайн) ВНИМАНИЕ! ОНЛАЙН С ЛАРСОМ НАЧАЛСЯ здесь Ask Lars — online! Отзывы: Опрос о «Ларс онлайн» 25-го ноября ВейWер-Клуб и
02/02/10 10:16AM Burning Man Wave has a limited userbase right now, but I'm surprised a search for Burning Man is turning up nothing.
03/02/10 06:40PM D&D 4e In A Wave This is a wave that collaboratively tries to come up with guidelines to play D&D in a wave.
04/02/10 01:34PM My Boxes:
03/02/10 06:56PM Wave Hey guys, looks like I'm getting a droid
04/02/10 12:15PM 一位腾讯QQ用户在论坛上发帖(截图)称,他使用windows7自带的资源监视器,对QQ进行监视后发现,它在后台悄悄的扫描了Hotmail客户端、MSN、诺顿杀毒软件、Skype、Firefox浏览器、私人文件夹、支付宝数字证书等文件。在向腾讯官方汇报这一问题一周之后,他再次使用QQ时发现它似乎有所收敛,不再扫描私人文件
01/02/10 02:29AM Hungarian How I Met Your Mother - Így jártam anyátokkal public wave Magyar wave Ezeket tartsuk be: Ne írj bele mások
01/02/10 01:08PM Welcome to my Wave (If you leave this wave, please unFollow this wave from your google wave login)
03/02/10 08:45PM Interesting Public Waves - ContentWave (TM) friendly programming tool that returns Bing search results into blips Private replies in public
03/02/10 10:36AM Best Bloggers Wave While I am not a blogger I have a serious interest in the business behind blogging. I dont know
04/02/10 02:35PM Wave hacking FAQ From a hacker/cracker/infosec perspective: What do you think will be the most exploitable features/
01/02/10 06:13PM Wavelog - PHOTOGRAPHY I'll try to put here one picture a day. Click the picture to zoom-in... To see all the pics, click on the button "Images" on the bottom of the window (under the tags), the select
04/02/10 11:28AM Unofficial 2010 Gay Days Wave This is a My Map from Google Maps showing the locations of all the interesting things at Gay Days
01/02/10 04:53PM Private replies in public waves—Read-only example #2 Meditations on making waves There is a paucity of discussion in the public Wavesphere concerning private replies in general and, in particular
01/02/10 06:23PM Software Roles in Education Software Roles in Education Purpose identify the roles that software plays in the delivery and administration of education discuss the relationships and connections between
03/02/10 04:17PM Test des sondages Google wave Comme nous possédons tous un compte Google Wave, c'est peut-être l'occasion de tester en avant
03/02/10 06:40AM Public Chat (Just type your message in box below)
04/02/10 02:40PM Волна Анекдотов Сидит компания, скучает… –Чё–то как–то скучно, да? –Да… –Может сыграем во что–нибудь? –Ну можно… –Давайте в молчанку? –Ну давай уж… Все замолчали, сидят уже два часа… Голос проигравшего
03/02/10 08:42PM 中国科学院 Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) THE WAVE OF CAS
01/02/10 12:49PM Palavras... concordo com o post recente do pessoal do ggw: . Então eu criei esta wave que é para divulgar a minha arte e o meu blog: quem quiser pode comentar
04/02/10 01:04PM Memphis Wavers So where are the folks in memphis that got a wave account?
01/02/10 03:46PM Sinema haberleri ve vizyona giren yeni filmleri paylaşalım :)
01/02/10 08:57PM Time & Temp: An Indy Game of Time Travel. Link to a Wave for CV's Time & Temp CV's Can someone tell me how to invite people to a wave without saving them to
04/02/10 02:35PM ecOlympics Challenge However, this goal and all that it would require on a nationwide basis is too daunting for many to
04/02/10 09:13AM The Six Most Important Features to Add to Wave - Article - ContentWave (TM) Interesting Waves Guides About As Google goes into holiday code "lock-down," we can
03/02/10 09:36AM [no title]
03/02/10 08:54AM 华南理工大学Wave Google Wave 交流者 ”Google论坛“ - 本Wave遵守Wave回复公约
01/02/10 10:35AM [열톡] 열린토크 웨이브 (09/12/22) #1 오늘의 첫번째 감기조심하세요. 지난 열톡 보기 [열톡] 열린토크 웨이브 (09/12/21) #1 오늘의 첫번째
03/02/10 09:34AM Wave Users in South Africa But if you search for it through the search box then you can join it.
01/02/10 12:25PM The Comic Readers Wave As an extention of the Blackberry Messenger Group for comic readers I've decided to bring the discussion for people who don't have a Blackberry so we can all discuss anything and
04/02/10 12:49PM Гаджет Для Видео Конференций!!!
01/02/10 03:22PM Homebrew Recipes This wave is intended to be a place to share and discuss recipes.
03/02/10 12:12PM Obama vs Bush com/2008/09/28/the-world-according-to-tarp/ Whoops, still trying to figure this Wave thing out.
03/02/10 07:37PM World of Warcraft players testing Google wave? google search "wow private server" and you'll see how many.
03/02/10 07:33PM Dragon Age: Origins Share information. Ask questions. Kill darkspawn.
03/02/10 09:01PM Week 3: Technology and the Learner: Learner as a Creator This week's lead discussant is Susan
03/02/10 05:03PM GW Grid D&D Demo==--
01/02/10 05:58PM EVE Online, First Official Wave. Any Eve players? If so, names and corps! eveonline[1].jpeg EVE Player?
31/01/10 03:21PM Bunny´s battle Bunny´s battle is a animation 100% maked in the computer Apple IIGS, with the program Cartooners of
03/02/10 11:39AM Planners Who Wave Welcome to Planners Who Wave (beta)! Sign our spreadsheet ***Recently, we lost a few months of conversations that took place in this wave. I'm
31/01/10 06:57PM Woot - Santa's Sack Of Crap, 2009 Then again, perhaps you can search?
02/02/10 12:00PM Guys, I think is better someone here who knows gwave better, write something for the rest. To search all of google wave for public waves search "with: public" To
02/02/10 06:45PM BbSWAT folks if you put in "with:public lang:en blackboard" in the search box, you will find all the public
03/02/10 10:53PM Esperanta Babilejo Bonvolu inviti viajn esperantajn amikojn al cxi tie! Eo - Wells, H.G. - La tempo-masxino.pdf
03/02/10 10:23PM HTC Google Phone 中文用户调查(G1/G2/G3) 您使用的是哪款? G1用户点击 YES G2用户点击 NO G3用户点击 MAYBE G1.jpg G2.jpg G3.jpg
04/02/10 08:52AM Spolecznosc na wave w inboxie pojawi sie fala "invite others to Google Wave"
03/02/10 03:46PM Welcome to my blog! Feel free to post anything below!
03/02/10 06:26PM Debatewise GYP Point: The rainforests are dependent on clean energy. developing countries which may begin a process to enter their specific climate mitigation
02/02/10 09:33PM The Mega Omni Uber EJB Wave of Trying Random Shit and being Laggy. apparently the google search function just lets you add result links to wave, doesn't actually
02/02/10 11:34AM Yale Teaching With Technology: Google Wave Presentation
03/02/10 04:50PM Gicker's Forgotten Realms 4e Combat Turns 1 " ((This will continue in the RP wave: Gicker's Forgotten Realms 4e RP 1 )) (( Everyone gets 1 life
01/02/10 02:05PM Trip Planning Template Day 1 Plan: Go to the Eifel Tower Eat Lunch (Pizza :D ) Sleep Day 2 Plan: Visit US See the family Go somewhere .......... Who will plan the day for today? Check out all the
01/02/10 09:35PM 大家新年快乐啊。撒花!*★,°*:.☆\( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。
01/02/10 07:31PM Best Villain In Stargate Canon. As per usual SGW protocol, canon ignores the Stargate:Infinity cartoon, but does include the original motion picture. So, who is it? Michael the half-wraith? Ba'al the
01/02/10 12:18PM Week 4: Technology and the Learner: Learner as an Explorer This week's lead discussant is Toby Brown. The lead discussant must post a comprehensive critical (3-4 page) reflection over all of the
03/02/10 01:47PM [no title] is intended as a gathering place for members of the Ars Technica forum community on Google Wave.
02/02/10 10:46AM WOW ANIMATED IMAGES IN YOUR PROFILE PICTURE! In my profile it gave me the option to do a google search for an image to insert, and I did that
04/02/10 02:25PM HAPPY ISLAND ON GOOGLE WAVE XD Do you like Happy Island? This is a video created by me My Island Foro Party piratas u can see the
04/02/10 09:10AM Public Suduko
03/02/10 04:07PM Hawaii Wave Users Welcome all Wave users in Hawaii or from Hawaii! Feel free to add yourself to the list and
03/02/10 09:51PM 两岸三地之Wave Im surprised the Chinese government hasnt blocked Wave.
04/02/10 02:59PM ★ LIFE IS SIMPLE ۰ Design & Comunication ۰ Presentazione / Presentation Mi chiamo Alessio Carone, sono nato a Taranto (Italia del sud), sono un web/graphic designer,
03/02/10 10:28AM Кировская волна Кировские волноводы присоединяйтесь! Делитесь ссылкой на волну с друзьями!w
31/01/10 05:54PM Welcome GeoNerds! "nanaimo bar" was at one point (haven't checked recently) one highest ranked search topics on the
02/02/10 12:02PM DROID Wave Google's revenues come from mobile search advertising, not from its open source operating system
01/02/10 01:50PM Тестовая волна Описание: Тут такая специальная волна, в которой можно делать всё что угодно, тренироваться, писать от всей души всякие "трям" и "тест-тест". (Убедительная просьба, не постите сюда
01/02/10 10:08AM Drupal Wave I'd like to help towards Open Atrium + Wave.
04/02/10 09:15AM HDin.TV - обсуждение ресурса (part 4) Приглашения на ресурс временно не
03/02/10 05:34PM SolidWorks World 2010 - SolidWorks Graphics Performance Analysis & Tuning: a graphics card, important factors to consider What apps will be run? How many
03/02/10 01:39PM Where are panellists from? nope, belgium is pretty unique in being the only country where I got a lot of replies saying no
30/01/10 06:57PM 2009 CCEF National Conference: Sex Matters November 13-15
03/02/10 11:50PM Technology Public Wave make a custom search "with:public tag:CompSciStudents" to join.
04/02/10 08:23AM 纯属测试 如有雷同 就是巧合
03/02/10 04:30PM State of the Union Transcript Debate: January 2010 I'm pulling
03/02/10 08:17PM Seoul Google Wave Users - Welcome Search via publi waves for more.
02/02/10 09:38AM C++ Programming Dynamic Programming Greedy Algorithm Complete Search Shortest Path Recursive Search Techniques
31/01/10 09:03PM Demo: Wave Buttons Library Note: This robot uses API features not actually enabled on Preview yet, so it is
04/02/10 02:11PM Immram Ship It is a map of the ship with markers ( like google maps )
03/02/10 05:52PM Brilliant Fury of the Suns Chatter Wave Since a chatter thread
01/02/10 10:59PM 郑州的朋友们,河南妈妈喊你回家了!
04/02/10 10:20AM Seattle Times: Lakewood Shooter : Manhunt MAP and general discussion Lakewood police shooting suspect shot by police in South Seattle early this morning
04/02/10 02:02PM The US Government has grown too large The Morality of Liberty and Government A person owns their own life and property.
04/02/10 12:17PM iPod Touches in Education can iPods be used during the day before needing a charge? What is an effective charging solution?
01/02/10 01:02PM Проба пера Вот так я поменял цвет kjhjkhk.jpg Вот он - я ;) Форматирование Интересно было бы пригласить кого-нить
03/02/10 04:09PM Oklahoma Wave Users Discussion Group: WaveChat Your wave has
03/02/10 12:04PM Forza Motorsports 3 - Clio Cup
03/02/10 01:48PM Intel VS AMD
03/02/10 06:02PM Wave Saudações... org/3729/three-google-wave-searches-worth-saving
04/02/10 02:54PM Autopen Wave Yeah here too on a MAC no copy paste, on a separate window will be the solution !
03/02/10 01:43PM Nvidia VS ATI
02/02/10 01:58PM The Go Programming Language Golang should be fairly unique in search results.
01/02/10 03:13PM Hey, it's the Buttercup Zine public wave. Not much going on here yet.
01/02/10 10:53PM [no title]
04/02/10 10:46AM Wave dos Games Brasil Esta blip é de SOMENTE LEITURA. Por favor respeitem e
31/01/10 07:10AM Wave pública GibiHQ! clique em Submit para criar a Search.
03/02/10 02:45PM Top Song Write down your favorite song for today
04/02/10 01:07PM Debatewise GYP Point: Did not scientifically check the facts.
01/02/10 01:46PM Quem tem Google Wave em Bauru?
01/02/10 12:43PM Debatewise GYP Point: Hyped up the claims.
31/01/10 04:03AM Sony PSP Hacking Wave Google Wave being rather new, it doesn't
03/02/10 10:06AM eZ Publish Public Wave This is a place for eZ Publish people
01/02/10 02:35PM Big Bottom Wave - NSFW - 18+ The title of this wave is exactly what it is for, if you do not agree with the content feel free to unfollow or trash this wave. DO NOT remove content from this wave, if it
01/02/10 06:19PM Trigger Happy - Overview Character Bios @ Rules - Human world. No superpowers mythological creatures or mutants please. Advanced/Extreme technology
03/02/10 08:54PM Lost
04/02/10 01:40AM What are you doing? incorporating Twitter in this wave what im doing? trying to understand how this works! Update Note
03/02/10 06:54PM How to Build a Public Wave if text is left in the contact search field it hides the other contacts.
01/02/10 12:02PM [ZIKULA-DEV] DOWN WITH BLOCKS, UP WITH CONTENT EVENTS Block seem like a reduncancy we could do without. What essentially is the difference between a module's content and block content. They are all the
31/01/10 01:16PM Wave Guide Discussion 0.0 net ? It rates your wave, lists it and one can search for the wave by different sort out functions.
01/02/10 12:24PM Za dużo tego wszystkiego było więc usunąłem ;)
01/02/10 11:11PM [no title]
03/02/10 10:57AM Chilean Wave testers... acá! Compartamos datos, invitaciones, información
03/02/10 09:10PM Wave FAQ for new users to it? Searching for waves Q: How do i search for specific waves? A: Search for waves using tags, e.
01/02/10 09:16AM Tennis Anyone? A tennis wave for all you tennis fans out there.
02/02/10 05:35PM Higher Ed Directory (meta) separate "meta" directories from directories that are "people" -- at least until search gets better.
03/02/10 12:32AM Mist & Shadow - A collaborative bySwarm setting concept I did a search, and there's at least one WoW guild named Shadow Consortium.
02/02/10 09:43PM NZ Google Barcamp: (Wellington, Thursday 25th March) All things Google from Google Apps, GIS, search appliances, Wave,
01/02/10 05:31AM Manual de Wave Primer llegeix això: Aquest document ha de
04/02/10 02:44PM Wave ideas: There should be a way to search within the wave for phrases, individual users, etc.
04/02/10 01:47PM Debatewise GYP Debate: The UNIPCC mislead the world. Ivo the Boer, mandarin of the UNFCC said in his press talk the world is in a cooling off period.
03/02/10 12:00AM LG15 TODAY: Surf is up.... LG15 TODAY: Surf is up
01/02/10 10:43AM ประกาศ : โครงการประกวดตั้งคำขวัญของห้อง Lab Network รอบสอง รอบสอง จะเปิดให้นักศึกษาร่วม Vote เพื่อคัดเลือก Motto ที่ชอบและถูกใจที่สุดเพียง 1 อันเท่านั้น Motto อันไหนที่มีผู้ Vote มากที่สุด จะได้นำไปต
04/02/10 02:44PM The SUDOKU GODS WAVE!!! let's play! Sudoku GODssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
03/02/10 12:16PM How to really annoy people Feel free
02/02/10 06:28PM Google Wave Extensions List (Copy) Search / Aggregation Dr Maps - dr-maps@appspot.
01/02/10 03:24AM Яндекс Questions? Look here Есть вопросы? Обращайтесь сюда
03/02/10 07:09PM HTC Hero ROM - KaguDroid 1.2.1 (31-01-2010) starting the phone, and provide paid apps but not protected one, search twidroid or barcode scanner.
01/02/10 10:56AM iPhoneアプリ通信【おすすめ無料・有料アプリレビュー】 のwaveです。 お気軽になんでも書き込んでくださいね。 私も気が向いたら書き込みます♪ 先にテストで記事に貼り付けたWaveの方が賑わってるので、こちらもどうぞ↓^^ 記事はこちら↓
03/02/10 12:08PM Thinkpad Users Google Wave Hello! Here's a wave for Thinkpadders on Wave. Feel free to leave a greeting, share some thinkpad news, or list your
01/02/10 11:06AM Experimentalphysik Klausuren Klausur vom 17. März 2005 1. Ein Straßenbahnwagen fährt mit einer Beschleunigung a_1=0.8 m/s² an, bis er die Geschwindigkeit 50 km/h erreicht hat. Diese Geschwindigkeit
03/02/10 10:17PM Desktop Wave Clients FedOne only Prototype Desktop Wave Reader Which client(s) do you use? Which clients have you tested?
04/02/10 02:37PM Weekly Topics for Feb. 26 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
04/02/10 02:37PM Weekly Topics for Feb. 19 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
03/02/10 10:01AM One-Name Study For The Surname Woolvett and it's various spellings [G.O.O.N.S]
04/02/10 02:37PM Weekly Topics for Friday Feb. 12 COM 562 Citizen and Participatory News People are going to share what they are doing each week in this spot, so you get an idea of who's doing what and the balance of
01/02/10 09:42AM This is a Eduwave for the discussion of Wave in Education. There probably is others but I thought it would be good to make one public where we could all easily
04/02/10 02:40PM Good Ideas I Didn't Use That You Might Want... COM 562 Citizen and Participatory News - You are using this wave to share ideas that you do not plan to use yourself for our Flexible Fridays CITPATNZ
02/02/10 09:04PM TUTORIEL : ENVOYER ET RECEVOIR DES MAILS (merci Alain !) Il est tout à fait possible de
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for April 2 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for March 19 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
03/02/10 12:47PM Science and Technology in 2010 Things change faster than we think
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for March 5 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
01/02/10 05:39PM TZM Project - Nordic Movie Nordic Movie This wave is intended to focus on a Nordic collaboration project on making a new movie, with basis of the situation in the Nordic countries. At the moment we
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for April 23 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for April 16 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
01/02/10 11:20AM ASV (France) Age Sexe Ville ??? La première Wave de rencontre :-P
03/02/10 03:44PM Germany Webcam
01/02/10 09:16PM General Chat Free for all... Your opinion on google waves
03/02/10 03:36PM Саратовская волна Предлагаю жителям Саратова присоединиться к этой волне.
01/02/10 07:08AM Wave resources Wave FAQ (in multiple languages) WAVE FAQ Wave tips Google Wave Etiquette Search Cheat Sheet v.
04/02/10 10:59AM Free and Accepted Masons Welcome to the Wave for anyone who has any interest in Freemasonry. My Lodge is in Plymouth, Michigan Plymouth Rock Lodge #47 If
04/02/10 10:56AM Symantec Enterprise Vault If anyone still follows this Wave, I'm looking for a way to search for files with the Offline
04/02/10 01:05PM Общественная копилка идей Предлагаю в этой волне делиться идеями на любые темы. У вас есть идея, с которой не жалко поделиться — милости просим, наверняка
04/02/10 01:28AM 大家喜欢读什么书呢?推荐一下吧。最好有些见解
04/02/10 12:37PM IMTT Winter term 2009/2010 easier ;-) And if it is this way, will there be a similar upload for IMTT, too? Thomas
31/01/10 11:46AM Microsoft Office 2010 like it, very simple and easy, catch it here if you want to try the free beta: Microsoft Office 2010
02/02/10 08:49AM The GMs study
03/02/10 10:56PM Dr.Xiong?twitter翻墙!
03/02/10 11:41AM Social search, cool online tools, etc. Social search/Blogs Technocrati Spezify Social mention Backtype "BackType is a real-time,
31/01/10 05:24AM [no title] Wave for students, staff and alumni from NUS / National University of Singapore Directory for NUS wavers
02/02/10 11:40AM Moral Absolute ( continued from: Ask an Atheist 4 )
03/02/10 12:29PM Mobicents weekly meeting, February 3, 2010
04/02/10 09:00AM 一个关于如何使用Google Wave的地方!
04/02/10 02:33PM Don't Press the button (new one) The most useless game on Wave. game 15 new game at 100 players From an idea of
01/02/10 07:48PM Medical Device Industry Social Network - Seeking Beta users I am very excited to let you know that we are a few weeks from Beta launching a project that will give the medical device industry a voice in
03/02/10 09:58PM The Nethernet Refugee Wave! - Check out the Nova Initia one too, less lag
04/02/10 01:19PM NSF\/\/ave 010 (Pre-Show) Hier gehts zur Übersichts-NSFWave Dies ist die Pre-Show Wave. Hier geht es zur NSF\/\/ave 010 (in-show) Wunschthemen der Hörer: Wie
04/02/10 01:40PM JAET public JAET is Just Another Eve Tool. A swiss-army knife for Eve Online.
03/02/10 02:14PM Ada orang Indonesia or Indonesian Speaker? enak juga pake google.
04/02/10 01:28PM Roleplaying on the Wave: An Index of Wave-Borne RPGs (II) Please follow these rules when contributing! A directory of tabletop-style and play-by-post
03/02/10 10:05AM Sudoku
03/02/10 01:44PM Android Central Wavers Welcome to Wave Search!
03/02/10 09:49AM - Probando creación wave público. no has isntalado ningún plugin a ver si encuentro la wave para ponertela Welcome to Google \/\/ave
01/02/10 08:21PM BMO3421 (2010.01.22_Hong Kong) Welcome to BMO3421 - Managing the Service Organisation
04/02/10 02:23PM IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT THE NEW HAITI PROJECT NEEDS YOU! network, and most of all, your passion, your belief to create a bright future for Haiti is needed.
03/02/10 06:55PM TZM - RepRap Project Sweden Progression Log Current phase: Alpha This wave follows the progression of the RepRap project in the Swedish
04/02/10 12:46PM "Android в Україні", 03.02.10 (Kyiv GTUG Center) Доповідач: Олексій Тараненко, редактор ITC,UA android-open PS Також темою зустрічі буде:"Про GWT" 03.02.10 (Kyiv
31/01/10 06:45PM Media Newspapers will be posted in subsequent wavelets here, in
04/02/10 12:22PM "Про GWT" 03.02.10 (Kyiv GTUG Center) Доповідач: Валентин Шибанов — Нажаль, не всі зможуть взяти участь у зустрічі в
03/02/10 05:08PM Digital Design og Kommunikation E2009 Jeg tænkte at det måske kunne være hensigtsmæssigt med en wave som folk fra DDKE2009 kunne samles om
03/02/10 07:30AM Google 放弃中国? Google在说谎吗? the basis on Which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all.
01/02/10 09:36AM SUBRISCRIBING TO THE CLIMATE ACCORD If countries are given
01/02/10 09:34AM SUBRISCRIBING TO THE CLIMATE ACCORD If countries are given
03/02/10 09:59AM ..:: Ayuda en Español Desde Colombia ::.. > NOTAS: - Que es
04/02/10 02:28PM sudoku game : help me with this sudoku That's a good question :S
04/02/10 02:00PM First Unity3D public wave! the book is a great source, and if your looking for more info why not check out the video: http://
03/02/10 06:10PM Navn mangler - Indledende sniksnak Jamen lad os da spille. Hvis vi bliver flere inden det går løs så er det fint, ellers
04/02/10 09:02AM SCI-FI SHOW DISCUSSION WAVE - to recommend any 'alternate' ways to watch it specifically but I'm sure they're only a google away.
03/02/10 03:20PM Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Need some help with spec ops estate takedown and search and grab, any suggestions?
01/02/10 08:50PM Хорошая музыка (лично я кидаю в основном фолк) Набираем сюда хорошую, любимую и интересную музыку. Лучше ставить ссылки и писать название композиции. (спасибо всем, кто заменил битые ссылки)
04/02/10 03:02PM Использование VBA в MS Excel. Использование VBA в MS Excel. Программирование макросов для работы с электронными таблицами. Excel_2007 О волне: Несмотря на то, что моя деятельность никак не
01/02/10 08:32PM Monash Uni? Are there any Monash uni students on wave?
03/02/10 03:43AM Wave for Arch Linux users
03/02/10 04:03PM SysAdmins in Microsoft Environments I figured I'd start an open wave for System Administrators of Microsoft based environments
03/02/10 02:14PM this is a TEST
31/01/10 12:49AM \/\/EED 'N \/\/AVE You know what goes well weed? Boobies! Search for "alt.
04/02/10 02:11PM Calling World of Warcraft Hunters Seems like we got hit with a reset or something.
03/02/10 10:40AM 找找看有沒有台灣的 Wave 新手?
03/02/10 09:46AM Киевские ТвиПилы #kyivtwevent
03/02/10 03:22PM Planny Extension Demo / Discussion It seems that Google has corrected a previous bug that prevented it from running on chrome.
01/02/10 03:59PM Toshiba G900
03/02/10 09:44PM CAU中国农业大学CAU Wave
01/02/10 10:56PM 有合肥的咩? 咳咳
01/02/10 02:05PM CB Networks Wave -
01/02/10 06:36PM Подборка по Google wave Добавление приветствуется , новые ссылки добавлять в коменты , после проверки их добавят в список Доки по Wave Приёмчики и хитрости в Google Wave Каталог (оглавление
04/02/10 02:30PM WavePlayer - embeddable MP3 player for your ears! What's WavePlayer? We're a small embeddable gadget, that allows for on-wave MP3 playback using any
03/02/10 11:28AM What are you listening to? This is just a fun little wave where we can tell everybody what we're
01/02/10 03:07PM Debatewise GYP Debate: Globalisation is good.
31/01/10 10:00AM Breve Guida a Google Wave prontuario per wavisti di prima nomina Guide: http
03/02/10 11:08AM Must Watch Movies 2010 my top picks so far The Book of Eli Clash of the Titans The Crazies Daybreakers Tekken Prince of Persia The Wolfman Iron Man 2 Nightmare
01/02/10 11:03AM iPad for Filmmakers Just like I did before with my Google Wave for Filmmakers concept (Google Wave for Filmmakers: Wave
01/02/10 03:05PM Some seek the answers to the universe. Others spend their life in meditation. But the true enlightened argue about... WHO'S STRONGER: POLAR BEARS VS. GRIZZLY BEARS the ultimate struggle. INVITE YOUR
01/02/10 05:21PM The God Wars: Aftermath - Table of Contents Wave Current Waves in Use: The God Wars: Aftermath - General Game Discussion Game Status: In Setup Phases Rules: The God Wars: Aftermath - House Rules The
04/02/10 02:24AM Photography Critique Wave I am creating the wave for any
03/02/10 09:39AM [Korean Best Public Wave List] 대한민국 추천 '퍼블릭 웨이브' 목록(인덱스) 구글웨이브(Google Wave) 가이드(인터페이스편, 활용편) Contacts 목록이 자꾸 사라져서 추가 안된 분들이 많으실 듯 합니다.
31/01/10 09:26AM How Lawyers Will Use Google Wave In the Wave World, everybody on Google Wave now has access through a simple search or by checking
04/02/10 10:57AM Wave du Projet CoVoiturage (Centrale Lille 2012). Un jeu d'échec pour passer le temps.
03/02/10 05:11AM Google Wave Plugin for Movable Type? What do you think, Google
04/02/10 09:45AM Svenska IKT-pedagoger Vågar mer! Inventarie över svenska IKT-pedagoger som gör vågen Hoppas här kunna samla
04/02/10 10:58AM Lost Season 6 thoughts It should embed it soon, it actually tried on my Wave.
01/02/10 11:10PM SK telecom 매니져들의 구글웨이브 구글웨이브가 블로그나 까페는 아니지만, 초기에 같이 사용하실 분이 없는 관계로 여기를 통해서 같이 대화를 공유해요...
02/02/10 02:44PM All geeks should swear! It's National Swear Day - take an oath on
03/02/10 02:54PM LibFailCamp: Proposal While there are many venues for librarians to discuss the processes of their success in a
01/02/10 03:09PM Rozmowy głosowe Testujcie sobie, nie wiem jeszcze jak to działa.
04/02/10 12:42PM [no title] A Wave About Surfing Surfers live the life they love.
03/02/10 07:52AM Knowledge Management -- find other Wave participants conversations in gmail, but even with "search" I can "lose" emails in a thread of 30+ messages.
03/02/10 08:37AM Wave: tips and tricks / Wave: советы и трюки. Search / Поиск.
04/02/10 11:09AM The Reggae Videos wave Show us your favorite reggae video see also: Reggae Wave Home why do you dance better than I can?
04/02/10 10:22AM Galera de Curitiba/PR Olá todo mundo!
02/02/10 10:23PM Hello GSoCers! Welcome! Try to refresh your Google Wave page if you found you can't write to this wave. * This is a
03/02/10 06:53PM All the Global Youth Panel Debates This wave will list all the debates we create so it can act as a library for you to use to find the
01/02/10 06:44PM らくがきおきば@うぇ~ぶ いろいろ試したくて自分で立てましたが、みんなの絵も見たいなー 荒らしていいのよ、むしろ色々荒らしてもらえるほうが参考になるので、画像消したり色々いじってみて欲しかったり うーんwaveってラクガキ置き場にするにはちょっと動作が重過ぎる気がする。Chrome使えば早いけど 今後に期待かな~、もっとサックサック画像をめくっていけるようなbotや拡張機能が充実して欲しいな
01/02/10 01:00PM Anth 3009 Rise of Civilization II. Introduction and Useful Information A. TA Lab Hours 1. 320 Belgen a. Jeff's Hours - M - 1215-1245 W 1215-1230 F 1215-133 b. Jeff's Email - 2. More
02/02/10 10:36PM Rss-bot search('(.
01/02/10 09:32PM [no title] LINK BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE BACK LINK FOOTPRINT Use anchor text – Anchor text is merely keyword text that describes a link. Here is the anchor text for my main keyword SEO Toronto. One thing you
04/02/10 10:18AM Public Tokyo 2.0 Wave com/5376138/google-wave-101 Gina Trapani, who started Lifehacker and wrote that blog, is an
03/02/10 12:27PM NFL 2009 FULL Season Schedule linking, just either add me to the game wave or add 'NFL' as a tag so my saved search finds them.
01/02/10 11:02PM 他们——在种植引进转基因粮食种子论证上签了字!!!
01/02/10 10:17PM Official Online Marketing Wave
01/02/10 10:59AM ガジェット実験場
01/02/10 10:18PM Official Social Media Wave
04/02/10 11:06AM London Hackday Demos Is there a google wave plugin, or is it for things like GWT? I use the GWT facet within IntelliJ a
01/02/10 05:26PM Produções audiovisuais coletivas pra quem tiver opiniões, criticas, sugestões, etc. serão bem vindos!! estou colocando o foco em produções de desenhos animados (que é a minha área) mas acredito que
03/02/10 01:41PM Berliner Welle! Ganz neu Ganz frisch zu meiner Seite Wave Tipps. Wer weiß was :)
01/02/10 03:17PM Linux Nocturnal Hackers: LNH Motivation: TCP/UDP manual pokes using Netcat and Nmap via Linux CL All ports with common services and unknown ports as well. NC: nc -vv <ip> <port> Port 25 nc -vv <ip> 25
04/02/10 09:17AM Ask a Christian 3 That's why we have Google and the Internet -- external brain storage.
03/02/10 02:31PM Univas Sobre todo para comentar que les parece este nuevo producto de Google para el trabajo colaborativo,
01/02/10 06:53PM Architecture Chat Tomorrow (28th January 2010) Possible topics: Building evented single page web sites. Possibiltiy of creating a new "javascript only" view
03/02/10 05:42AM Ausgamers & QGLers to check sup, is there a way to search for whatever they call these widgets? I see we've got the smiley one
01/02/10 12:05PM Wave in Pune, India Hi and welcome to my first public wave. This wave is dedicated to all Wave surfers from Pune, India.
02/02/10 09:48AM Raising Chickens - JeStoneIV The Master List Stuff to Read About the Chickens Names
04/02/10 11:36AM Firefly Adventure Session 1: Finding a Gig! The crew sits around the the table of JoLynn, you've only been
04/02/10 02:57PM Firefly RPG Adventure TOC wave Session waves: Firefly Adventure Session 1: Finding a Gig! Firefly Adventure Session 2: Next stop
01/02/10 08:31PM 加密聊天室的做法! 一,加密过程:1,信息发送前先经过浏览器加密. 2,密文发送到google服务器,再传送到网友的浏览器. 3,网友输入约定好的密码解密. 二,密文格式:所有信息使用256位OpenSSL格式AES,CBC方式加密. 三,使用方法:1,添加机器人 2,输入:SECURE-WAVE; 字符. 3,设定密码 .
04/02/10 12:56PM Add your location to this map There's a few Aussies
01/02/10 04:46PM WaveCash [Since the initially proposed wave for this topic (!w%252BrmGcmKfgA ) seems to be defect ("You are not a participant in this wave
01/02/10 10:17AM News from the Back Seat I'm looking for articles.
04/02/10 02:43PM GAME ROOM vedere se 'sto google wave serve a qualcosa, anche se ancora in fase di sviluppo e con pochi utenti
01/02/10 10:53AM Star crusr I have created a lego game based on email check it out here: https://sites.
01/02/10 12:01AM Bushfire Updates (Victoria) @FireInfoGirl/australia-wildlandfire @Bushfires/lists Twitter Search #fire Hashtag: http://twitter.
03/02/10 01:06PM Vote for your favorite shows! add them if they are not in the
03/02/10 07:56PM Шахматы
04/02/10 11:36AM Immram Satallite Chase
04/02/10 03:02PM [no title]
03/02/10 02:10PM Пробная волна чужую запись?" Как видите — да, можете Полезные ссылки Сайты, волны: google-wave-russia.
04/02/10 11:47AM What we struggled with is how to define professionalism. But from a base licensing point of view, I think we need to raise the bar - nationwide.
01/02/10 11:05AM Ways to use Wave: Writing Drafts I do a fair bit of writing in my job - forum posts, blog posts, articles, etc.
04/02/10 12:30PM GoogleWave入門講座 A:すでにwaveに登録している人であれば左下の「+」ボタンを押して、Gmailアドレスを入れれば登録することができます。 file まだwaveに登録していない人はGoogleからの招待状が必要です
03/02/10 06:55AM UIR-- university of international relations WAVE UIR-- university of international relations WAVE yeah~~everyone from UIR come together uir_log_P3f8MW
01/02/10 03:48PM OOC Table-Talk 18 - Legacy of the Lines (D&D 4e wRPG)
01/02/10 12:35AM Minnesota Wave Users its Minnesota Where did you guys hear about the public search? nice.
01/02/10 12:43PM [no title]
01/02/10 02:47PM My Network Project Wave 01 (TV Tuners in Windows Media Center) Now that Microsoft has opened Cable Card support to any Windows 7 PC and added SDV Tuning Adapter support Windows Media Center can be a
03/02/10 11:49AM Free language exchange club in Second Life This 3D city is a hotbed of artistic event but there are also nice shops, galleries and Locoling
04/02/10 01:43PM hey was a windows 7 attendee how do you like the wave hey was a windows 7 attendee how do you like the wave
03/02/10 09:15PM Hello Wave: Introductions Our main wave: Hello Wave! Here you can tell us who you are and what are you trying to do in Google
03/02/10 04:13PM Armenian Genocide 1915 Cicernakaberd
01/02/10 12:13AM Proud to be AN INDIAN Let the
01/02/10 04:08PM Dragon Age Characters **Thanks to everyone so far for making this such a fun thread** I'm interested in what other people are enjoying I'm currently playing a female warrior city elf. I loved the
01/02/10 07:09PM Matte Painters Wave: This wave is Edit-moderated as explained at Moderating Your Waves. And please refrain from adding bots, if you have a bot suggestion just let me know. Thank you. Matte Painting
03/02/10 09:16PM Google Wave UFRN
03/02/10 04:26PM Oslo, Norwave Waver du fra Oslo? Her skal det kartlegges!
01/02/10 01:17PM [no title] #FAIL Testando o Groupy-the-bot para o Partido Pirata gerencia seus grupos: Thread sobre criação de grupos Review do Groupy "Onda para os membros do Partido Pirata" Comandos
01/02/10 04:40PM Grails Wave Plugin - Embedded Wave Example This page is embedded at The documentation is now at the Grails plugin home:
01/02/10 02:06PM Hi TTLG! Hope this works... Wave 101 <-Lifehacker article, explains a lot of stuff including how to make a wave public
03/02/10 05:27AM 구글웨이브 끝말잇기 놀이 해요.. . 우리 모두 구글웨이브 해봅시다.
03/02/10 05:49AM Google Takes Down The Wall of China! Google threatening to pull out of China http://googleblog.
03/02/10 09:59PM XiMP Project Visit the demo space in world to see what is happening (SLURL) This wave was created to support
04/02/10 02:41PM A Pulp Wave Fiction - And other Video-Waves ! For those who want a LIVE video stream .
31/01/10 03:52AM Whats up i added random people from twitter
01/02/10 01:33PM Any Chicago(land) Wavers out there?
03/02/10 10:07AM Знакомства в волнах Ну давайте чтоли знакомится будем?
03/02/10 08:09AM Add a little Voicy to your day! , I'll see what I can do and file reports with google): (If you're unable to give flash permissions,
04/02/10 02:29AM Argentina en Google Wave. Aquí vamos.... este es un llamado a la solidaridad sin distincion de edad, raza o religión
03/02/10 09:41PM 2009-12-7 ZB 权重表现?大象群舞?都不是,震荡调整!
01/02/10 07:10PM Protectors: Space City Superheroes Episode 1 - OOC Thread and Character Bank This will be the Out of Character discussion wave for the next play wave. Since Wave still tends to lag even with 50
03/02/10 08:04PM Favorite S_____p Dance music.
03/02/10 02:48PM Google Wave Turkish Users // Türk Google Wave Kullanıcıları ben publicleri search uzerinden takip ediyorum mesela
03/02/10 12:39PM Big Ideas, Big Action Wave For those that wave on about such things.
03/02/10 06:02AM Open Wave University--- Can Google Wave be a medium of higher level educational instruction? Just as academics do not need
04/02/10 01:54PM Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC A few years ago a co-worker told me about this first-person shooter that he liked to play,
03/02/10 05:28PM H Street Network Wave H Street is located in Ward 5 Northeast Washington, DC This wave is dedicated for the public good of
04/02/10 03:17AM Social Media in 2010 Although Google does have a massive monopoly on the search engine market because it got into the
01/02/10 01:20PM [no title] Bate Papo Brasil Goiás Goiânia Sou iniciante aqui e ainda tenho poucos amigos com quem conversar e acho que há muitos assim vagando por ai ainda. Então estou criando esse Wave pra conhecer novas
03/02/10 05:31PM 구글을 사용하면서 느끼는 점들 구글의 여러 기능들(Email,Calendar,Contacts,Wave...)을 사용하면 할 수록, 구글이 생각하고 있는 Web Applications이 어떤 것들인지 느낍니다. 그건
03/02/10 08:11AM João Pessoa [2] Parece que é coisa do google isso =P
03/02/10 02:45PM New Google Wave feature : "Extensions" button (Wave Help forum) Good news is that this button simply generate a search in the middle panel :
01/02/10 08:15PM Occupational Therapy Practitioners "A place to share ideas and connect with other OT/OTA's"
01/02/10 02:11PM Mensagem Subliminar Política em Filmes ou também pode ser chamado de Propaganda de Segundo Plano. Objetivo: 1. Juntar conteúdos e aprender a usar o google wave de forma colaborativa 2. Utilizar o
01/02/10 09:12AM Deutsche Geocaching Wave Nutzer Sammlung Sammlung von deutschen Geocachern die Wave nutzen Sinn dieser Wave ist es Geocacher aus Deutschland zu finden, welche
04/02/10 01:17PM R.O.S.E. Online North America v.2 Oh boy, we have a lot of followers.
03/02/10 11:49AM JaseBlip & Bliptalk Thanks Congratulations! You've made this wave public The link to this wave: http://bit.
04/02/10 03:00PM ecOlympics Working Group discussion re operating budget for the ecOlympics: Jim Kiles: need a big travel budget for the staff
04/02/10 11:27AM NMP wRPG1: The Game 2 As before, observers welcome, but in
03/02/10 08:55AM 广东外语外贸大学校友交流波 官方网站 本WAVE谨用于广外校友交流,欢迎各位在读或毕业的校友热情发波 学校简介 广东外语外贸大学是1995年6月由原广州外国语学院和原广州对外贸易学院合并组建的广东省涉外型重点大学。原广州外国语学院成立于1965年,是原国家 教委(现教育部)直接管理的3所外语院校之一
04/02/10 02:41PM 2010 Android Devices Made this wave so you guys can help me keep track of all the crazy new
03/02/10 04:00PM Classic Traveller RPG doing some writing for a gaming site and I'm interested in doing one on RPG games with Google Wave.
03/02/10 09:30AM How can one add one certain extension? For example I want to add Iframe to my extensions list. How can I add it?
01/02/10 04:01PM [no title] Galatasaray SK Galatasaray SK Kuruluşu 1905 Sonbaharı Kurucuları Ali Sami Yen, Asım Tevfik Sonumut, Emin Bülend Serdaroğlu, Celal İbrahim, Bekir Sıtkı Bircan, Reşat Şirvanizade, Refik Cevdet
03/02/10 10:35PM Oracle Wave Users just type with:public in the search bar
01/02/10 08:14PM Do you like Cops and Robbers AI?
01/02/10 10:21AM MooTools Wave I don’t use MooTools myself (not a fan of the big–name JS libraries out there, at all)… but two of
01/02/10 12:11PM RadioTux Flyer Überarbeitung Wave zur Überarbeitung des aktuellen Textes auf dem Radio-Tux-Flyer und anhängende Diskussion. Vorderseite RadioTux unterstützen Bitte unterstütz RadioTux mit einer Spende
03/02/10 09:26PM 猜数字游戏 分享游戏 使用从URL添加小工具按钮,添加如下地址 就可以插入此小游戏啦。 游戏规则 两个人玩,一方出数字(机器),一方猜(玩家)。 出数字的人要先想好一个没有重复数字的4位数,不能让猜的人知道。猜的人就可以开始猜。 每猜一个数,出数者就要根据这个数字给出几A几B, 其中A前面的数字表示位置正确的数的个数
02/02/10 10:20PM Jezebels I saw lifehacker had a public wave on here and while, yes
04/02/10 01:29PM Foucault Group Work So I guess we need to pool our thoughts on the reading in order to come up with 1) a group
01/02/10 02:11PM Rio Grande do Sul, domando o Google Wave (Para marcar no mapa, basta clicar em "edit this message', depois tu vai até onde mora e depois marcar com um pingo, por favor volte para a vista global do mapa
03/02/10 12:29PM PPL (Private Pilots License) Discussion Greetings, I am starting this wave, in the hope that some of us who are still learning to fly can
03/02/10 07:23PM What is Lockerz? Our mission is to be your daily habit, not a site for your parents or grandparents looking for
01/02/10 02:47PM Photos of SolidWorks World 2010 (Feel free to post any pics on this wave!) First General Session Highlights:
03/02/10 03:10PM [no title] Mac OSX 사용자 여기 여기 붙어요~~~ 해킨 사용중입니다....근데, 사용할 수록 남다른 매력이 있는것 같습니다. 액티브엑스때문에 서핑, 특히 금융거래는 힘들지만요....하나씩 어플 설치가 늘어날 수록 윈도우 보다 좋은것 같군요. 조만간 리얼맥으로 가야할듯 합니다 file
01/02/10 10:27PM This is the Wave I'm going to try to embed
03/02/10 05:44PM حل مشکلات استفاده از گوگل ویو faghat ki mano be in wave add karde?!!!.
04/02/10 07:38AM [microblog] The snow is cold; thick fog is white; the world is faded; day - a pale and lighter night in the search list!!!* :-) Squeeeee!! see here * i also seem
04/02/10 03:01PM The PikaSonic Wave Blog! info You can also see a cooler looking version of this wave by dragging the button below to your
04/02/10 10:10AM YOSPOS: CISCO RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME Man, google wave is p shitty
04/02/10 10:30AM [no title] I decided to see how hard it would be to write a gadget to do online mind mapping using Google Wave.
03/02/10 10:26AM Google Wave Tips&Tricks This wave is public, you can invite
01/02/10 05:10AM Elektronikforumet on Wave! Länkar Forumet Wiki Bra att ha lådan Om ni gör
04/02/10 04:29AM [ZIKULA-DEVS] Guide to converting define based modules to Zikula 1.2+. outside of the module (Hook, Block, Search) - Example: <!--[gt text="xyz" domain="module_
01/02/10 09:51AM Facebook Twitter Google Wave BrightKite I've never even heard of it before.
03/02/10 07:31AM How did google do it?
01/02/10 09:49PM Wave Extensions/Plugins/Whatnot Discussion Group: WaveDiscuss Your wave has been added to this group please read this explanation (no bots have been added) What's out there? What've you tried? Please
01/02/10 05:53PM Test Exporty Bot Testing links
01/02/10 05:51PM Test Exporty with HTML characters Just showing off some HTML <html> <head><title>AWESOME</title></head. </html>
03/02/10 04:32PM Научи ме Официална вълна на сайта
04/02/10 12:52PM Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) on a Toshiba Satellite P500 I just got a new laptop, and I thought it would be a good idea to document a few of the things I've
03/02/10 08:11PM Columbia MO Wavers at the top of your inbox, type 'with:public' followed by what you want to search for.
04/02/10 02:37PM [no title] BLIP! Para comentarios favor de acudir a los blips de "Discusión" que se encuentran más adelante.
01/02/10 08:15PM 有没有提高tor速度的办法? 现在翻墙基本使用tor,但是速度实在慢,请问有没有稍微加快浏览速度的办法呢?
03/02/10 02:51PM İstanbul'lu Wave'ciler buraya... Valla hoşgeldin Utku, Demek Google anasayfadan istek yapanları da geri çevirmiyormuş.
04/02/10 02:57PM Aplicativos Wave thanks, moderation Se quiserem Adicionar ''links'' com bots, gadgets e outros relacionados a wave
01/02/10 08:19PM Sony HDR-AX2000 (Europe)
04/02/10 09:48AM Pedagogiska tillägg och tips på hur man kan använda Googe Wave i undervisningen Google \/\/ave Extensions List - http://bit.
04/02/10 11:12AM [no title]
01/02/10 08:58PM Waveboard FAQ Push Notification Solution for Waveboard on iPhone The iPhone App is available at the AppStore now! Public Wave about iPhone App: Waveboard
01/02/10 04:37PM FLCL FLCL
04/02/10 01:38PM mobileMacs MM037 Bullet Time com/20091102/apples-itunes-pitch-tv-for-30-a-month/ Angesetzt für Anfang 2010 iPhone: Erste "
03/02/10 01:18PM NMIMS Marketing 2.0 Course
01/02/10 02:33PM WAVESFERA.COM bienvenidos al wave de WAVEsfera
03/02/10 08:39AM [no title] (english message on the bottom) Je ne sais pas si c'est possible et jusqu'ou google le permet mais
30/01/10 08:15PM Ubuntu 9.10 karmic tips you are editing hit CTRL-R and you can do search and replace for regular expressions IE add a
03/02/10 01:48PM Learn English Wave 19 CHAT From what I understand, Google's main issue is that they are required to filter search results
04/02/10 01:51PM Tea Party Wave Step Up if You Want to Save Your Country!
04/02/10 10:08AM Mastering Wave scrum products Please use them with your team and test how the gadgets works. If you have any feedback place it in this wave Mastering Wave scrum
03/02/10 08:46PM  MeuMac Podcast. Wave Oficial para Membros e Ouvintes.
04/02/10 02:50PM DiceLink Template Directory This wave is a user-contributed directory for DiceLink templates, for example dice roll systems for
04/02/10 04:27AM LCA Wave Mini-Conf Streaming: Renouf 1: Live Streaming Schedule
03/02/10 02:15PM WaveStore - Buy, Sell, or Trade your Stuff! The internet's
03/02/10 12:23PM The Symbian Countdown Mystery ( #symbiancountdown )
04/02/10 01:27PM el blog de wave wave el blog de wave wave
04/02/10 01:19PM Possible presentations for Copenhagen.rb: I could talk a little on using Ruby for telephony applications.
03/02/10 12:17PM Debatewise GYP Point: Represents the status quo
03/02/10 10:00AM Infos geek ! Pas mal le post sur les framework, j'ai rajouté le blog à mon google reader!
02/02/10 06:38PM Members of Ravelry - A place to wave! Search engines just adding themselves willy nilly.
03/02/10 12:28PM Фото волна. Фотоаппараты (Тушки и Стекла) Фотографии. Обсуждаем и делимся
03/02/10 12:15PM Debatewise GYP Point: Still not legally binding
03/02/10 12:07PM Staffordshire University - Games Technology Wave -For Games Tech
03/02/10 06:44PM La Wave des Lillois ! Partagez vos bons plans, pour sortir, pour
02/02/10 05:36PM [no title] Until then, just use a search dumbass.
01/02/10 09:38AM △○╳▢ PlayStation 3 general discussion I have to agree with dipnlik.
04/02/10 03:03PM Ask an Atheist 6 This wave also serves as a way for atheists to discuss any subjects related to atheism, agnosticism
01/02/10 04:26PM [no title] ArmA II Wave using fans out there. What have you been doing recently on ArmA 2? I haven't bought it yet cause still on an ancient rig. I'm also waiting for a buddy to upgrade his rig so we can get
04/02/10 02:22PM MetroWave #4 Welcome to MetroWave #4 This is my blog in Wave which is made up of interlinked waves. Please enjoy and follow
02/02/10 08:01AM Help in setting up GoogleVoice I am from outside the US. Can anyone help
01/02/10 04:36PM Soft ubuntu Russian Хотелось бы посвятить эту волну операционной системе ubuntu. Для начала было бы неплохо узнать кто каким софтом пользуется? Видео - SMplayer, Mplayer Аудио - audacious2 ICQ - qutIM
03/02/10 09:56AM Presentation Wave! "Google Wave is a self-described "personal communication and collaboration tool" announced by Google
03/02/10 07:19PM Example of Designer Wave. See more Here.
01/02/10 05:53PM Facebook
04/02/10 01:39PM Any Stack Overflow users around here? I didn't know Paul Tomblin was a fellow University of Waterloo graduate.
04/02/10 02:21PM Master List of Help Haiti Waves. This is a list of all waves devoted to helping Haiti.
03/02/10 07:41PM Debatewise GYP Point: Most knowledge is present in the developed countries.
03/02/10 08:35PM ><((((º> Open Designer Wave ><((((º> Now You can see what a designer wave is all about. Please visit our
03/02/10 09:30PM Welcome to Open Wave. ><((((º> Open Designer Wave ><((((º>
04/02/10 12:27PM Debatewise GYP Point: Represents more of the worlds emissions than Kyoto.
01/02/10 10:08AM Русскоязычные Office Hours - 01.02.10 (ЗАКРЫТЫ) Спасибо всем участникам и ведущим! Поздравляю с первым опытом
04/02/10 11:09AM Southern Hospitality - Hunter the Vigil application thread I'm hosting a game of Hunter : The Reckoning here on Wave, and this is definitely a theme I know
03/02/10 01:02AM Ask a Christian This is for everyone who has any questions about Jesus Christ or the Bible. I don't
04/02/10 01:36PM Nokia 5800 com (sitio online de juegos de nokia que cierra a fines de 2010, se integra con la tienda ovi)
03/02/10 09:16AM Editing Circle - Writing Group im an amateur writer and this is the only reason i wanted google wave i think it would be a
01/02/10 11:10PM probando
03/02/10 04:00PM Connecticut Wavers com/richmarcia Google:
01/02/10 02:04PM [no title]
01/02/10 11:11PM Mira ti ke praktiko: ESKOYEDE !! volkom ovo ovos
01/02/10 11:59AM TZM Project - Mobile TZM This wave focuses on the development of mobile-phone surfability so to speak, simply put, the option for people to use the site, forum, etc via their mobile phones. Forum
04/02/10 02:36PM Bitsundso Wave! "Schönen guten Tag
03/02/10 05:38PM [no title]
04/02/10 12:23AM Should Marijuana be Legalized?
04/02/10 11:56AM Debatewise GYP Point: Can’t rely on industry to protect the rainforests.
03/02/10 12:40PM Adsense in PHP NUKE Sat down to edit my theme file to put adsense inside the articles according to your video. I have been going into the database after wiring a new article and inserting the code
01/02/10 03:15PM Talk around the GTUG — wave-bridge Kyiv-Mountain View! Начало —13-го января, в 21:00 МСК — старо-ново-годне-гтуго-гугло-вейво-марафон с замечательной калифорнийской Снегурочкой — координатором
03/02/10 02:50PM Public Wave for the Worcester Polytechnic Institute - WPI WAVE This is the Public Wave for the WPI
04/02/10 11:56AM [no title]
01/02/10 11:05PM [no title]
04/02/10 01:22PM [no title] Google Wave Tips and Resources Google Waveの利用に役立つTipsや情報源の一覧。 inside of Google Wave Google Wave内で閲覧。 使い方 Google Wave情報共有Wave - 使い方 Google Waveの使い方まとめ (Public
04/02/10 11:15AM South African MTN HTC Dream and Cyanogen This wave is for South African
04/02/10 11:37AM Welcome in the Zenika Wave... Let's Surf it !
01/02/10 02:32PM Infrastructure Index > Infrastructure Road System (coming soon) Rail System (coming soon) Water (coming soon) Electricity (coming soon) Sewage (coming soon) Water Ways (coming soon)
03/02/10 08:57AM Wave sobre Livros! Livros que pretendo ler em 2009: * O Símbolo Perdido (Dan Brown) = LIDO * Minha Fama de Mau (Eramos Carlos) * De Cuba, com carinho (Yoani
01/02/10 02:32PM Government Index > Government Official Government Noone remembers the last time a member of the government was seen. For the everyday person, the government only shows up when it’s most inconvenient
03/02/10 01:30PM [no title]
01/02/10 02:32PM Transportation Index > Transportation Most people opt to walk when they need to get somewhere, but many also ride bicycles if they know they’ll be on streets with enough space to get around without
03/02/10 04:33PM Radio Drama - Listen to Trigger Ethics
03/02/10 09:27PM Iowa Wavers Brian Keith Managing Partner with executive search firm, Kingman Drake.
03/02/10 02:38PM Suomen Zeitgeist-liikkeen fi Linkkejä: Zeitgeist-liikkeen suomen kotisivu Keskustelupalsta Zeitgeist Suomi - Wave Zeitgeist Movement Finnish Chapter Chat Wave
04/02/10 01:33PM [Template] <Subject> - <date> The wave is designed in a way that lets you save all facts and all knowledge about the lesson in it.
04/02/10 09:27AM Do you think Sami is sexy? skyplex
31/01/10 01:10PM The list of All Gadget by URL This wave is here for list all Gadget by url there is for doing nice wave. Cette wave est là pour lister tous les Gadget by url qu
03/02/10 04:16PM is wave dead? At present we use Google Docs.
01/02/10 10:43AM Onda sobre Aplicativos, Dicas e informações sobre o SO Symbian S60.
03/02/10 09:06PM Family Guy: Fan Wave. How did you added urself to the answer wave-skimmy??
01/02/10 05:12PM iPad O que acharam ?
04/02/10 04:58AM Melbourne (Aus) Google Wave Users! com it's now saying the right thing, although I still can't see it in search results
03/02/10 02:46PM TZM [general wave template] Wave (add index number to/from the TZM - Main Wave Index) This is a template to use when you want to
03/02/10 05:08PM Apple ipad vs. HP Slate vs. Archos 5 vs. Archos 9 Tablet vs
01/02/10 08:11PM Japanese Twitterers on Wave/Waveにノッてる日本人Twitte-rerリスト2nd.Wave
03/02/10 03:39PM Virginia ITRT Wave Very new to Google Wave and looking for discussion, collaboration, and learning about this new tool.
03/02/10 02:06PM UMass Dartmouth Public Wave 285 Old Westport Road North Dartmouth, MA 02747 UMass
04/02/10 12:04PM IOS Winter Term 2009/2010 Hi guys, I have a question regarding an examination question: "Standardization in an
03/02/10 04:06PM Spis polskich fal publicznych Zacznij od: Wave FAQ w języku polskim (Dyskusja) Netykieta w Google Wave (Dyskusja) Instalatory
01/02/10 12:58PM РАБОЧАЯ ТЕТРАДЬ 6: Гаджет Судоку Эта волна является разделом для упражнений по шестой теме мастер класса: Расширения, гаджеты, стандартные гаджеты. Гаджет Судоку Выполните следующие упражнения
03/02/10 09:58AM BJTU@Google.Wave
03/02/10 01:26PM Аниме Волна 2 та волна уже достигла более 400 блипов и стала трудно читаемой. Кто знает как долго анимукция будет в дауне?
03/02/10 11:00PM Acfun Wave 2.0 各位都注意了,来follow这个wave,这是传送门:[ACFun in Google Wave 专用传送门] 这个Wave是用来建立一个官方的ACFUN的Wave的替代品,因为上一个已经满了- -
01/02/10 04:56PM OOC Wave #2 for A Briefing Aboard the Arkanian Legacy II - Portents of Darkness Continued from OOC Wave #1 for A Briefing Aboard the Arkanian Legacy II
01/02/10 11:20AM hej! Och så kan man se samtidigt som den andra inte skriver....
03/02/10 01:21PM Non-phone Android Devices - unofficial list (C) Alex eReader by Spring Design (eBook) Web Site Related links: PCMag Google Opens Library Doors
03/02/10 08:53AM 浙大G波-----浙江大学 Wave 大家来报道吧,希望有牛人来给我们讲解。让我们为GW的发展贡献一份力量。
01/02/10 01:10PM Интересно, найдет ли кто-нибуть из эту волну? =) Если да, отписывайтесь, будет собственная волна у нас.
04/02/10 08:40AM 谁曾经告诉过我,连续七天登陆wave,就可以获得邀请名额,是不是真的啊?
03/02/10 05:24AM Public Wave (Status: Vandalisiert und noch nicht wieder komplett hergestellt) Nutze mit Google's Chrome zusammen.
04/02/10 09:23AM Публичная волна Вот непонимаю в чем прелесть Google Wave, пока не вижу здесь ничего удобного.
01/02/10 10:26AM Wave Diplomacy Game Masters I would like for us to be able to collaboratively develop best practice and management tools so
03/02/10 07:46AM Elakiri Official \/\/ave
04/02/10 03:03PM Pb\/\/ Diplomacy Spring 1903 Results Leave a message if you call.
04/02/10 01:02PM Moderating Your Waves Since you can also make a wave ‘public,’ that is, give access to the entirety of the Google Wave
01/02/10 05:26AM Creating Wave Robots using Java - A Complete Tutorial Disclaimer
04/02/10 10:07AM NDW - Neue Deutsche Welle - Woher kommst Du? Mich würde es freuen wenn Google den Tag bereich auch einklappbar macht.
02/02/10 06:55PM Publicidade, propaganda, design, web, criação e afins!
02/02/10 10:40AM Títol Text del wave per començar llista fesabid-wireframe.pdf
03/02/10 06:23PM HDR Photography Wave Wave which makes it possible to include photos on Flickr directly in a wave, but I can't find one.
01/02/10 02:20PM trying out new wave for making public
01/02/10 01:21PM So Gina Trapani, Lifehacker emeritus, wrote a complete guide to Google Wave Check it out! Complete Guide to Google Wave
03/02/10 07:39AM My Test Public Wave testing is easy
02/02/10 12:35PM LevelTen Interactive - Interview with Mike D. So in reality, your resume is the Google search results of your name.
01/02/10 10:48AM [no title]
01/02/10 10:41AM when u fall in love with someone who will never know.
04/02/10 12:30PM OOC Cairo Wave Yeah, I'll have to check in a minute, but I think brawl will work.
02/02/10 08:44AM [no title] xml - Roster List allows you to quickly search through participants of the current wave.
03/02/10 09:30AM INFO - Sugestões Afinal, a colaboração é uma das muitas finalidades do Google Wave.
30/01/10 05:06AM Inline Reply Test Test asdf df as df asd f asdf asd f sadf sd f asdf as df sad f sadf as df asdf awe fas df wef asd f sdf
04/02/10 03:02PM Trail of Cthulhu - Collett Farm Articles 13, 1921 Church Group Purchases Collett Farm A chruch group, the Church of God, Incarnate, has
01/02/10 05:31PM Google Wave - ES joined effort! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Lista extenzija Search operators Keyboard shortcuts
01/02/10 03:22PM HIMSS10 - Atlanta HIMSS10 Website HIMSS10 - Atlanta HIMSS10 Website
03/02/10 01:02PM Emoticons - No Bot Needed : . . .
03/02/10 11:33AM Progressive Productions Public Wave
04/02/10 01:24AM The Scene at the Jolly Roger (IC Wave) The Jolly Roger is a bar and pizza joint in downtown Urbana tucked
03/02/10 12:11AM Gitmo Nation Roundtable If anyone has particularly good Boolean search skills we might be able to come up with a fairly
04/02/10 12:55PM Sample Spreadsheet Gadget just added advanced functions ( just a few for the beginning ) Freezing pane ( still not draggable.
04/02/10 08:46AM La Classe Américaine - Le Grand Détournement Cette protection est (très) perfectible et nécessite l'utilisation d'un robot étranger à Google.
03/02/10 06:52PM Gaming and Games in 2010 Microsoft Natal Project!!! a revolution on the experience of playing and the look and fell of them
04/02/10 02:10AM (obsolete) Google Waveの使い方まとめ (Public)   Reply)できる。 インデントしたReplyは、下にも書き込みあるときにしかできない。 Search Panel(Waveのリスト)からWave Panel にドラッグ&
01/02/10 05:43PM Wave problems with syncronizing okay so this google wave keeps syncronizing all the time, well not all the time but often. what could be the problem? could something be wrong with my browser or my
03/02/10 10:22PM Hi?
01/02/10 05:08PM KotSF, outside the kobold lair. Initiative and Status Minion 2 1d20+3: 23 Minion 4 1d20+3: 20 Minion 10 1d20+3: 20 Neb 1d20+1: 20 Minion 8 1d20+3: 18 Slinger 1d20+3: 18 ►GRRD 1d20+1: 18 Skirmisher 1d20
31/01/10 03:56PM Anthropology on Google Wave Ant hropology on Google Wave This is a public wave for all the anthropologists out there!
04/02/10 02:37PM What is \/\/ave : Overview Videos Explaining the Wave-Revolution in less than 10 minutes ! A directory of videos trying to present
04/02/10 12:56PM Moore Rogers You get a +2 to Repair and Lockpicking rolls, and with a raise you can halve the time it normally
03/02/10 10:01PM WAVE WORD GAME TOURNEY (Part 2) Link back to Part 1 of the tournament: WAVE WORD GAME TOURNAMENT Here will host the last round of
03/02/10 02:04PM The Pirate Wave pirate bay is working but some of the search functions are messed up .
03/02/10 01:23PM Stargate Wave Repository and i can't get the public (with:public) or any other public search to work.
04/02/10 12:13AM Welcome to the Pennsylvania wave. Please introduce yourself
01/02/10 11:22AM Hello
03/02/10 08:43AM Creating a Wave Culture - Article - ContentWave (TM) into the preview of Google Wave, and the Draft function for editing blips is still turned off.
03/02/10 03:59PM Is Google Wave better than E-mail? Who thinks mail is still better than Google Wave?
01/02/10 11:36AM mharris EL yum repo feedback wave If you're using my "MIke A. Harris EL yum repository" a.k.a mharris-el-repo - ( ), this wave can be used to provide me with
04/02/10 04:51AM {NSFW}{18+} Domination: humiliation/punition ideas for masters/mistresses THE "I WANT ???????" OR "I SEARCH ??????" FOR AN OTHER THREAD, Thanks Have a good time
01/02/10 10:43AM Twittagessen Dortmund " Ein Twittagessen ist ein ungezwungenes Treffen hungriger Twitterer zum Mittagessen, Abendessen oder wann immer ihr wollt. Sei es, um sich kennen zu lernen, mal dem öden Büro zu
01/02/10 12:09PM русско-язычная волна gamedev'a если вы постоянный посетитель или то вам сюда :)
03/02/10 05:42AM 10 Ways to Actually Use Wave It turns out that Google Wave is fairly good for this, because of the features of collaborative
04/02/10 11:24AM [no title] Today is... What's happening today... [PLEASE don't edit this blip]
04/02/10 03:03PM GZRBOT IRC <-> WAVE #dunkbots It works by sending events in JSON over xmpp to a GOZERBOT thats linked to the IRC server.
04/02/10 08:22AM 上班瞎扯淡 Google pinyin can't use? Who can help me?
03/02/10 03:15PM DataObjects.Net @ Google Wave: share your thoughts with development team! This is a place for DataObjects.Net people to meet on Google Wave.
01/02/10 10:49AM Fears that the United States Congress might block progress. This is a point in This house sees reason to be hopeful after the Copenhagen summit. Argument: During the conference it was seen as hopeful
03/02/10 05:29AM Leipzig Auch wenns in der Google-Gruppe nicht viel los: Wir treffen uns 1x im Monat - das letzte Treffen
01/02/10 03:31AM twitter 中国用户波 (推特) 请大家在这里共享最新的,可用的客户端!
03/02/10 01:05PM Hello wavers in Rotterdam!
03/02/10 09:22AM Wave for February Features For the Command Line Podcast Features on the list to be developed and produced for February: Inner Chapter: Politics Panel: Copyright
01/02/10 09:00PM Law Students Using Wave Google Wave provides new ways for law school students to collaborate and share information. Feel free to introduce yourself and share your thoughts on surviving law school
01/02/10 12:52PM hi all
01/02/10 01:17PM The American Soccer Show Wave
31/01/10 09:20PM [no title]
01/02/10 02:21PM Test Wave for Playing with Read-Write Access Okay, so here is a new wave with text, etc. The public has read-only full access.
01/02/10 10:46PM Google Chrome用户交流探讨区 分享您的使用心得和技巧以及Chrome插件应用吧! 真诚提示:欢迎所有wave用户加入此Wave并遵守Wave公约。
03/02/10 11:34AM Wave meetup nr 2 in Copenhagen the 3 feb. Måske er der lidt mindre stress på ITU i februar? Så kan vi jo også høre en masse mere om google
04/02/10 01:31PM Выборы в Украине Есть достойные кандидаты в Президенты? Хотелось бы определиться. Взвесить все за и против. За кого вы бы сейчас проголосовали и почему?
03/02/10 07:17AM Flip Camera Instruction Techniques Flip Cameras!!!! I just wanted
03/02/10 09:05AM Chrome, Firefox, Safari? Browser Test: Google Chrome: 100/100 Mozilla Firefox: 93/100 Test failed http://en.
04/02/10 09:55AM Flash Flood News: The Collaborative News Wave Google is also developing something similar for large, nationwide stories called Living Stories).
31/01/10 11:49AM 公共図書館における電子書籍の研究会 いよいよですね。 Apple iPad http://www.
03/02/10 02:34PM Embed Google docs Spreadsheet test
02/02/10 12:34PM [ZIKULA] Core JavaScript Framework future A few weeks ago, in the discussion about
03/02/10 11:46AM The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) Main Wave Read this first!: TZM
01/02/10 02:41PM
03/02/10 02:07AM La Wave des Koreusiens Je ne trouve pas où utiliser ce trick ? Quand je mets cela dans le search de la colonne de droite, j
04/02/10 09:50AM Enterprise 2.0 SF (e2conf) Session Waves (START HERE) 0 E2Conf - Keynote - Integrating Google Wave into the Enterprise E2Conf - Is Enterprise 2.
04/02/10 10:23AM ><((((º> By placing your Google Wave account in a popup accessable from the bookmarkbar it makes it more
04/02/10 12:46PM Киев
04/02/10 12:26PM 台灣正體 WAVE 使用心得與交流 (請勿加入 Bots 機器人進本WAVE) 大家一起來交流一下, 使用 WAVE 的心得和感想吧! 心得1: 發公開WAVE請先把 [public@a.
31/01/10 08:12AM Official Google Wave for ukgovCamp2010 This is just a wave to connect with others just before Saturday and during the day of
03/02/10 05:23PM SWW10: SolidWorks 2011 Sneak Peak: This read-only public wave is a collaborative effort to take notes during the SolidWorks World 2010
03/02/10 07:43PM Capitol Wasteland Wanderers - A Fallout 3 Wave file Share your experiences with
03/02/10 07:53AM Навигатор игрового мира Navigator Dragons Новый Деньрожденник Навигатора Трепалка навигаторовцев [запорчена мутантами
04/02/10 09:00AM EMTACL10 : Emerging technologies in Academic Libraries ( Public Wave ) can Google Wave be useful for Academic Libraries and it's patrons? Feel free to join and
03/02/10 10:09PM 2010-02-04 停贷银行2月重开闸 成交量、五日均线2972和金融地产板块。
03/02/10 04:14PM mobileMacs MM041 Public Wave - aufgenommen am: 2010-01-30 im AppStore als Konkurenzprodukt zu iWork? Google Chrome im AppStore als Konkurrenzprodukt zu
03/02/10 04:27PM Notifiy en español Esta es una prueba de wave-email-notifications@appspot.
03/02/10 09:36AM Formando Bolivia Valley con Google Wave. Las primeras actividades se coordinarán por aquí. El contenido es abierto para volcar ideas o sugerencias. Bolivia
01/02/10 10:07PM Notifiy in english This is a test wave for
01/02/10 08:47AM Blackberry Users on here? users as well?
01/02/10 04:26PM Testwave for Taskwave Gadget Taskwavet Gadget - Bruno Hautzenberger 2010 This Gadget can be used to organize Todos and Task in a Wave. Click "add Task" to create a new Task. To edit a task click on its
31/01/10 04:47AM Learn German - Native German speakers who know how to speak English needed. on&spellToler=on&chinese=both&pinyin=diacritic&search=information&relink=on dict.
01/02/10 12:55PM 邀请经常使用Google Reader的使用者分享Google Reader的文章 介绍一下自己主要订阅的RSS类型 以及自己的Gmail地址 对感兴趣的回复直接在Reader中请求Follow即可
31/01/10 10:15PM Mouse Game but then finding these waves would still require the right search.
01/02/10 03:48PM Locais e eventos legais para fotografar: -Que tal sería se dividíssemos informações sobre LOCAIS DATAS E HORÁRIOS para fotografar?
03/02/10 12:16PM The Problem With Argument This veers off from a discussion in this wave: Discussion of 'Ask a Christian' Wave:
01/02/10 06:21PM Haiti/2010 Earthquake - CrisisCamp Wave - Main Haiti/2010 Earthquake - CrisisCamp Wave - Main This Wasadasdave was started with the help of the Federal Wave The 'In-Haiti' Waves are French/English
04/02/10 12:47PM GLBT U.S. Hope you had a great Thankgiving.
04/02/10 09:07AM 有江苏常州的同学吗?进来报道 ChangZhou Google Wave Users) 常州古城区 常州南大街
01/02/10 03:06PM TUTORIEL : QUE FAIRE AVEC WAVE ? : (Optimisez l'écran pour une meilleure expérience!)(c'est à dire optimisez?) (Bandeau de la wave est en édition.)/Elaine Une wave réservée aux débutants pour leur
03/02/10 02:23PM 블로그/홈페이지에 웨이브 삽입하기 public으로 찾아서 들어오신 분들은 을 통해서 웨이브가 블로그에서도 잘 보이는지
31/01/10 03:24AM Твиттер / Twitter клиент в Вашей волне Для того, что бы вставить гаджет - клиент Твиттера щёлкаете на кнопочку Add Gadget by URL, затем в
03/02/10 08:48AM Осознанность. Мы часто в наших обсуждениях касались понятия осознанности. И есть подозрение, что для каждого из нас это слово означает разные вещи. Я попробую описать, что это для меня. Всё во
01/02/10 01:46PM On "Scientific Consensus" There is a great deal of interdependence between scientific disciplines - I have pointed out as much in relation to Duhem's thesis previously (see A Critique of the Principle
03/02/10 05:22AM Google Waveの使い方まとめ (Public) Reply)できる。 インデントしたReplyは、下にも書き込みあるときにしかできない。 Search Panel(Waveのリスト)からWave Panel にドラッグ&
03/02/10 11:00AM All Thailand Wavers Give a Wai Here: Almost forgot; this wave is owned by an expat who cannot understand Thai writing, so please do not
03/02/10 08:01PM Fluffgar's Stuff Yeah, I know, shameless self-promotion, but also a good way to test the Wave.
03/02/10 05:59PM Initiation à Django http://docs.djangoproject
04/02/10 11:13AM "Разборки с Волной" Но с Google врядли сможет кто-то сейчас конкурировать.
01/02/10 11:42AM patrik och henrik
03/02/10 07:31PM Google Wave Salvador Wave p/ discussão com as pessoas de Salvador (ou que gostem da cidade) que possuem conta no Wave!
04/02/10 10:38AM Ask for one Google Voice Invitation... Thanks In Advance! -- Dean..
31/01/10 04:13PM The Diabolist’s Knot, or Dreaming in Scarlet and Ebony After that he has sworn to protect others from harmful magic and went in search of a proper
01/02/10 12:02PM Vintage Pocketwatch Repair and Restoration Jeff Sexton This Wave is for the discusion of vintage watches, watch repair and collecting, questions about
01/02/10 05:08PM XML Prague 2010, March 13th & 14th XML Prague is a conference on XML for developers, markup geeks, information managers, and students. Here is a rough timetable and we will keep everyone updated via
01/02/10 05:38PM The Blogging Wave Powered by
03/02/10 05:18PM Oleg Klaizar Design Programming Development Freelancer Oleg Klaizar Design Programming Development Freelancer PHP JS MySQL HTML CSS and more CMS based
04/02/10 03:01PM Discuss Google Wave Templates distribute it as extensions, so we don't have to create a new wave based on the template every time.
01/02/10 03:03PM Nook - Wave to talk about the new ereader from Barnes and Noble
01/02/10 10:15PM 教你几个googlewave的搜索指令
04/02/10 01:49PM Хабраволна 5.0. Это продолжение Хабраволны. Новая версия 5.0 =) Прежняя волна Хабраволна 4.0. достигла размера 441 блипов
01/02/10 07:43PM 해외 사는 한국인들의 모임 해외 사는 한국인 Wave 유저들의 모임 웨이브입니다. 주위의 친구분들 많이 초대해주세요. 여행자료나 지역정보를 공유하는 좋은 퍼블릭 웨이브가 되었으면 합니다. This is a wave for overseas Koreans. Please invite all your Korean friends who live outside
01/02/10 01:03PM The AJATT (All Japanese All The Time) Wave AJATT is a method that puts you in a natural learning environment and boosts your language acquisition process. For newcomers, the best way to start with
03/02/10 02:25PM Волна русских программистов.
01/02/10 04:36PM Android Car Performance App (Brainstorm & Development) I've been working with this idea for an android app and I thought I'd ask for suggestions/feedback. Current plan is an app that measures 0-60 time
03/02/10 08:17PM Prueba de embeed al blogger
31/01/10 09:55AM New and Previewed Wave Features - What are you Seeing?- ContentWave (TM) November: The "with:public" search displays has totally changed in the last day or two -
04/02/10 10:56AM Is Avatar a post singularity vision? (Index - The Singularity
01/02/10 10:54PM 有谁去看过2012了么?
03/02/10 09:21PM Austin Texas Wavers! Let it be
01/02/10 12:35PM Bangladesh should get at least 15% of any climate fund Bangladesh is demanding 15% of any adaption fund even though they have not even decided on a fund yet. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, a leading
01/02/10 08:45AM The Gathering Storm discussion *SPOILERS* This is a spoiler
03/02/10 04:01PM Macedonia
31/01/10 10:43PM [no title] Research Collaborations in Wave This wave is about how to use Google Wave to facilitate scientific collaborations. Please add your
02/02/10 02:07PM Avatar Fan Wave PL without PL) to find it you should write in the search place "with:public avatar fan wave" and there'
04/02/10 02:37PM STS-130 Greetings from Mission Control Wave and its crew will deliver to the space station a third connecting module, the Italian-built
02/02/10 08:41PM Is the Copenhagen conference going to be a success? The raison d
04/02/10 09:47AM Agreeing mutually acceptable emissions targets will be more effective than tough, legally binding targets. Countries like to talk about being green and
04/02/10 10:15AM Eine Welle der Rhein-Zeitung / Rheinzeitung / @rheinzeitung google wave an sich ist nicht so einfach wie ich finde ^^
01/02/10 04:02PM SciFiDig Wave Yet another way to talk scifi, fantasy etc. Chat about your favorite shows, books, comics, show hosts (hint, hint).
03/02/10 06:38PM The MisAdventures of TEAM PORT We need to get the others on here now and run it as a message board.
03/02/10 01:58AM Google wave test: Blog Embed This wave is embedded at please help me test it. Thanks here is
04/02/10 01:50PM Debatewise GYP Debate: Areas that are particularly vulnerable to climate change should be abandoned. a look at Kashmir, India/Pakistan, Chechnya/Russia, Israel
01/02/10 11:12PM Coworking Wave (you can find an english CoWorkingWave here.)
01/02/10 07:56AM Django wave!!!! One other note: at this point, I'd start considering AJAX unless your search fields are really well
01/02/10 07:16PM Olympia, WA Users
03/02/10 10:46PM NPHC All Divine 9 Orgs Roll Kall if anybody is new to wave and wants to get put on some helpful waves lemme know :-)
03/02/10 04:30PM Colorado Snow This Wave was started in early December.
03/02/10 09:30PM ><((((º> Welcome to Wave ID:7h9kZuunA Here is an example of a Designer Wave.
03/02/10 09:15AM Portents of Darkness (Star Wars RPG) - Characters Main Characters Samarata - Ryn Soldier (played by Dustin Faulkner) Eelo Tal'Ray
01/02/10 02:33PM Black Market Index > Organizations > Black Market Anything and everything illegal can be found on the Black Market (max TL7). This network of criminals operates through nearly every sector in The City
04/02/10 12:58PM Drop us a line on Google WAVE (Preview)! Please follow according rules when contributing! This Wave is being used as a contact-form for our
31/01/10 10:33PM Android-PT Contactos: Blog Forum http
03/02/10 08:15PM I am looking for Google Wave users to add into my contacts,feel free to add me. Hey,everyone enjoy google wave?
01/02/10 09:53PM RPGA Living Forgotten Realms - Application Wave Greetings. Living Forgotten Realms is a regionalized RPGA Living campaign, and the first to utilize the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. Players
03/02/10 02:25AM Realtime Magento help on the Wave If you don't find me here - write me on email anytime ( ivanovp.daemon@gmail
04/02/10 09:35AM 日本語のwaveまとめメモっぽいもの public waveということで、自由に追加・削除してください 使い方 Google Wave Tips and Resourcces GoogleWave入門講座
30/01/10 10:53PM Interactive robots and gadgets for Google Wave built without programming enables customers to run a keyword search for books on wok cookery offered by Amazon.
03/02/10 03:22PM What are you doing? Use amazon: keywords to search in amazon or amazon-DVD: keywords to search in the DVD department.
01/02/10 11:08AM Index Wave for The Legacy of the Lines (D&D 4E wRPG) ) Intro: World Background Posting Guidelines How I DM Game waves: Current Game Wave: The Chamber of
31/01/10 01:16PM TZM Discussions - Zynergy Web Core Framework registration developer area? App management: Search and choose addons set privacy and contact
04/02/10 01:37PM 안녕하세요... I just want to get a information of korean user~~~
04/02/10 02:15PM SHADOWRUN Recruitment Wave: This is the recruitement wave for a Shadowrun 4a game.
30/01/10 07:01PM Welcome to the Grails Plugin Sample Bot! ${author}: ${content} \n" + "-"*200 + "\n" } } def search= { delegate -> def feeds = "http://search.
04/02/10 01:19PM А что вы думаете о конкуренции между мышами и трекболами? Я вот теперь являюсь счастливым обладателем такой штуковины: Как вы считаете - оно прекрасно? :)
01/02/10 11:18AM Ne readonly wave :-)
03/02/10 08:04PM #lcbq You Are Not A Gadget discussion Wave The questions for the book are here. Please , feel free to reply to the questions.
04/02/10 01:41PM .Net 4.0 Virtual TechDays Addins XAML improvements Workflow changes Flow chart style Parallel activities like a parallel loop.
03/02/10 03:03PM Волна из Екатеринбурга! а на счет приглашений то большинство людей скептически настроены вообще к Google-лу
03/02/10 09:05PM HighTouch Book Club: Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete. two scenarios of a work environment.
04/02/10 04:27AM [ZIKULA] CHANGELOG 1.2.1 [Note: this is not a discussion wave
01/02/10 10:37AM Introducing -a programmable front-end interface for Google Wave! I'd be also happy to discuss requirements for further extension -let me know what
01/02/10 09:57AM - волна нашего русскоязычного сайта о Pink Floyd, доступ public
01/02/10 12:51PM Google \/\/ave Tipps und Tricks (BITTE ERGÄNZEN UND FRAGEN! Diese \/\/ave dient der gemeinsamen Erarbeitung des Ganzen hier!) Allgemeines zu den Waves Eine Wave kann ALLES sein. Eine Notiz für sich
01/02/10 01:18PM Buffalo Bills Fans Thought i would set up a place where we can all talk and see how many of us are out there on Google Wave.
01/02/10 11:32AM [no title]
04/02/10 03:15AM Soundseekers presents «Search Attempt» Soundseekers presents «Search Attempt».
01/02/10 08:58PM House M.D. Сезон 6, серия 8 Внимание!!! Дальше спойлеры!!!! Сначала смотрим потом идем сюда!!! magnet URI: House.M.D.s06e08.rus.LostFilm.TV.avi Приятного общения.
04/02/10 11:38AM Soirées jeux du Jeudi Description : Tous les jeudi soir On va tester la nouvelle mouture du chant de sirènes de Xavier On va aussi pouvoir tester Dominion à 5
03/02/10 08:31AM Impariamo ad usare Google Wave tutti insieme - reloaded! Un'onda
02/02/10 10:57AM [no title] 9lives Wave Where 9livers gather Tips & Tricks How to Undo Replay the wave Find the last modification prior to the
04/02/10 02:38PM Novi wejv koji napokon radi :) koji neko vidi a neko ne.
03/02/10 09:42PM Karma: A Reputation Rating System for Google Wave Users Karma adds a simple rating Gadget to Waves, allowing participants of a Wave to rate each other.
03/02/10 11:26AM 우분투 한국 사용자 모임 웨이브 (Public) 일단 시험삼아 한번 올려봅니다. 관심 있으신 분들은 들어와서 떠들어(!) 주세요
01/02/10 10:43AM The Middle Crypt - Legacy of the Lines (Gameplay, scene 15) suggests a cult once existed in this place, I know not of what kind but based on what we have
03/02/10 05:34AM Grails+Wave+Plugin Discussion Talk about Grails, Wave or
03/02/10 08:31PM 黙々と数独をプレイする
01/02/10 01:40AM [Template] Plan an event Start using Google Wave by planning an event
04/02/10 02:11PM [no title] Ahh, Will! Eu acho que ele tinha potencial pra ser ducaralho, mas a minha falta de tempo tá matando
01/02/10 12:04PM Gadget Listing and Demos A place where I've collected Gadgets and tried to implement a useful collection in Google Wave. The collections in the past had trouble with loading times and confusing layouts
03/02/10 01:15PM FoD OOC, Chapters 3 and 4 ANNOUNCEMENT: Miley Cyrus has
03/02/10 07:14AM Google Wave Add-on for Firefox type in with:public in the search in inbox to find waves.
31/01/10 06:26PM Who will win the NBA Championship this coming season (2009-2010)? Lakers Cavaliers Celtics Spurs Magic
04/02/10 11:56AM [no title]
03/02/10 02:06PM Entiendes Google Wave..??? te gusta google wave?
04/02/10 12:31PM Debatewise GYP Point: Opportunity for rebuilding in an eco-friendly way is better than cure :D It is apsurd to let destroying to happen so we can act later in a
01/02/10 01:14PM Primer Gran Experimento con WAVE: Resumen 2009 El 2009 fue un año de mierda. Siempre será recordado como el año en que murió Michael Jackson, pero los que lo vivimos sabemos que fue mucho más. La
04/02/10 02:41PM Mallet Amendments 02-2010 The Executive Committee or a group of at least five of its members chosen by the Executive
01/02/10 05:31PM Suomen Twine -wave Mikä on Twine? "Twine on uusi tapa kerätä sisältöä ja löytää ihmisiä, jotka jakavat samat mielenkiinnon kohteet. Käytä Twinea löytääksesi ja seurataksesi kiinnostuksesi kohteita
01/02/10 02:12PM Amazon Kindle! Hi everyone, I thought it might be fun for everyone to discuss using their Amazon Kindle! I just got mine on Saturday and I've been using it pretty much non-stop since it arrived. How
03/02/10 05:24AM Japanese Okinawa on Wave 使い方が分からない場合は もちろん皆で教えあいましょう!また、Google Waveコンプリートガイドブックにも詳しく載ってます。 お勧め &
01/02/10 09:57PM MMA Wave The greatest sport in the universe deserves a Wave. Add your MMA friends and help make it better! Media HDNet Inside MMA now covering College wrestling Versus CBS Promotions UFC ufc109_600px
31/01/10 09:49PM Social Media in the News Industry The point of creating this wave is to help one another come up with/implement
01/02/10 10:32PM /\/\y \/\/TF \/\/ave This page is published to member!
01/02/10 04:47PM Linux лучше чем Windows ! Волна не для холивара ! Волна для испытания голосовалки. Тема нарочно выбрана такая, чтобы наибольшее число пользователей пожелали принять участие. Прошу комментариев не
04/02/10 06:41AM Google Wave News
02/02/10 01:58PM Wave Extensions by InitialBLIP Robots
01/02/10 07:18PM Beachbody wave!!! Lets share fitness and health tips here and help others who have about our various programs and products!!! P90X,Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, RevAbs
04/02/10 08:44AM Mulheres musculosas SICK or HOT? Algumas fotos pra ajudar a decisão: OBS.: Para vê-las em seqüência
01/02/10 08:25AM Hello, world! I love this!!
01/02/10 01:57PM Spotify-vågen Har du någon bra spellista på Spotify som du vill dela med dig av? Eller den behöver inte vara bra ens! Bara du har en spellista du brukar lyssna på så dela den här! För att dela med dig
01/02/10 10:20AM \/\/ave Access Communal Wave I do agree John, the power of this tool is amazing.
03/02/10 12:40PM Isn't it so that you've always wanted to know instantly when someone updates a wave you're following? the need to keep your browser open for hours: Google wave-
03/02/10 10:19AM Google Wave question: How can one save a certain layout for pannels?
01/02/10 03:50PM Grupul fotografilor wave-eri din Romania Va astept sa contribuiti zilnic cu cate o fotografie. Sa vedem ce va iesi :) Etiquette: puteti adauga doar o fotografie pe zi, puteti edita wave-ul altcuiva
03/02/10 10:04AM Why am I not surprised? that Google Chrome is the best browser for opening Google Wave.
03/02/10 11:05PM 新年の豊富などを語ってみませんか? Share your new year resolutions !
03/02/10 05:28PM Wave EOL<> :P Organizacion de Waves
03/02/10 10:27AM GoogleFight! Just punch in both possible spellings into Google Fight and hit Fight! The word with the most
01/02/10 10:10AM Lectionary Wave I like the way you are interspersing the text with your comments.
04/02/10 11:31AM 看看小姐喝高了,集中营!<18岁的孩儿免进 Ok,艺
02/02/10 05:54PM RedEyeChicago's Daily Wave 11/19 Thank you for
01/02/10 07:47PM 【アンケートにお答え下さい】みなさん、どんな手帳使ってますか? 日本 japan japanese
31/01/10 07:54AM [no title] PROE标准零件库
03/02/10 09:30AM [no title] and I cleared my cookies and everything, nothing worked i
03/02/10 07:35PM Komunikat otwarty (oraz inne) Komunikat otwarty (oraz inne) Dla
04/02/10 02:55PM Uberdubs Official UberLeague Forza Motorsport Championship Made some changes to the schedule, going to accomadate for the holidays, trying to get a full race
03/02/10 05:32PM Российская волна о Linux
01/02/10 09:45PM test this wave
03/02/10 02:42PM это будет волной анекдотов. пишем сюда все смешное)
03/02/10 09:39AM The Official Unofficial American Marketing Association Wave!
01/02/10 02:58PM What does everyone think of Google Wave? Post what you think of the protocol so far!
01/02/10 04:49PM Dies ist die erste offene Wave
04/02/10 02:30PM Port-au-Prince Main Wave
04/02/10 11:28AM SANTOS FUTEBOL CLUBE NO GOOGLE WAVE jpg Primeira Wave original do Santos Futebol Clube no Google Wave! Wave oficial da Comunidade do
04/02/10 02:21PM Jacmel Main Wave
04/02/10 02:23PM Port-de-Paix Main Wave
03/02/10 08:11PM 예의 바른 반말로 말하기 존댓말이 있는 우리말이 예쁘다고 생각은 하지만, 소통에 있어서 가끔 반말로 이야기하는 나라 사람들이 부러울때가 있다. 아직 서로 모르지만, 나이 차이가 나지만 예의 바르게 반말로 소통하는 것을 실험해 보고 싶다. 누구든 편하게 참여하시길
04/02/10 02:21PM Petion ville Main Wave
03/02/10 03:59PM RUGBY: Heineken Cup League Wave I am started this wave because i don't see any Heineken Cup Wave on here.
03/02/10 10:31PM Break Bread For Brad If you notice someone missing from the wave, please invite them.
03/02/10 11:43AM "엘군과 토론해요" 1st Topic '왜 G/Wave는 어려운가' "엘군과 토론해요" 1st Topic '왜 G/Wave는 어려운가' 주제들이 모여있는 링크웨이브로 가서 더 많은 주제에 의견을 달아주세요! 엘군과 토론해요 링크 웨이브 Open Waver 정보 http
03/02/10 10:55AM In Nomine Satanis 1ère édition Si vous avez des questions, vous pouvez me contacter en créant une wave "privée" ou en ajoutant un
01/02/10 11:41AM Corpus Callosum is a Goddard MFA-IA peer seminar begun at the Spring 2010 Residency in VT.
02/02/10 10:37PM Wave Reader V5.7 Also, do you plan to cover the wave list search query?
01/02/10 09:26PM The IPOD/IPHONE APPS recomendation Wave Rules: 1. Don't discuss jailbreaking. 2. Please include a description and a link. 3. Please note if its free or if it has a price. 4. If there is a price please
03/02/10 05:54AM 部分给予显示! 翻墙俱乐部!Q群33371253! 为速度着想,请在聊天室中讨论!除非有新讨论话题或需共享附件时可追加新WAVE! 请自觉删除自己无必要的WAVE! 参与本Wave请遵守Wave公约
01/02/10 12:25PM Index Wave - Portents of Darkness (Star Wars Saga RPG) Status: Enough player-characters, but lurkers are welcome. Informational Waves: Posting Guidelines Story Setting General Discussion Wave Party
02/02/10 05:54PM TUTORIEL : COMMENT LANCER UN DIAPORAMA PHOTO ? Une fois que vous avez réussi à mettre des
03/02/10 11:18AM You can now tweet from the wavedirectory gadget Tweet about waves you like. The button is only available for new waves added to and only
01/02/10 07:02PM Sample YouTube Search Extension
01/02/10 12:55PM Indpendent Coffee Houses wave--- By independent I mean non-corporate or small corporations with just a few sites. What are the best small independently run coffee houses in your area? What do you like
03/02/10 08:49PM “在线即时写小说”交流波、讨论波、小波 说明 @本波用于交流、讨论在(wave without title) 的想法、意见、未来。 @上文也看到了,主波的title无法恢复了 >_<.
01/02/10 01:47AM Red Sparowes Upee was right. They are better live. And Wave just rocks :| It
03/02/10 10:35AM The designs proposed by Memo. (treat this wave as a sandbox) As I said in the email, I support this design, with or without the
31/01/10 10:37AM La Wave de Supinfo! Salut à tous, cette wave est
04/02/10 11:11AM Démo du plugin Wavr par ah au moin la wave n' est plus vert-lime quand on la recoit dans wave ^^
04/02/10 10:57AM Kalenderwoche 5 vorherige Wave: Kalenderwoche 4 folgende Wave: - (ältere Kalenderwochen)
01/02/10 11:01PM Virtual Worlds for Educators Wave
01/02/10 08:31PM Kevin Gamble: My Wavepage Feel free to chat at me here. I will be pruning and cleaning it up, however. If you want to be sure something is saved start a new wave and invite me. Kevin_Gamble Status (2.2
03/02/10 11:11AM [no title]
04/02/10 12:21PM An Inconvenient Truth Index of Movie Reviews An Inconvenient Truth Twitter Feed
01/02/10 07:00PM Wave linkownia PL Komunikatywność internetowa - FAQ Wprowadzenie: Wave linkownia PL z założenia będzie miejscem gdzie umieszczać będziemy "linki" do ciekawych innych fal oraz stron www poświęconych
04/02/10 12:16PM Avatar Index of Movie Reviews Avatar Twitter Feed
03/02/10 09:48AM Embed wave as an iGoogle Gadget like this!
04/02/10 01:51PM Толика психологии или вода в трубах Эту волну я буду использовать, чтобы повзрывать мозги толикой изучений рода людского. Предыдущие вещи, может быть, запощу, но
03/02/10 11:34AM LIVE-in-PERTH (WA) (please add what you have planned to do this
01/02/10 09:07PM 目前最大的珠海Wave,珠海用wave的兄弟姐妹有哪些啊?前来报个到哈!O(∩_∩)O~
01/02/10 10:05AM Tips and tricks we discovered with Wave. But I have not had great success with Bloggy.
31/01/10 06:26AM EVE Standing Wave Just for chat, resources, and whatever else
03/02/10 09:37AM Carte des wavers francophones c’est du google tout craché :p C’est vrai que c’est la première entreprise « de bonne taille » (sic)
04/02/10 11:40AM Canon EOS 5D Mark II Discussion This is a placeholder for the time being.
04/02/10 02:30PM Freeform (and nearly so) RPG Organization & Discussion This is a placeholder for organizing more freeform roleplaying by wave.
01/02/10 08:34AM Comunidade Viva o Linux com/wave/#minimized:search,restored:wave:googlewave.
01/02/10 11:34AM [no title]
03/02/10 12:47PM Google wave是一坨巨大无比的聊天室? plurk_id=134636583
01/02/10 11:33AM This is a test I am testing readonly
01/02/10 05:43PM Wave hitcounter! How many people have seen this Wave Wave hitcounter! How many people have seen this Wave With my first extension lol
04/02/10 11:29AM MACBOOK PRO USER WAVE we are communicate and talking about mac book pro laptop & equipments
03/02/10 02:47PM Foi definido 26 graus de liberdade (meta desafiadora) para o robô humanóide. tamanho, encoder a ser adotado, drivers de potência, consumo energético, preço,
01/02/10 11:28AM The Mystery Wave Case #1 - The Dead Businessman - Solution ---------------------------------------------------------------- Frank suspects that Dennis Keiler is responsible for the death of Ronald
03/02/10 06:17PM MyDellMini Wave Mini Waves! Please use this Wave to discuss any and all things Dell Mini releated.
01/02/10 11:27AM The Mystery Wave - Comments This Wave is designated for comments related to The Mystery Wave. Please do not leave comments in, or edit, the original Waves as they will be deleted. The Mystery Wave
01/02/10 11:26AM The Mystery Wave Case #1 – The Dead Businessman At 10:23 on a cool and dreary Thursday night, Detective Frank Butler arrived at the murder scene. It had been raining for five days and, according to the
01/02/10 11:24AM The Mystery Wave - Main The Mystery Wave is designed to provide short solveable mysteries for the Google Wave community. All mysteries are written to be read in no more than ten minutes. Also, all
04/02/10 12:10PM Debatewise GYP Point: The timing may be out, but the glaciers are still likely to disappear. not make a difference whether the glaciers melt by 2035 or 2065.
01/02/10 11:02AM 23rd of February 2010 Clojure Dojo Okay ThoughtWorks kitchen
04/02/10 12:43PM 好きな映画でも叫ぼうか Wave素人なので失礼があったらお許しを。 好きにコメント入れてみよう。 大脱走 ショーシャンクの空に ユージュアル・サスペクツ スティング
01/02/10 04:39PM MUD Programming - Hello all. I program my own MUD as a hobby. Does anyone else do this? If so, how far are you, and how big is your world? What can your players do?
01/02/10 10:23PM Tukar Twitter Account Sepertinya tukar twitter account lebih penting daripada tukar facebook account. Monggo bagi yang mau difollow dan mau memfollow bisa tukar twitter account. Yang bersih ya, hanya
02/02/10 09:02AM ◤Google wave ④ Macidea™ ®©◥ ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ ┃ ☻ Macidea
02/02/10 09:50PM Indianapolis Wave here - came across this tongiht - What are the advanced search terms for Google Wave? http://ow.
31/01/10 10:52AM Western Governors University Wave - Come on in WGU students/faculty! after graduating with that degree, how marketable was it for her in terms of the job search?
03/02/10 03:17PM Игра
01/02/10 11:37AM DE L'EAU EN GRANDE QUANTITE SUR LA LUNE ! VERS UN NOUVEL ÂGE D'OR DE LA CONQUETE SPATIALE ? (R.G., le papa de "Tintin", avait raison hihi !) «Nous avons trouvé de l'eau et pas seulement un petit peu
04/02/10 01:55PM Google Wave & eLearning Wave & Moodle A wave, such as the one you're reading now, can be embedded into a website (not sure
04/02/10 11:35AM TZM Communication - IRC This wave is about the Internet Relayed Chat protocol, wich is a system for
03/02/10 10:06AM UX에 대한 질문 답하기(1/4) - 앞으로의 전망 UX세미나에서 신청자분들께 받은 질문이에요. 관심있는 분들은 누구나 리플로 답변 달아주세요. Ping은 보내지 마시길, 지워지지 않는 버그가 있습니다. Q. 다가오는 미래에 디자이너에게 요구되는 자질 과연 디자인은 돈이 먼저인가
04/02/10 04:57AM Yes/No/Maybe/+ Installer Wave & Demo (previously called Foo/Bar/Maybe)
01/02/10 10:36PM [no title] 在线即时写小说 好吧我承认宅得有点蛋疼,正文从第一个blip开始,有要插播、续写的同学请随意。 插播、续写的时候,在me:后面注明序列号,然后回车开始正文,方便识路。 说明 @请不要添加机器人和图片,以免波崩溃,波还很柔弱。 @猛击这里 “在线即时写小说”交流波、讨论波、小波 进行讨论。 @本波初衷在于尝试一下Wave在协同创作中的应用。 @我和“那只猫”仅对续文的序列号或格式稍作整改
04/02/10 02:57PM [no title]
01/02/10 06:41PM Seattle Events Whats happening in and around Seattle? Post some interesting events Feel free to discuss events as a collapsible reply to the event Events over a week old w/o discussion will be removed
03/02/10 10:37AM Security Twits Wave! Maybe get securitytwits to tweet out something like "If you are on Wave, search for tag:
03/02/10 10:09PM WAVA武汉,都在武汉的什么地方啊?
04/02/10 01:40PM Live NASA TV - and other Space Goodies ! xml founded, as one of the top answers, on the iGoogle gadget index under a "Nasa TV" search.
04/02/10 02:25PM Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock: com!w+EXmHDfzsB Feel free to test it out, but please reset it by clicking the last icon and select a
04/02/10 01:51PM Restaurant City A continuación tenes que poner los siguientes datos, ojooo, tiene que estar en 8bytes y tiene que
02/02/10 09:20AM Google Wave Landshut for Educators / Students (Public) Advanced search terms. Just replace "in:inbox" with these syntax: Advanced Search terms for Google Wave
01/02/10 10:36PM ELONA RPG
01/02/10 10:45AM 18th Annual Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival March 19-21, 2010
03/02/10 07:28AM Я слежу за тобой, и ты мне нравишься, красотка )) Google Gadgets For Your Webpage
01/02/10 09:36AM Archgo wave 建筑实例网站的google wave,会在这里讨论建筑与生活。 今天更新了一篇,欢迎讨论 0.jpg 0.jpg
03/02/10 06:55PM Cloud Computing Mind Mapping I am curious about using this word
04/02/10 12:38PM Carl Jung This wave is for open discussion. Have you ever heard of this guy? What do you think about his views? Carl Jung was
03/02/10 04:09AM Pinoys on Google Wave - Mabuhay! Kung di pa ako nag search ng public wave eh limited din ang experience ko.
01/02/10 01:06PM Wave Basics This wave should help you get started in using Wave by explaining the basic interface. If you have already played around with Wave for a bit you may want to just scan this. (This is copied
01/02/10 08:42AM Keyboard Shortcut & Search Cheat Sheet Discussion Group: WaveHelp
01/02/10 10:16AM 23.Januar, 09.30 in Eichstätt im tiefen Bayern an einer Katholischen Universität... Das Tourismus Camp 3 startet
04/02/10 08:45AM Funny Videos from around the web! Funny Videos from around the web! Post some videos that
03/02/10 01:35PM Официальная kridma-wave :) Ванильный словарь Спроси меня Твиттер Френдфид Цитаты Постмодернизма
30/01/10 08:02PM Android Addicts This is intended to be a wave dedicated to Android. It's purely experimental as Google
01/02/10 10:37AM Maake a story! Sorry, I couldn't resist :-)
04/02/10 11:31AM [no title]
02/02/10 04:56PM Google Wave Features Wish List the view according to tags or other search criteria Ability to combine waves into a single wave e.
04/02/10 12:32PM Storm Chasing and Severe Weather Wave
01/02/10 02:33PM Drug policy: Can haz basic decision theory plz? (This wave was split off from Should Marijuana be Legalized? ) Maybe we should stop trying to argue that the negatives are zero -- we shouldn't let the
03/02/10 11:40AM Testando Gadgets e Robots - Versão 1.0 Oi sumida! Te chamei na outra wave lá, mas vc agora é celebridade no Google Wave.
03/02/10 08:57PM 这东西用来跑团实在是太方便了!召集中文跑团众! 初来WAVE,大为惊叹,这东西绝对可以把陈旧的IRC替换掉! 于是WAVE上的跑团众有多少呢?过来签到吧!
01/02/10 11:51AM Czech iPhone wave
01/02/10 08:23PM Pokémon Wave Let's make this a Pokémon Wave! Is anyone playing the new Pokémon Heart Gold or Soul Silver? I'm loving it, just finished the game. Here's my current team. =3 こんにちは!こちらはポケットモンスターのウエーブです
01/02/10 05:31PM Den store bølgen! Velkommen til den store bølgen, her kan tilhengere av, og interesserte i data og internett og teknologi diskutere og prate
03/02/10 02:54PM SR4 Character Generator ), then View->Freeze Panes -> Unfreeze There are a few optional rules you can enable or disable on
03/02/10 12:10PM test2
04/02/10 12:03PM Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Chrome vs Opera vs Safari Advantages of each web browser are here, plus a nifty section to debate it out with your peers.
04/02/10 01:53PM TOSCO WAVE Shareie aqui a sua tosquice.
03/02/10 10:00PM Machine Learning Enthusiast's To all those interested in
04/02/10 01:32PM [Template] Organize the waves of our group In order to always find the newest waves sent to our group, you will have to create a saved search.
01/02/10 08:15PM Georgia Tech Wave Uh, go Buzz, or something like that ... How many GT nerds are on Wave?
04/02/10 03:55AM AR Dev Camp NYC Shared Notes This is a late-breaking backchannel
03/02/10 10:33AM juh's Sudelwave
03/02/10 11:56AM The LOST US Wave! Does anyone know when the season premier airs?( I know I could just Google it,But why google when I
04/02/10 08:42AM Character Definition II - Legacy of the Lines (D&D 4E wRPG) Though he struggled, he baried his tribe and went in search of those whom would know how to help.
04/02/10 10:31AM WineBottler org If You have a test Google Wave Account, you can add your comments here ;) You can also edit this
02/02/10 08:49PM [no title] NOKIA N900 WAVE Hello to everyone out there in the WAVE community, I
31/01/10 11:47AM DnD Character Sheet Template # Search for Tag:DiceLink to find more info about DiceLink.
01/02/10 04:02PM Burning Empires At Conception Eleven: A World Will Burn Let's collaborate on the Burning Empires session for Conception that we talked about briefly earlier this year. I've already blogged briefly
01/02/10 10:30AM Network Group for Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Everyone Welcome to Respond! I am starting another FREE networking group.
02/02/10 01:57PM Dresden Files Mutants and Masterminds Wave OOC Theology/Philosophy 4 (+5) Notice 4 (+7) Search (+1) Sense Motive 4 (+7) Stealth (+2) Survival
01/02/10 10:36PM 又要膜拜了,嘎嘎,google要么不出产品啊,出来的产品都是不同凡响,也许这就是国人缺少的创新吧。 个人博客:
01/02/10 08:03PM Se você está vendo essa janela. Você é um dos sortudos que está no Google Wave. Deixe o seu recado. Se você quiser colocar o google wave no Wordpress, acesse esse link para um tutorial em vídeo: http
02/02/10 10:18PM Private replies in public waves—an exposé com/wave/#minimized:search,restored:wave:googlewave.
03/02/10 10:10PM OpenPandora A wave for the upcoming new handheld games/emulation/whatever console from four guys on a forum.
04/02/10 01:18PM Oops.
03/02/10 07:32PM Raleigh, Cary and Apex, North Carolina - Great Living, Affordable Homes, Award Winning Schools and Spectacular Weather! Search for your new home in Apex NOW
04/02/10 01:56PM SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS!!! Any boobless reality is a sad one.
03/02/10 10:27PM google wave使用中的问题 最近google wave使用起来毛病比较多。 最头疼的是在chrome中,中文输入,每输入一个字母就马上会输出一个中文,输入的是一对乱七八糟的东西,目前只好用firefox 想把archive掉的文章重新移回inbox,无果。就看到工具条上先变成archive
01/02/10 03:31PM Утилизация перегоревших энергосберегающих ламп. Энергосберегающие лампы, которые сейчас так популярны, являются люминесцентными - поэтому содержат ртуть. Следовательно, выбрасывать их просто так в
01/02/10 06:26PM TZM - Chapter Homepages This is a list of all TZM Chapters homepages See also: TZM Chapters List Wave Nations, regions and chapters webpages: Main official homepage NEWS
03/02/10 03:42PM Testando os recursos de uma Wave! Assim a Google Wave na Educação pode seguir a discussão sobre como poderia ser utilizada nas
04/02/10 12:05PM Don't Rest Your Head - Will's Story Normally, he'd just take a couple of breaths, tell himself that pain was simply a chemical reaction
01/02/10 03:51PM How makes 3-D an Apple II? - Jim's Demo Film You like the Apple II computers? You like to test too 3-D in this computers? Good, Jim's Demo Film (James Leathman, 1984) simulates water, maked 100% on an
03/02/10 02:07PM Pirates of the 7 Skies Recruitment A Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies Game Above the Blue, skyships ply
03/02/10 04:06PM Indian Languages Extension for Chrome This is a 'lite' version of the Google Transliteration feature that can be used for typing out
01/02/10 01:15PM just starting a wave to see if anyone wants to discuss triathlons, marathons, iron distance races, and other endurance sports
01/02/10 07:02PM When Will HD Voice Become a Reality? Martyn Davies, Dialogic
01/02/10 07:42PM 2nd google wave object in one blog post
03/02/10 05:59AM 南昌大学到google wave签到,晚到好过不到嘛!呵呵! 一个南昌大学的平台:希望大家多多支持! 谢谢!
04/02/10 02:02PM OpenEmbedded Thoughts General Ideas and Architecture Separation of responsibilities Create a new class representing a
04/02/10 10:52AM Poll: Best web browser for Google Wave? Which browser is best for using Google Wave, taking into account both speed and stability? I'm a
03/02/10 08:56PM 868 Global Partner Interface
04/02/10 02:57PM Pb\/\/ Diplomacy - Fall 1902 Results Matthias: Wow, Germany stood still for a whole year --- and still did not lose a single centre.
01/02/10 04:12PM Винницкая волна! Улыбаемся и машем, улыбаемся и машем!
01/02/10 04:10PM What do you think are the 10 Best Movies Ever Made. Please list them in order of preference. Please list them as follows: Ranking Movie Title Year Released Director 1. Citizen Kane 1941 Orson Wells And
01/02/10 11:29AM [no title] LA WAVE DEL REAL MADRID en esta wave podemos hablar, opinar y discutir de todo sobre nuestro equipo, solo pido que se respete la opinion de todos Real Madrid
03/02/10 04:09PM Swimming Pool Help Do you need help with your pool? We are
03/02/10 05:30PM Best Indie Music of 2009 (so-far) List hey let's wave, we can figure this thing out right?
01/02/10 10:52AM The Pedagogical Uses of Wave wave with others? For example, in including the image above, must I follow rules of CC attribution?
04/02/10 03:03PM Trail of Cthulhu - Scene 4 I would like to see him today if possible regarding a pair of artifacts he is interested in.
04/02/10 08:30AM Здесь будет Хабаровская волна для ВТК, блекджек и шлюхи приветствуются. доставляет :) как давно Google Wave существует? как я вижу его только начали развивать.
01/02/10 06:03PM РАБОЧАЯ ТЕТРАДЬ 1 (Группа Б): РАБОЧАЯ ТЕТРАДЬ 1 (Группа Б): Вставка текстовых сообщений Эта волна является разделом для упражнений по первой теме мастер класса Рождественская волна: Интерфейс Волны
01/02/10 11:01PM MODx Users If you're a MODx user, feel free to post a reply in this Wave. Perhaps we can have a discussion of what Google Wave could be used for in MODx context. A commenting system A blogging system
01/02/10 07:18PM Wave Guide: Waves Greatest Hits This is a short (curated list) of groovy waves in no particular order. Please feel free to add to it, your finds will help us all as well. How Tos How to Get Next Unread
03/02/10 11:43AM ~Planner Stats - What Stats did you overhear today? Inspired by
01/02/10 11:51AM A new wave about technology in education. What software being used in primary schools What software is being used in secondary schools What software is required by State and Federal law? In some places
04/02/10 12:58PM PDX WaveWednesday 13Jan2010 Are you coming to Wave Wednesday?
04/02/10 02:56PM Google Wave Será bienvenida más gente que venga a opinar si los invitáis a esta "ola".
01/02/10 10:03PM Wacky Webcomics Wave (and other alliterations)
04/02/10 02:18PM What are Morals? Granted, it is not a complete scientific theory, but more a hypothesis based on some loosely
02/02/10 06:16PM Computer Parts I'm considering
01/02/10 07:35PM [no title] VOLNE DEBATY (NEZAVISLEHO CHARAKTERU) O SOCIALNYCH SIETACH A INOM. This wave is open to anyone but will be held in Slovak language
04/02/10 02:49PM TZM Belgium - 2010/01/28 - Meeting Minutes be - Request 'Imagine-song' (John Lennon/A Perfect Circle) on the Radio and/or talk about Zeitgeist
02/02/10 09:19PM #hcsmeu But what's the URL that you share so people can find a public Wave and where do you search for wa
03/02/10 07:37PM Browser advice for working in Waves (Chrome and Gears) This will make it easier to to find material (rather than hunting through a long wave) and the
01/02/10 04:40PM Das Android-Verzeichnis Hilfe-Gesuche Navi, Autoradio und Bluetooth - schön und gut, aber wie höre ich dabei Musik? Tipps FahrplanDE - welche U-Bahn war das noch mal? Internetseiten (Keine Waves
01/02/10 04:23PM Diskussions-Wave zum Android-Verzeichnis - hier bitte alles an Diskussionen, Kritik, Tadel und Lob (?) rein ;-)
01/02/10 04:18PM FahrplanDE - welche U-Bahn war das noch mal? Kurz gesagt ist FahrplanDE eine sehr schöne Anwendung um schnell eine Verbindung des öffentlichen nahverkehrs raus zusuchen. Dabei ist FahrplanDE schnell
03/02/10 01:28PM soundseller BLOG Sound Design - Sound Branding - Mastering -> News
04/02/10 02:58PM Fighty+ Development Version Demo When you load this page you should NOT be prompted to enter a maplib map number.
31/01/10 03:38PM Funny videos Follow us and enjoy! The best videos of the
04/02/10 11:24AM The Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Wave Links:
01/02/10 05:33PM Character - Blank Sheet Character Name: Race: Attributes [0] ST 10 [0] DX 10 [0] IQ 10 [0] HT 10 [0] HP 10 [0] Will 10 [0] Per 10 [0] FP 10 [0] Basic Lift 20 Damage 1d-2/1d Basic Speed 5 Basic Move 5
03/02/10 05:08PM Uidixten Syllable Dictionary Uidixten is a fictional language project I've been working on recently.
03/02/10 06:11PM Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) Wave Users Add people you know are using this in Regina. There is one for Saskatoon and there is a
31/01/10 12:33PM Uidixten Pronounced, "wheedixton," this is the very loosely
04/02/10 11:12AM BFM Podcast 27 - LOLITISM This episode we'll be discussing 2010
01/02/10 03:15PM 语音+视频
31/01/10 08:56AM What are you doing? I have another wii, and controllers and a LCD projector if needed!! Update Note: Any
04/02/10 02:05PM Software Testers on Google Wave people? Can somebody post a screen shot where invitations are located and how that looks like?
01/02/10 05:37PM Zeitgeist Movement Finnish Chapter Chat Wave Tervetuloa! Tämä on suomen jäsenten keskustelupalsta. Yritetään pitää tämä siistin näköisenä, jotta selaaminen olisi sujuvampaa. _______ Oletko ikinä
04/02/10 12:05PM 友達地図 Issued a cautionary word if anyone in the parentheses are just boring Wave.
31/01/10 06:34PM Norway the land of Nature Norway the land of Nature Is there someone here that knows something about Norway? If you do, then you can say it here
04/02/10 11:46AM "Wave" på dansk Denne guide er skrevet til folk som gerne vil have en hurtig introduktion til de vigtigste dele af Google Wave. Kapitler Hvad er en Wave? Hvordan
01/02/10 08:41AM [no title] Искусственное дыхание под водой Уже вроде бы всё... больше дышать не будет. Или на каникулы уехал.
04/02/10 01:54PM URL Brain Damage In the URL, a variable and its value looks like this: http://www.
04/02/10 02:38PM The "official" TYPO3 #wave. Please add all your TYPO3 Buddys to this wave, so we could easily share our #wave contacts. Greez Jens
01/02/10 09:56AM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Medical Information Systems: Is Wave the future of electronic medical records? I believe that Google Wave could form a great
01/02/10 11:03AM Veittrandi føroyingar
04/02/10 10:23AM Non-phone Android Devices - discussion com said: Just a note, I saw Jason Chen mention this during the liveblog today of the Google event:
02/02/10 06:15PM Notts County Wave Saw Richards post on twitter, about the racing team, so did a google search and found that article.
03/02/10 07:04PM [no title]
01/02/10 12:00PM Hist 3462 U of MN Class Wave I. Course Information A. Class Moodle! - (You may need to log in first) 1. Triple check your due dates. They are a bit wonky in the first version of the syllabus. II. Our
03/02/10 12:29PM Digital Forensics When I search for with:public forensic it doesn't show up.
04/02/10 10:56AM Singapore Polytechnic Infocomm Club You can now download Google Wave Notifier for Firefox or Chrome via https://addons.
03/02/10 03:56PM export test
03/02/10 03:57PM fgdfhdfhdfhdhdghdgh
04/02/10 02:17PM Лара Крофт в России Первая волна о Ларе Крофт и игре Tomb Raider. First Wave about Lara Croft and Tomb Raider. Волна от портала "Лара Крофт в России - LaraCroft
01/02/10 11:44AM Christian Wave
31/01/10 12:49PM London UK Wave Users name--- also, if you guys want to have some fun type "with:public" into the new wave search bar.
01/02/10 08:05AM mobileMacs Index Public Wave Das ist die Public Wave, die alle sendungsbezogenen Waves aufführt. Lasst sie uns übersichtlich gestalten und verlagert die
01/02/10 08:29PM 新人第一波,邀请提示有趣的玩法,有趣的WAVE
01/02/10 11:03AM Wave users in Bangalore? I m also in bangalore.
01/02/10 11:04AM Twitter Kinderbijbel Het idee is simpel! 1. Kies een bijbelverhaal 2. Schrijf je eigen navertelling of spiegelverhaal voor een kind van de basisschool. 3. Het verhaal moet kort genoeg zijn om in één
04/02/10 10:55AM /tg/ - Traditional Games - Groups looking for Players Post a
03/02/10 11:40AM ~Planner Quotes - What did you overhear today? A community
03/02/10 10:07PM Best Android Apps K-9 Mail (free) - Way better email client than the stock one. I had problems in the past with the
31/01/10 11:11AM Обсуждение роботов Список роботов теперь в новой волне Роботы Google Wave
04/02/10 09:59AM Do you think you'll start using Google Wave instead of email anytime soon? here: Do you think you'll start using Google Wave instead of email anytime soon?
02/02/10 12:31PM Syntensity Projects: How to search for syntensity things in general: enter "tag:syntensity" in the search bar
03/02/10 05:24AM 电子科技大学的来报道啊 有没有同学在玩啊,一个人好寂寞
31/01/10 05:44AM Wave Education Index Feel free to add your Wave URL below and
01/02/10 11:43AM [no title] Iowa State University - Introductions This is a place for students, faculty, staff, and alumni from ISU to introduce themselves. Please start your blip off with your name and then give us a couple
04/02/10 03:34AM BarCampLondon 7 Public
04/02/10 02:28PM 大家来投票,2009年度汉字投票 看到天涯上有个投票,这里也搞个试试看:
01/02/10 08:06PM NX35 PUBLIC WAVE You might want to go visit the link below before you blow up, everyone. Wave 101
01/02/10 02:18AM Tablets y ereaders en 2010 Como sabéis, el
01/02/10 04:19PM Asatru Public Wave Are there any Asa-folk using Google Wave yet?
04/02/10 02:42PM motleyread: group read of joyce's "The Dubliners" com and public@a.
01/02/10 12:26PM Se você não conseguir visualizar esta mensagem, acesse este link Para garantir que nossos comunicados cheguem em sua caixa de entrada, adicione o email ao seu catálogo de
01/02/10 10:17PM Official Business Wave
03/02/10 01:21PM ABCs of Wave If you want the whole world to be able search it, read it, edit it, you can add easypublic@appspot.
03/02/10 06:50AM Ada orang Indonesia or Indonesian Speaker? kalau mau cari ketik aja di search bar : "with:public indonesia" .
03/02/10 11:37AM 同志基地WAVE烏托邦 同志基地最新地址
03/02/10 10:51AM Wave FAQ people report having this, most don't) you can search for them using the search panel on the left
01/02/10 10:59AM Лучшее на мой взгляд :)
03/02/10 01:55PM Kerktuinen Deze wave gaat over kerktuinen. Er zijn kerken met een tuin die een bijzondere functie of
03/02/10 05:15PM American University Park Network Wave AUPark is located in Ward 3 Upper Northwest Washington, DC This wave is dedicated for the public
03/02/10 04:04PM Why we need Groups Final Solution (or, how you should really be
31/01/10 07:55AM K-12 Education - How do you envision Wave being used as a tool in a K-12 environment. Is it more for
01/02/10 11:04PM SAP Consultants Virtual Matrix Synergies VMSynergies
01/02/10 07:30PM Los Angeles Networking Group Information As a person passionate about networking I wanted to create a place where information about all the great Networking Events in Los Angeles could be gathered and
03/02/10 10:31AM Wave FAQ in Czech | Český FAQ pro Google Wave English - Español - Česky
03/02/10 05:30PM Einführung in Wave eine neue Wave öffnet man entweder mit "New Wave" über Deiner Wave-Liste oder indem man einen kontakt
03/02/10 11:40AM 이명박 시리즈 이명박 시리즈 ◆ 사우나 이명박이 민생탐방을 위해 사우나에 갔다. 탕에 들어가 살펴보니 사람은 아무도 없고, 구석에 혼자 앉아 때를 밀고 있는 남자 한명 뿐이었다. 이명박이 반가운 마음에 남자에게 가서 인사를 하며 때를 밀어주겠다고 말을 건네자, 남자는 목욕대야로 자신의 사타구니를 가린 채 다시 저쪽 구석으로 도망가는 게 아닌가. 이명박이
03/02/10 02:20PM Documentário Zeitgeist Portugal - Wave Principal " - Rogério Recomendações 1 - Para quem o Wave é novidade é IMPORTANTE verem estes links: TZM Google
03/02/10 09:23PM These are the updates: There is a bug in the system where session plans will occassionally get duplicated.
04/02/10 10:03AM [no title] Google Wave, автоматизируя и увеличивая эффективность действий многократно без многолетней учебы.
31/01/10 02:27PM Danmark Wave Forum sat op til alle danskere der er i Wave. Er en ny Wave
01/02/10 06:52PM 絵描き/Illustrator【日本語/Japanese】 とりあえず、日本語イラストwave ここはpublic Wave、つまり参加自由! 日本語waveまとめっぽいもの
04/02/10 02:05PM {Scourge of Great Promise} Recruitment Wave Dolon(Evan) - Dragonborn Warlord or Dwarf Paladin - Central (GMT-6) By Post: many times a day and
03/02/10 01:15PM Entertainment Distribution Wave Digital & Physical -- Artist, Bands, Labels Distributors & Retail
03/02/10 10:20PM Theory Group 1: Data Visualization Examples of Unique or Paradigmatic
04/02/10 01:20PM Theory Group 3: Virtual Worlds are not "real," such as fiction, dreams, or outright lies? Let me begin with a quote and a question.
03/02/10 04:40AM Twoplustwo'ers, make yourselves known! It took me forever to figure out how to search on google wave.
04/02/10 02:31AM Production Group Cyberpunk genre General thoughts about the cyberpunk genre. Example that stand out or would
01/02/10 09:33PM [no title] So,Who likes Richard Pryor (as a comedian of course ;p)?
01/02/10 09:30AM Macfans Club. 建議把Email改成論壇, 或者簡短一點的ID, 以便於大家記住你.
03/02/10 10:17AM "LOST" - The TV Series Discussion Wave. Currently there is no bookmarking feature in Google Wave.
01/02/10 03:19PM AR Wave: Augmented Reality Wave Framework Development Announcement: Hope this presentation, "The Next Wave of AR: Social Mobile Interaction Right Here, Right Now!" will inspire as many people as
02/02/10 03:04PM Portland Wave Users Group Discussion com/wave/?pli=1#minimized:nav,minimized:contact,minimized:search,restored:wave:googlewave.
01/02/10 11:31AM NORTHERN INDIANA Any fellow wavers from northern Indiana? lets connect here!
03/02/10 12:30PM The Hacking / InfoSec Wave For Hackers and IT Specialists on the topic of
03/02/10 08:39PM Try a test "wavelet" (post Page#1) to everyone in the threads from PreCentral. precentral NOTE: In order to keep the search "groups :precentral@googlegroups.
03/02/10 08:06AM #Eventprofs List 1. Lara McCulloch-Carter ( 2. Ray
03/02/10 03:38PM Google Wave Poland Największy blog o Google Wave po polsku: http://waveblog.
03/02/10 11:43AM "엘군과 토론해요" 2nd Topic '왜 iPhone 도입은 논란거리인가?' "엘군과 토론해요" 2nd Topic '왜 iPhone 도입은 논란거리인가?' 주제들이 모여있는 링크웨이브로 가서 더많은 의견을 달아주세요! 엘군과 토론해요 링크 웨이브 엘군과 토론해요 링크
01/02/10 10:54AM Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill RTP Wave. I'm sure Wayne is quite aware of what's coming up, and may be able to add to the list.
03/02/10 07:26PM 宁夏银川
01/02/10 09:44PM Chrome-OS : Videos and Pools Just under here is the Chrome OS looooong video ... The Chrome OS short (3min) videoclip is a few blips under here !
03/02/10 09:57AM [no title] توی لیست ویوهاتون یه ویو جدید میاد با عنوان: invite others to Google Wave
01/02/10 05:14PM DiceBotzor Homepage A friend of mine asked me to make a dice rolling bot for google wave, since he couldn't find anyone. Despite having found out many others since starting this project(just a little
04/02/10 10:56AM RELAY-BOT DEMO This bot can relay the output from either wave, web
03/02/10 09:56AM Daily Talk Public
04/02/10 12:43AM Chrome OS - What do you think? I think one might say that Google has, through search and to some degree the Chrome browser, and
03/02/10 07:59PM GTUG Munich com/search/?q=gtug%20munich Twitter @gtugmunich @larsras (Lars Rasmussen) @twephanie (Stephanie
04/02/10 09:49AM PTT 鄉民討論串 com Search Cheat Sheet Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet Google \/\/ave Extensions List Wave Bot list
03/02/10 03:11AM MetroWave #3 Phoronix reports that Canonical will switch to Yahoo as default search engine for Ubuntu 10.
04/02/10 03:03PM Don't Rest Your Head - Kaylin's Story The door of the brick building flew open and revealed a short curvy figure standing in the door.
03/02/10 07:33AM Tampa / St Petersburg / Sarasota Wave Youll have a wave titled "invite others to Google Wave"
01/02/10 04:41AM NEW To Wave? Add New Friends Here! If your in this wave you
01/02/10 03:35PM Comics Podcast Network I figured this is a good place to discuss any CPN biz. Added in Neil G. for fun. Everyone good with what's going on? Or do we need to shake things up? I know Bruce had an
01/02/10 06:22PM [no title]
02/02/10 12:28PM iPad is the SHIT!!! Yes, do a search on the App Store for VNC and you'll see the apps available.
04/02/10 01:58PM -Wave Friki del Nuevo Año Costarricense- Felíz año feos! Di metamos gente costarricense que tengamos en el wave, para ver si comenzamos a
01/02/10 05:23PM IRC - PTNET - #ADSL - WAVE II e gajas? IRC - PTNET - #ADSL - WAVE II e gajas? :D
01/02/10 05:28PM The Andrei Tarkovsky Wave Wave for discussing the life and work of the film director Andrei Tarkovsky. Also for posting any news on screenings, symposia, relevant publications, etc. Brought to you by
01/02/10 01:45PM Interesting Electronic Music Psybient music This wave's ID:!w+1Y8M9zkiD This wave's URL:!w%252B1Y8M9zkiD (Brought to you by
31/01/10 05:19PM Oyungezer Waverları Oyungezer Waverları! <- Bu konuda extension deneyebilir
01/02/10 07:04AM Wave users of israel, also main israeli wave הנה כמה גלים שימושיים (אפשר לעשות CTRL + לחיצה כדי לפתוח גל בחלון חדש): Search Cheat Sheet Keyboard
30/01/10 09:22PM MIP IS LIVE ON SIRIUS146/XM167 UNTIL 8P ET. to find public waves in the search box enter with:public They will show up.
03/02/10 01:01PM раз два три. я тут, тук тук
03/02/10 11:08PM The Great Amiga Wave! A wave about everything Amiga, organized into separate waveletes. Add facts, history and fond
04/02/10 10:57AM Discuss: iGoogle Gadgets That Work In Wave Google Wave extensions Try 6 Rounds.
02/02/10 10:50PM Hello PressF1-ers So how's everyone from PressF1 finding Google Wave so far? Do you guys like it?
04/02/10 02:56PM [no title] Company information/Links: General Company information/Links: Company at a glance http://www.
04/02/10 08:31AM 翻墙利器大分享! 国内的互联网氛围怎么样,想必大家都和我一样清楚。来到Wave这里的朋友,估计都差不多练就一身翻墙绝技吧?呵呵...既然如此,我想,希望大家能在这个Wave里共享出自己的翻墙利器,分享经验,让大家都能轻松地拥有一个更广阔的互联网空间。 先说我的。我用的工具是Puff,这个小软件小巧简单
03/02/10 01:17PM Посоветуйте хорошую Водку! Очень давно (больше полугода) я не пил водку, да и признаться не был большим её ценителем и знатоком. Но, предстоит важная встреча и без неё никак не обойтись. Подскажите
04/02/10 03:03PM Android on HTC Windows Mobile Phones (Diamond, Raphael, Blackstone, Rhodium, Topaz) If this wave goes read-only (which I'm beginning to fear it will), I've started a backup here:
03/02/10 07:57PM New and Previewed Wave Features: What are You Seeing? Thanks! Confirmed Features January 27 Checkboxes in the inbox/search panel for each wave.
03/02/10 07:56PM Cleverbot Unofficial Wave This chatbot learns from you as you go. Feel free to post funny conversations below. This wave might be inappropriate.
03/02/10 03:13AM Any Gentoo fans out there? has anyone installed chromium or whatever? A month ago I emerge --search for it but didn't find
01/02/10 08:35PM 马自达6论坛
03/02/10 06:01AM Campus Party 2010 - Dia (28/01/2010) que tá lá no início? é aquela extensão iFrame mostrando o google calendar ou é uma extensão direta?
01/02/10 03:28PM Reducare - Matemática para Concursos Públicos (
04/02/10 01:29PM Is there ANYONE from Tulsa here?? I write stuff and do a podcast called goodbyetulsa.
03/02/10 12:08PM [no title] Peak Oil Public \/\/ave "Civilization as we know it is coming
03/02/10 09:21AM с Вами.
04/02/10 09:34AM CSA Z1600 - Implementing Emergency Management & Business Continuity Programs to Meet the CSA Z1600 Standard the Google Wave technology for emergency management.
04/02/10 11:09AM Ottweiler Public Wave
01/02/10 08:37AM 아이폰 app 정보 웨이브 (첫번째) apple.
01/02/10 12:11PM Dating Planet Hi and Welcome to Dating wave. This wave is created for the people who are tired of working and wanna enjoy. All ladies you are welcome to our group. kindly enjoy your free time here.
31/01/10 04:33PM Beer - Home Brewers Club I would really like to get into home
04/02/10 02:39PM Google Wave Natal-RN Nem mostra a Zona Norte.
04/02/10 11:16AM Las noticias de Finday ¡Sigue a Finday también por Google Wave! http://blog.
03/02/10 07:32PM Smartphones vs cyborgs The future of mobile personal assistants - a talkshow.
04/02/10 12:05PM Hex Adventure Cairo Quite a departure from the snow and ice of New York City, the temperature in Cairo is currently in
02/02/10 03:38PM Public Wave I got a suggestion to use "with:public makeuseof" in the search box.
04/02/10 11:59AM Всем привет! Это тестовая волна на русском!
04/02/10 09:02AM [完成]在Wave里插入表格|Insert your colorful table. 本页面地址: 在Wave里插入表格|Insert your colorful table. 使用方法 Wiki:
03/02/10 09:25PM Project Arbetet! Nya bloggen för mitt projektarbete!
01/02/10 02:37PM Beginners Group for Shadowrun 4th Edition [SR4 = invalid method (null)] (CLOSED)
03/02/10 02:54PM Google Voice 语音服务 应该是没得到邀请吧要拿到邀请比较困难其实 Translations powered by Google Translate
01/02/10 11:10AM Aura Aura is an Android application to track and monitor your character(s) for EVE Online. It is available for download on the Android Market. The current
01/02/10 06:46PM Рижская Городская Волна ! город Рига, окрестности и вся Латвия Смешные фото Latvian mobile operators (Lmt, Tele2, Bite) Карта SF-style кафешек Latvieshi! добавляйте ссылки на публичные волны, которые
04/02/10 09:31AM Google风波再升级 奥巴马关注促释疑 美谋向WTO投诉中国网禁 摘要:美将Google事件提升至"总统关注"级别,美贸易代表正研究是否向WTO投诉中国限制互联网自由 认为互联网有问题?
03/02/10 12:25PM Getting ready for the Brighton Future of News group meeting, Monday, February 8. Get them to search for the title? I've changed it to Getting Ready for .
30/01/10 11:38PM △○╳▢ List of PSN (PS3) users on Google Wave △○╳▢ (Wave group) △○╳▢ Links I propose that we make PSN friends via Wave. Let's make a list of
30/01/10 08:41PM Unofficial SPUG Wave~ Hi all - anyone else I missed? Heh...
04/02/10 12:04PM Everything CyanogenMOD Part 2 my twitter page @angelvsqz ***NOTE! If you have a relevant LINK to cyanogenMOD pls post them below
03/02/10 07:32AM slovenski FAQ
01/02/10 08:32PM Any model railroaders out there?
03/02/10 03:21PM The ELI 2010 Social Events Wave! Use this wave to schedule meet-ups, tweet-ups, dinner plans and outings!
03/02/10 03:22PM Google Wave in Education What is Google Wave? "Google Wave is a brand new technology that positions itself as the way Email
01/02/10 07:45PM TZM - Software Projects Main Wave This wave lists the various software projects started or suggested for TZM. IMPORTANT NEWS FOR CODERS! We have been exposed to someone altering the Main Wave and Wumbe
02/02/10 09:10AM [no title] 我是wave里调用google image搜素 # (en) I was google image search wave is called Su-li
01/02/10 07:34PM Communication/Media/Journalism/Cultural Studies Wave - For scholarly discussion and networking Hi, I'm Henrik Örnebring, Axess Research Fellow in Comparative European Journalism at the Reuters
03/02/10 02:07PM Welcome Android Google Wavers! Anyways, I figured I would go ahead and add all of
02/02/10 04:43PM Svenskar nyfikna på Wave För de som är nyfikna hur man kan använda wave på ett smart sätt.
03/02/10 08:21PM The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Wave The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Wave
01/02/10 03:50AM Волна крапа. Бессмысленная и беспощадная. Http:// Добро
03/02/10 10:15AM BDSM France In progress ... / En construction
01/02/10 10:24PM Does anyone actually use wave?
04/02/10 11:10AM Wave JdR Fr : Joueurs et maîtres Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave. Communauté > Joueurs et maîtres (Retour à l'index)
04/02/10 11:44AM [no title] 1- Set a descriptive title to capture attention (The title is the first line of text in a wave.
03/02/10 01:31PM [no title] guys.. i dont know whats this.. wf.. :D
03/02/10 10:41PM Wave不是闲扯蛋的工具!!! )。 第二个功能 电子书共享 可以发起一个wave,上传电子书附件,用来供人下载,电子书共享波(wave)是由“oldcheetah”发起的,就是此波里的婴儿头像的那个人。 第三个功能,
01/02/10 02:51PM My fotos on What do you think about them. Thanks for any feedback. Here the Link:
03/02/10 09:15AM 上海天气 2009年11月15号:阴冷,微风,下雨。 传闻下周要下雪,OMG 2009年11月18号:还没下雪,风吹得头痛。
03/02/10 08:56PM Hints that the global socioeconomic system could use an upgrade Please post articles and quote a relevant
03/02/10 07:27PM 啊嘟给!o 啊嘟给!o |= o ʅʃʅʃ ^
03/02/10 06:43PM 一波激起千层浪
01/02/10 11:48AM You just lost the game. Rules of the game: 1. You are playing the game. 2. If you think about the game you lose the game. 3. You must announce that you lost the game. Send it on
01/02/10 04:14PM New York Rangers @ Colorado Avalanche GAME THREAD (January 31st, 2010) I dont even know where to begin with this one. All I can say is that I feel changes are coming soon..very soon. Hey Torts, what's
02/02/10 04:58PM Google Wave Overview Or perhaps to search for users you might know by their profile entries, e.
01/02/10 01:28PM nWoD - Werewolf the Forsaken - The Red Lunatic This is the main thread about The Red Lunatic Chronicle. Welcome ! Posting Rules: I really think that the simpler the rules the better. So no bots or
04/02/10 08:51AM [no title]
03/02/10 08:24PM Would you like to see your Google Email in a private Google Wave? Does anyone know how to search within waves?
04/02/10 11:39AM Who likes the Google Nexus One? file
03/02/10 05:57AM [no title] 看看正在用wave的你们,现在在什么地方! Translations powered by Google Translate
03/02/10 05:54PM Magento Geeks/Devs/Users Wave! Who are you? Where are you from
03/02/10 09:12PM Iowa vs Michigan State I bet wave hasn't even got to Michigan yet, maybe not even the internet.
04/02/10 01:26PM REAPER Reaper is a fully featured Digital Audio Workstation that is making some serious noise in the world
01/02/10 03:38PM [no title] La Wave du SiteDuZero
03/02/10 11:13AM User Wave:
01/02/10 06:03PM Any other NI people using Google Wave ? I am beginning to get my head around it.
31/01/10 07:57PM Howard Stern Show Just wanted to make a wave to talk about the Howard Stern
04/02/10 11:53AM Ludwigsfelde Wave
01/02/10 04:45PM Does wave crash your firefox??
01/02/10 01:11PM German Scrum-Wave Deutsche Wave zum Erfahrungsaustausch rund um Scrum. Die englische Wave findet ihr unter Scrum Wave
04/02/10 09:32AM googlewave 古狗波g.wave论坛 googlewave 古狗波g.wave论坛 是盖楼,一砖一瓦,还是推波助澜?楼者,一层,两层,十层,八层,摩天大楼,高耸如云。虽尔等年轻力壮
01/02/10 10:52AM Arizona JOBS Wave... For Arizona companies that are hiring! Please post a brief job description and a way to contact you or submit a resume. Do not post here if you're looking for work. Employers Only
04/02/10 12:53PM Ventelo Bodø
04/02/10 02:22PM And here is My Google Wave Object. ly/s0gBK Can you guys give me a favor? Please test the script in Wordpress or any other Blog site
04/02/10 02:53PM :) no będziesz musiał mnie zaznajomić z tym jak to działa :)
01/02/10 11:41AM MMO Gamers! I know you're out there! Hey you play MMO games like World of Warcraft? What about Lord of the Rings Online? The new Aion? City of Heroes? EVE Online? F2P games like Runes of Magic
01/02/10 10:27PM 向來最封閉的 PTT 鄉民也在 gWave 開討論串了,這一定是奇蹟 嫌 lag 的在這裏聊天就好了,別捲到底下去啦!!
03/02/10 10:14AM FON jbt odloze nam kolokvijum i svi odmah na wave :)) hehehehehe.
02/02/10 08:47AM ContentWave (TM) - A Wave Blog - New and Previewed Wave Features
04/02/10 08:30AM [no title] ThemeX 大家可以在这里公开讨论极限的各种事情, 当然也可以随聊 也可以一起玩游戏 还可以大家合力完成一件工程
04/02/10 01:20PM ELI 2010 Annual Meeting Wave now it's in your hands for experimentation, collaboration, and a little messy fun with colleagues.
01/02/10 06:11AM 구글 웨이브 가이드 한글로 번역하기 한국 분들 함께해요~^^ 검색패널에 with:public lang:ko 를 입력하면 번역작업 웨이브
01/02/10 01:55PM FAST DATING VIDEO CHAT! click on a Seat and start a one on one videochat!
03/02/10 07:21PM [no title] CMD Wave Eigenlijk vooral te gebruiken als chatbox en de mogelijkheid om Wave even to the max te testen!
04/02/10 02:10PM Exiled [OoC] In fact, your role in resistance to the government has led to you being caught and sent off to a
01/02/10 04:24PM I enjoyed "mysterious benedict society" by Trenton Lee Stewart
03/02/10 02:22PM Как я “попал”, или Про жесткие принципы Как вы думаете, какой объем GPRS-трафика можно набрать за месяц, обмениваясь с друзьями сообщениями с помощью установленной на телефоне мобильной версии ICQ
01/02/10 05:07PM Montréal
01/02/10 12:38PM Ask an Atheist A forum for atheists and non-atheists to come together in intelligent conversation Goals: To have intelligent conversations about atheism vs. religion To gain insight into why people
01/02/10 10:26PM OOC Table-Talk 19 - Legacy of the Lines (D&D 4E wRPG) Continued from OOC Table-Talk 18
04/02/10 02:27PM Welcome to GZRBOT ;] GZRBOT is a IRC style command bot that can also perform other tasks like fetching RSS feeds and
31/01/10 10:19AM STORM OF WAR (il2 succesor) feel free to
04/02/10 01:51PM ><((((º> How to Order a Designer Wave. Wave1) Lake background 1 Order a Designer Wave ( This wave ) ID: G0ThIjuRI If you want just a
03/02/10 06:39AM AdWords API Hack day London Hosted by Aaron Karp Presentation here:
01/02/10 09:54PM Haack, Susan - Defending Science Within Reason Let's give this "Thinking in Public" thing a go. If you are reading (or have read) Haack's book and spot something interesting, post it in the Wave. Feel
03/02/10 02:54PM Sudoku!!! Can't see any sudoku games in the recent public list, so here's one.
04/02/10 11:36AM 听听土豆唱唱反调之wave版
23/01/10 07:49AM [no title] They are hosting all of the with:public waves on their (google) servers
03/02/10 09:36PM Iphone users do you get the disclaimer that your browser is not
30/01/10 08:56PM Google Chrome OS Demo say Microsoft,Apple and the other big players to Improve or die.
01/02/10 01:41PM What games you guys been playing ?
03/02/10 06:19PM WAVE EOLIANA DEL REAL MADRID (V2.01) El Wave cambia a la gente.
04/02/10 11:25AM Frobozz, Chapter 1 Prologue And so our story begins with the two dusty pilgrims, Pavel and Winfred, huddled
03/02/10 05:42PM The Open Government Directive (OGD) in the Waves US State Wave
01/02/10 08:12PM Invite others to Google Wave Google Wave is more fun when you have others to wave with, so please nominate people you would like to add. Keep in mind that this is a preview so it could be a bit rocky
03/02/10 11:01AM ■■■■MV WAVE■■■■ 자기가 좋아하는 가수의 뮤직비디오를 소개하는 웨이브입니다. 평소 즐겨보거나 혼자보기에 너무 아깝다고 생각되는 뮤비들을 추천해주세요.. 추천 방식은 웨이브 유튜브 검색으로 하셔도 좋고 정 안되면 링크를 걸어주세요. 추천을 하시고 밑에 해당 가수와 간단한
04/02/10 09:36AM openEHR googlewave Development Should we set up a sourceforge project or something or does google have a way of hosting
03/02/10 12:21PM Lien vers le site des extensions de google wave http://sites
03/02/10 04:29PM Моя первая вkjhbkjbkhj олна! напишите мне сюда чего нибудь для смеха :-P
04/02/10 12:28PM [ZIKULA] CHANGELOG 1.3.0-dev [Note: this is not a discussion wave, please do not post to it under any circumstances] SVN: /trunk
01/02/10 04:33PM Will you be using google wave often(as much as email) in the near future? Test 1 : Will you be using Google Wave in the near future?
03/02/10 05:18PM Community Emergency Response Teams: Let's start
03/02/10 02:26AM Hardwareonline Jeg tænkte vi kunne mødes, de fra der er i besiddelse af en wave konto. Jeg tænkte, at man i
03/02/10 06:05AM Pretty Girls Photos Sharing 美女照片共享(非常挑逗) Is naked photo allowed in google wave ? Welcome any feedback.
04/02/10 08:12AM Waze wave! Okay, let's see if this works! file
04/02/10 12:34PM [no title]
04/02/10 11:55AM Are you a Unitarian Universalist? How long have you been a Unitarian Universalist? What is your religious background (previous church
30/01/10 06:19PM [no title] FreelaWave, na onda do wave. Ainda
01/02/10 07:04AM How is the wave working for you?
03/02/10 02:44PM [no title] ru/topics/google-wave/
04/02/10 02:45PM The Black Ship - Portents of Darkness (Star Wags Saga RPG) "I see you're having some trouble," he said with a grin.
03/02/10 11:31AM Music Share \/\/ave When you reply to the Wave, have two or three download links for albums ready to go. Post the albums, the genre, and hopefully
03/02/10 06:45AM spbhackday - Идеи проектов на Wave для 5-6 декабря 2009 5 Impressive Real-Life Google Wave Use Cases
01/02/10 06:49PM [no title]
01/02/10 06:36PM [no title]
01/02/10 05:36PM Suomen oma Zeitgeist -elokuva Nykyisin tunnetaan nimellä Nordic Movie! Projekti löytyy tuolta: Wreck Lisää väkeä tarvitaan, liity joukkoon! Tässä joitain mahdollisia aiheita. Ajattelin, että tänne
03/02/10 08:50AM RedEyeChicago's Daily Wave 1/28 Good morning, readers, tweeters and Wavers! I'm
04/02/10 12:54PM Skateboarding chit chat wave This should be a public wave
03/02/10 12:28PM Student Pilot Wave ) I consider anyone here in Google Wave on the bleeding edge.
04/02/10 12:10PM Do you have Tulsa news? for a change? Post your news stories, ideas, or questions about any of the following topics here.
03/02/10 10:32AM Pennyfather / Pennefather / Pennyfeather One Name Study: A Wave dedicated to the Genealogy research of the surnames Pennyfather, Pennefather and Pennyfeather
04/02/10 02:49PM Arkon Turner Hamilton III Minor, stranger (core-world noble born) in a strange land (run down starship)) Tin Horn (
01/02/10 07:53PM World of Warcraft Cenarius (US) Wave Hey folks! Figured I'd start a wave for people who play WoW on the Cenarius server to say hello. My main is Dreuel, a resto druid in the guild Poseidon. Remember
03/02/10 09:54PM The Final Cut Pro's Wave A place for FCP users to chat, share tips
01/02/10 07:48PM Penny Arcade - Critical Failures A Wave for the purpose of organizing and announcing Wave-based games. Reply within the blip that you're responding to rather than after it (double-click on the blip and
04/02/10 02:34PM Penfold One Name Study: A Wave dedicated to the genealogy research into the surname Penfold.
03/02/10 01:47PM Oklahoma Christian University Wave Would you doubt Google?
04/02/10 10:12AM Google Wave 讓 Safari 消耗 1 GB 記憶體 苹果 浏览器就比 ie强那么点 ,玩wave 至少 用 ie8+google chrome framework
04/02/10 01:12PM Any good suggestions for reading material on social media/social networking and pedagogy? if possible) here and we can start creating a resource for us all.
01/02/10 09:54AM Hello Radiologists! I was interested in any radiologists who have Google Wave to see what we can do here.
01/02/10 03:10PM [no title] [ WAVE DHARMA BRASIL ] Bem vindos, respeitem o espaço, não fujam do assunto. Namaste!
04/02/10 02:00PM WATCH-BOT Wave watcher demo This bot allows you to watch wave through your jabber account. to watch a wave do the following: 1) invite watch-bot@appspot.
04/02/10 10:11AM Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform Based on flexible
30/01/10 10:34PM Conference Bot: Work in Progress waves existed, and they would keep a saved search of those waves open during the conference.
03/02/10 05:36PM P90X Nutrition Plan Recipes Started putting this together as a resource for myself, please feel free to add anything you want or
04/02/10 03:02PM Есть кто онлайн? Хочет кто-нибудь поговорить о чём-нибудь?
03/02/10 09:56PM GTUG Melbourne: Extending Google Wave 19) Google Wave is a product that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web.
03/02/10 03:41PM Kd todo mundo? Será q algum dos meus contatos usa frequentemente o google wave? Alô!!! Tem Alguém aí??
04/02/10 12:51PM Френдфидик, перепись. тусовочка ау?
31/01/10 05:10AM Genome Assembly Viewers Open source & easy to install/use assembly viewers: MagicViewer http
03/02/10 09:01AM New Gadgets for Google Wave! Try to copy them to your blip. Have fun playing with these new extensions!
04/02/10 02:35PM Favorite Stargate SG1 episode. for me its a tossup between window of opportunity and wormhole xtreme.
01/02/10 02:33PM Machines and Electronics Index > Machines and Electronics Simple electrical appliances do exist and are reasonably common, such as light bulbs, electric heaters, and large rudimentary electric motors
31/01/10 09:53PM HP Philippines Public Wave How do I search for Public Waves?
03/02/10 10:00AM Enquete sobre o Google Wave!
31/01/10 09:04PM Gadgets e Robots - Versão 3.0 Gadgets e Robots - Versão 3.0
02/02/10 12:50PM 苏州科技学院 WAVER 报到贴
03/02/10 06:31PM [no title] 適当にビデオとか貼ってみて数少ないcontactの人に迷惑をかけてみるテスト(を全体に公開してみる) 実は好きな動画の保存方法としてwaveが使い物になるかどうかの実験でもあります。 壊れちゃったので仕切り直します。コメントくれた人申し訳ない。 これ誰か見て面白いと思ったら反応してみて下さい。
03/02/10 05:14PM RedEyeChicago's Daily Wave 2/3 Morning tweeters, readers and wavers
03/02/10 02:21PM Ubuntu-cymru Ubuntu-Cymru, this is a thread/wave with the purpose of
04/02/10 12:56PM Testing: Meeting Time Released version 1.0. Installer: Meeting Time Matcher
01/02/10 04:37PM Online Teaching and Collaboration Using Google Wave
01/02/10 09:40AM [ZIKULA] Pagemaster I did some of the work that you wanted to do ;-) what do you want to do next ? (its just cause i
01/02/10 04:06PM Hadrians Walk: Fundraising This is a wave to discuss ideas, suggestions, and questions about raising money for the walk.
01/02/10 09:50PM Sons of Ben Public Wave. Any Philadelphia MLS fans around? Let's talk about the building of the stadium and the Expansion Draft. What are you excited about? Happy with how the front office has rolled
03/02/10 09:40PM Slytherin Wave I'm trying a new Slytherin House wave! Add if your a Slytherin!
03/02/10 07:02PM FavJumpr - A Flickr Game When you add the gadget to your wave it will display some user's favorites.
04/02/10 10:36AM WAVE DE PRUEBA DE USUARIOS DE HTCMANIA: Translations powered by Google Translate
03/02/10 06:16PM GNU/Linux e l'open source Lista dei migliori: Dust (pre-installato su ubuntu) Hanso Sonar Karmic X Shiki-Colors Wave 1.
03/02/10 06:15PM Windows 7 Wave (IT) Windows 7 Wave (IT) Discutiamo del nuovo sistema operativo Microsoft.
03/02/10 07:44PM Google vs Facebook-Total War What do you think? Google Wave or Microsoft Facebook? In this wave we will discuss who is better.
04/02/10 12:11PM Migrarea php?f=9&t=538 S-a creat alt wave cu planurile pe viitor și taskurile curente.
01/02/10 03:31PM [no title]
04/02/10 11:32AM Bot test wave Arbeit dann jane Ich hoffe, es läuft gut an Güte Sandwiches Translations powered by Google Translate
01/02/10 01:56PM The Official Unofficial Wave Sandbox Thing Participants thus far: Mock (Chris Clouser), chaldfont (Chris Chalfant), pdboddy, Ryan D. Whelan, Duncan Armstrong, James Knevitt, Snoopy (Jess
01/02/10 10:24AM Blender 3D Artwork I have discovered a robot that is more effective than inbeddable: picsinwave@appspot.
04/02/10 12:54PM Reef Aquarium WAVE For those that have a Reef Aquarium.
02/02/10 12:27PM Monday News Wave - 11/30/09 showing for everyone with the Baltimore weather conditions or does it show a search box instead?
03/02/10 11:20AM liligo pour iPhone Le meilleur moteur de recherche de vols du web
03/02/10 01:04PM The Happy Tuesday Wave All things Happy and Tuesday. When, where and what's going on every Tuesday? Check here!
02/02/10 04:20PM Mass Effect 2 Wave!! Can not wait for mass effect 2. I preordered
01/02/10 12:36PM Invite others to Google Wave Google Wave is more fun when you have others to wave with, so please nominate people you would like to add. Keep in mind that this is a preview so it could be a bit rocky
01/02/10 02:42PM Cadê o Pessoal de Manaus ai? Aprovando o Google Wave? Em que parte de Manaus você está?
03/02/10 02:05PM [no title] Fredericksburg, VA
03/02/10 06:27AM Baltimore-Washington Snow Wave 12/19-12/20//09 This wave is sponsored by Inside Charm City for people in the Baltimore and DC metro
03/02/10 10:11PM 143 - Drugs Affecting Calcium Homeostasis Vitamin D analogs * Calcitriol = (1,25 dihydroxycalciferol) = normal hormone that gets activated = most potent
01/02/10 08:45AM Game Development | Resources Game Development (Wave Group) Game
03/02/10 01:26PM Wave PDAClub'u :) google.
31/01/10 03:03PM What are you doing? Update Note: Any participant on this wave can tweet on
31/01/10 05:34PM Calling all mountain bikers!!! Right, if you search with:public you get all the public waves yea? Now (correctly) made it public so
04/02/10 02:50PM New Topics to Be Discussed Wave w/e 7/2/10 So I'm going to start a new one each week.
03/02/10 05:33PM 구글웨이브 팁 정리 1. with:public lang:ko라고 검색하면 공개된 한글 웨이브를 볼 수 있습니다. 2. 구글웨이브의 Contacts는 구글의 Contacts와 다릅니다. 예를 들자면, 구글웨이브 계정은 greenohyoung@googlewave.com으로 되어 있습니다, 3
04/02/10 01:13PM A Craig Ferguson Wave! Do you know and like Craig and The Late Late Show? If not he is a late night comedy talk show host
01/02/10 01:36PM The Completely Legit and Official Northampton Geek Meet Google Wave Great to meet you guys last night. How about a curry next time..?
31/01/10 11:51PM Google Wave Tips for Beginners: First you should setup your
02/02/10 10:53AM Virtual Learning Space Evaluation Guide for Administrators Tagging for ease of search: Can content be tagged for ease of searching for related content or
03/02/10 04:48PM Личная продуктивность Есть приложение для iPhone; Google Calendar - очень мощный инструмент, позволяющий кроме обычного
01/02/10 05:32PM Saludos! De ahora en adelante disponemos de un nuevo método de comunicación. Podeis contactar con nosotros a través de esta wave.
03/02/10 09:12AM This is the Inmyths wave This is the Inmyths wave Listen to independent music at:
03/02/10 07:42PM Bye bye Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter I don't think Wave will eliminate all of the major social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.
03/02/10 05:27PM Team 5
03/02/10 06:28PM [no title]
04/02/10 09:20AM Hadiko es nur auf den google Servern läuft oder ob man sich es auf neneigenen Server auch installieren kann
01/02/10 04:02PM comment utiliser une wave publique sur un blog ?
04/02/10 11:17AM Finday News Follow Finday on Google Wave! http://blog.
01/02/10 04:54PM Волна города Тольятти Россия, Тольятти Регионы (Оглавление)
04/02/10 12:24AM Adelaide Google Wave Users I am Anton Fletcher, although an ego-search shows that @salmonmoose is a far better thing to search
04/02/10 02:08PM Technocracy What is Technocracy? Technocracy is a proposal for a steady-state, post-scarcity economic system.
03/02/10 10:06PM London Clojure A wave for discussing Clojure, dojos and the possibility of a user group.
03/02/10 01:09PM  Apple Addicted google.
03/02/10 07:14AM PHP FRAMEWORS ! Translations powered by Google Translate
04/02/10 09:23AM 1.1.0 Council of Non-Thieves: After the Battle 1.1.0 Council of Non-Thieves: After the Battle GM: The
03/02/10 09:36PM Красноярск Мы тоже в волне, не смотря на мороз.
03/02/10 08:13AM Star Ship Sofa : starshipsofa Apex Book of World SF edited by Lavie Tidhar Google Competes with Amazon to Sell E-Books
01/02/10 11:39AM anyone from tampa florida out there?
04/02/10 11:20AM iGoogle Gadgets that you can use on Google Wave iGoogle Gadgets that you can use on Google Wave How to insert gadgets: In a new blip or wavelet
04/02/10 10:59AM 谁能给我一个 的注册邀请?非常感谢! <execution result for this code> : enable public Wave is public now.
01/02/10 05:25PM hi
01/02/10 12:07PM Spotify invites I have 1 spotify invites left. I you want one, reply here ;)
03/02/10 10:53PM AWOOM: All Wavers On One Map ! Dilip AWOOM: All Wavers On One Map. Where are you riding the Wave from? Let the world know
01/02/10 10:27AM Tenkte vi kunne prøve å samle alle wavere fra hig er på wave for å se hvem som har tilgang osv.
04/02/10 11:16AM Testing Wave to Blog test.. test ... test
04/02/10 09:25AM Game Development (Wave Group) You can now search "" to
03/02/10 01:18PM ASTR 264 wed, feb 3rd, 2012 Purdue university org/wiki/Radiation_zone (put image and what not into a table Most of the solar interior.
03/02/10 09:32PM Experiment with the Wave... I (Google) you mean like this Gwen, for putting a website on a Wave?
03/02/10 02:14PM На волнах появилась "система модерирования и восстановления"!
03/02/10 06:44AM Nerdsopolis però considera anche che non è un prodotto ancora maturo, per stessa ammissione di Google.
02/02/10 10:16PM Sprint HTC Hero Users Verizon Wireless At It Again: Takes Away Consumer Search Choice
04/02/10 09:19AM WAVE y MATUX de manera mas fluida a través de waves de Google Wave, en torno al copy paste a temáticas que
04/02/10 04:00AM 10 Google Wave Tips Click on your name in the Contacts panel Link to another wave Drag it over from the search panel.
03/02/10 05:05PM Harta Userilor din Romania cred ca deocamdata trebuie pe localitati cate un wave separat, nu de alta, dar nu o sa tina
31/01/10 09:13AM DevLearn 2009 Public Wave I was actually able to find this Wave via a search.
04/02/10 01:07PM Богом забытый чатик Анимуксии 2! Поработим сыр! Захватим макароны! Засрем все на свете! Заставим добывать уран! Тут тестируют на мышах и прочих млекопитающих
03/02/10 02:14PM Mass EFETCT 2! Zapraszam serdecznie wszystkich do dyskusji na temat prawdopodobnie najlepszej gry roku! Hmm... utwierdzam się w tym zdaniu chyba głównie przez to
01/02/10 02:53PM Google Waveの有効活用法のマインドマップ マインドマップでGoogle Waveをどんな風に活用できるか、活用するためにはどうしたらいいのか、議論してみませんか? マインドマップに完成はありません。思いつきでいいのでどんどん追加してみてください。 [本WaveのID]!w+qN2L6KIoL ※マインドマップの使用法は下にあります
03/02/10 05:22PM Российская волна о CISCO
03/02/10 09:28AM RadioTux @ Horads \/\/ave Free Radio
01/02/10 06:12PM Beer Names List of possible beer names. Feel free to edit the existing blip, no need to use reply. ----------------------------------- This wave is part of Fantasy Brewmasters' open development process
03/02/10 02:33PM Nerdiest Movies of ALL TIME A few of us are going to start a Nerdy Movie night and want to compile
03/02/10 01:41AM TZM Link Shower Wave Please, post here any relevant links to the Zeitgeist Movement, that you wish to have
01/02/10 10:05PM [no title]
01/02/10 10:41PM 【みんな】ビッグウェーブ【集まれ】24Wave目 Google Wave初めの一歩、まずは慣れ親しもう! ここはPublic Wave、つまり参加自由! 参加者の★TwitterアカウントまとめWave★あります。 100msgs(メッセージ)を超えたら新Wave立て&「まとめ」の修正をよろしく! 新Waveには「」を参加者として追加し、Public
03/02/10 07:34PM Ravensbridge A City Of Secrets This wave is dedicated to a city unseen to all but the most perceptive of mortals
03/02/10 03:40PM The Problem of Pain / Evil This wave is a public discussion / debate that deals with the apparent difficulty with those
04/02/10 12:51PM La Communauté de l'Agneau. Selon moi c'est en jouant que l'on a le plus de chance de trouver les règles qui nous conviennent.
04/02/10 01:01PM What are you doing? A resposta não vai para o Twitter.
03/02/10 07:31AM CTSW and CTLS wave
31/01/10 10:02AM Roleplay-by-Wave -- Post-Apocalyptic Now Jeremiah spent most of his time alone, only going to the city to search for food or to dig in
31/01/10 04:48PM It is teh wave. kanske fixar ett najsigt första-blip sen.
01/02/10 05:57PM Llama's Jam Cruise Wave Llama's Jam Cruise Wave
03/02/10 05:49PM Игра в города. Думаю правила всем известны. Просьба в Интернет за ответами не ходить! И еще, пишите Reply к этому посту, а не в дерево, чтобы избежать
01/02/10 04:03PM Ideas for Wave in Learning I've not used Wave enough to have good ideas for improving learning, but a few (generally tepid) applications have suggested that I explore it a bit on my own. "On my own
04/02/10 09:32AM PDX Wave Wednesday People using Google Wave meet the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at AboutUs, Portland,
03/02/10 07:30PM Wave Furs!!! This is an attempt at creating some form of organization out of the chaos that was the Furs on Wave
01/02/10 03:35PM Формула-1, сезон 2010: ожидания и прогнозы Кто будет в лидерах, кто провалится, кто из новичков выстрелит, а кто сойдёт в ходе чемпионата?
04/02/10 01:18AM The Awesome List Of Uses For Wave Reloaded! This Wave is now
04/02/10 11:33AM The ULTIMATE Wave Reference guide you ever need to save To stay on top of Google Wave! Follow Daniel Allen on Twitter EDITOR'S
03/02/10 04:55PM Testar...
03/02/10 01:37PM Communication 4638 Thanks for the websites! And yes, this class is definitely the perfect place to try out Google Wave
04/02/10 08:36AM Anyone Waving in Ireland? I can add any google gadget i want from what i can see
04/02/10 11:10AM Wave JdR Fr : Annonces Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave. Tables de jeux > Annonces (Retour à l'index)
01/02/10 04:49PM NEW WAVE I don't know how it's going for others but I'm finding this Wave unbearably slow to load. I've created a new Wave here: Waveyscience Wave (2) and also a Google Group (Wave has groups now) so
04/02/10 11:07AM Wave JdR Fr : Sommaire Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave. Index général (Retour à la wave principale)
01/02/10 12:04PM EPS \/\/AVE - Gaming Wave para cargar los juegos y pasar un buen rato (AVISO: Si Google Wave te va lento es muy probable que sea por este wave, y por tanto es recomendable que salgas de la conversación
01/02/10 04:00PM Debatewise GYP Point: Not possible to have developing nations dictate the terms of action.
02/02/10 10:39PM San Jose Sharks Any Shark fans out there?
04/02/10 03:03PM Астраханская волна! Герб Астрахани Астрахань основана в 1558г В Астрахани проживают представители более 100 национальностей, мирно соседствуют 14 религиозных конфессий, функционируют 17 обществ
04/02/10 01:59PM EPS \/\/AVE - Studies asignatura (aproximadamente y luego comentar a partir del él para tener esto algo ordenado xDD
01/02/10 07:16PM Phoenix Wave Users
01/02/10 01:10PM you made it ... congrats! Welcome to Google Wave People. This is the Brand New World We're in now :). The world is starting again, and it's on the wave. We've had digg/gopher/finger/http/www/im/email
03/02/10 06:54PM Planning in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. Wrong Wave.
04/02/10 11:59AM [no title] since I left it for the assignment (You will notice quite a few things that are not valid any more).
03/02/10 09:19PM 新竹地區的網友請進來 有沒有新竹地區的網友,沒辦法發邀請函很無聊阿~~ 風帆橋 水利大橋 竹北斜張橋 Mr.Donut
02/02/10 06:48PM Eating Out in Dublin Wave New wave created - search in:public Yamamori & Wagamama Ireland
03/02/10 08:49PM NBA 2009 - 2010 Progression Wave Feel free to edit this wave, but stick the Google Wave Etiquette.
01/02/10 08:54PM No Game No Talk Public Wave This is an experimental Google Wave for the NGNT community to meet and chat with each other. Use the following link to share the No Game No Talk Public Wave with your
03/02/10 06:34AM Gay Wave CN 中文同志波 Gay Wave CN 中文同志波 Anyway, here's another "Gay Wave", wave something
03/02/10 06:06PM Listado de Colombianos en Wave Bueno, espero que varias personas encuentren esto y
03/02/10 12:44PM Pro Pilot World seed wave. allows you to check Gmail, Google voice, Wave and Reader all at the same time
03/02/10 07:32PM The Digital Economy Bill I hope this wave will grow to provide three things: Facts and background about the DEB, a focus for
04/02/10 10:55AM mobileMacs Public Wave Das ist der Shared Workspace für Ausgabe
03/02/10 03:39PM しりとり part2:クジンシー(し、でおねがいします) Feel free to join us. Enjoy Shiritori. しりとりで遊ぼう! Learn & Practice Japanese. Also ROMA-JI is welcome. Try playback for more
03/02/10 10:43PM TUMP (Feb 10th, 2010) Show Notes (delayed) I leave you for barely any time and the wave goes to hell.
04/02/10 12:19PM Vaslui Primul wave pentru vasluieni ... Wave away ...
04/02/10 02:36PM RELAY-BOT DEMO This bot can relay the output from either wave
01/02/10 11:19AM Earn1k Public Notes Pretend a lot of people concern about cost.
01/02/10 11:35AM public wave test tDiary に埋め込むプラグイン作った
03/02/10 09:35AM Alpes JUG : Java User Group de Grenoble ? Les speakers Voir ici : Google spreadsheet La salle A priori on a une salle pour du long terme,
01/02/10 10:30AM La wave des anciens de l'iut info de Bourg-En-Bresse
03/02/10 07:10AM 大江大海一九四九 龍應台 235-292 293-352 353-400 401-440 合并pdf后完整版本(需要繁体中文解码支持): 大江大海一九四九 Google Docs 在线阅读 (推荐):
03/02/10 03:16PM A regra dos 4 porques é mais fácil do que as aulas de português fazem parecer. É separado se der pra trocar por "por que
03/02/10 04:27PM School Librarians' Wave Directory Please add yourself here - there doesn't seem to be many of us on Wave yet, but let's communicate!
04/02/10 09:36AM Magyar wave support Hol laksz? wave, ahol bejelölheted Google Térképen, hogy a világ melyik felén élsz
03/02/10 03:52PM OpenVMS Boot Camp in 2010. This is a placeholder for information on the Boot Camp as it becomes available.
03/02/10 10:07PM Burdisson’s Bolder Beer - Discussion This wave is used for
03/02/10 11:04PM Drug Legalization Hey everyone, I am a Criminal Justice major and am taking a class called "The Sociology of American
04/02/10 11:31AM SG.HU fórum wave google.
01/02/10 07:12AM Русская волна Java разработчиков com/group/google-wave-api/search?hl=en&group=google-wave-api&q=FORM_BUTTON_CLICKED&qt_g=Search+this+
04/02/10 12:10PM Fórum de discussão do TecnologiasBlog Se está no GWave aceda a esta página é mais rápido: http://tecnologias-blog.
04/02/10 01:06PM The Torrentbytes Wave! Somebody thought that deleting them is a good thing.
03/02/10 07:43AM Lançamentos de Games PC, UOL. So falta tentar entender como o resto do google wave funciona =(
03/02/10 08:31AM 白云NetResource版Wave群 Google Wave 完全指南http://www.
03/02/10 04:19PM Android User Group Ruhr - Erste Überlegungen de/ oder Google selbst? Brauchen wir das? Um sich mit interessierten Leuten zusammen zu setzen
03/02/10 06:52AM Add all your contacts to this Wave. to access other waves type with:Public and some search terms next to the magnifying glass where it
02/02/10 11:52PM Los Angeles, CA Skimming.( The art and science of riding a skimboard)
01/02/10 11:13AM Amistad en wave!!!
04/02/10 09:57AM Давайте отметимся на глобусе Специальный глобус для русских :) Необходим установленный Gears и плагин Google Earth.
01/02/10 02:33PM Demographics Index > Demographics The City is largely mixed populations of caucasian, mongoloid, and black persons, with very few modern boundaries between the ethnic groups. A few city sectors are
01/02/10 02:23PM Todo List The City RPG - Index > Todo List Copy wiki pages from Obsidian Portal ( (done) Finish adding remaining sections to the wiki. (almost there
01/02/10 02:20PM Tuesday News Wave - 12/1/09 This wave is to discuss today's news in Baltimore and the rest of Maryland. It is brought to you by Please add your friends in the Baltimore area or the
04/02/10 11:52AM 数独游戏(又称九宫格)是一种源自18世纪 末的瑞士,后在美国发展、并在日本得以发扬光大的数学智力拼图游戏。 数独游戏是九宫格(即3格宽×3格高)的正方形状,每一格又细分为一个九宫格。在每一个小 九宫格中,分别填上1至9的数字,让整个大九宫格每一列、每一行的数字都不重复。 另外
01/02/10 02:33PM 3d6 Dice Roll Probabilities Index > 3d6 Dce Roll Probabilities Chance of rolling at or below target number on 3d6 3 - 0.46% 4 - 1.85% 5 - 4.62% 6 - 9.25% 7 - 16.20% 8 - 25.92% 9 - 37.50% 10 - 50.00% 11
04/02/10 01:58PM The Awesome List Of Uses For Google Wave 2.5! but it is assinine to do it to a public wave! The 2 culprits have been reduced to read-only access.
01/02/10 01:18PM The JRR Tolkien Wave This wave is for the discussion of the life and works of Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, CBE.
02/02/10 04:32PM [no title] a few months ago, we focus more on small businesses and making their sites search engine optimized.
04/02/10 12:17PM Avatar Twitter Feed
03/02/10 04:37PM Weight loss discussions help and support This wave is for the Google wave community that is either trying to lose weight and wants a safe
02/02/10 06:17PM A sandbox for Classroom 2.0 wave newbies. in the classroom Using Google Wave in Secondary Education Creativity & Education Search Cheat Sheet
03/02/10 06:29PM Anime Wave! Wave pra quem gosta de animes.
01/02/10 11:57AM Google Apps Ireland Welcome to the Google Apps Ireland Wave. Keep an eye on this wave for Google Apps News and Google Apps related events happening in Ireland
31/01/10 10:20PM Google Wave for Filmmakers: Wave Edition A few months ago
04/02/10 01:26PM Roleplaying on the Wave: Dedicated Discussion Wave II. Please follow these rules when contributing! This wave serves as a dedicated discussion forum for
01/02/10 10:52PM 黑龙江科技学院建九三
01/02/10 10:53PM 黑龙江矿业学院建九三
03/02/10 10:13AM [no title]
04/02/10 12:56PM Minichat gadget Minichat is a very simple chatbox, you can use it to discuss with other contributors without
03/02/10 09:35AM maybe you should check this dr wave maybe you should check this
03/02/10 01:18PM [no title] Helping Wave Grow This is a wave that everyone can use to help grow the network of wavers. I have been
03/02/10 03:54PM Eve Online Screenshots I wanted to start a wave where Eve players could post screenshots.
01/02/10 07:31PM Fighty+ Homepage/Installer The Fighty+ Demo has been moved here: Fighty+ Development Version Demo Fighty is a battlemat gadget for Google Wave, developed by Dan Clery. You can find information on it in
31/01/10 04:54PM Edge Theory We have friends, social networks, personal profiles and search engines which will tell us what we
03/02/10 01:10PM Волна прикольных картинок Постим картинки и демотиваторы. Комментарии первого уровня - только картинки. Лучше не сильно баянистые, но сильно смешные -).
03/02/10 02:47PM Psychology Wave Hi everyone! Just thought I'd start a wave
01/02/10 09:44AM Everything Homebrew I know some homebrewers have received Wave invitations.
04/02/10 01:07AM The Missing Extensions Wish List When you create a saved search, you get some "Filter Actions" so you can auto-archive anything you
01/02/10 09:31PM [no title]
03/02/10 02:59AM Josh Wave -- Start waving.
03/02/10 04:12AM Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Wave I normally played hardcore Search & Destroy on MW1, but I'm not a big fan of the smaller teams in
04/02/10 02:54PM Réforme du lycée 2010 Voici une vague (wave) dans laquelle nous pourrons partager des documents pour être bien informés sur la
04/02/10 02:25PM Indiana University Computer Science Not sure how useful this will be, but I thought I'd make a Wave for IU CS.
01/02/10 05:53PM Twitter
01/02/10 10:10AM message passing algorithms for Compressed Sensing from Arxiv by Donoho pdf Message Passing Algorithms for Compressed I.
30/01/10 10:41PM What is your favorite browser? It does everything you need, without bogging you down with search fields and toolbars.
30/01/10 08:08PM Microsoft OneNote discussion Wave : What is OneNote OneNote 2007 Demo: Organize, search, and find information Microsoft OneNote 2010
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for May 7 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
03/02/10 03:31PM Windows Mobile vs. Windows Platform vs. iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Android vs. WebOS which even lets you search the contacts lying on the companies server,
03/02/10 12:51PM Language Translation Bot 1.0. wie man die Sprache auf die Ping so geht hier hinzufügen Translations powered by Google Translate
04/02/10 02:30PM Stargate Resistance Apparently there's a new Stargate game coming out in the first quarter of 2010? 3rd person shooter
04/02/10 11:45AM [Public Feedback] Google Wave Participant Suggestion We've just launched a new bit of "magic" in Google Wave that we call participant suggestion.
03/02/10 10:21AM 各位,据点已建立,欢迎窝藏~! 各位,据点已建立,欢迎窝藏~! file
03/02/10 10:19PM 来扯淡吧!!! 工作好单调 生活不应如此 忙里偷闲学用户交互中
04/02/10 11:35AM Firefly Adventure Session 2: Next stop Ezra! Morning comes
01/02/10 10:39PM Alpha Phi Omega! Please join if you're affiliated with Alpha Phi Omega and want to chat on Google Wave. May we always be :)
01/02/10 04:21PM Hej hopp! En wave för 99musik. Deltagare jgb Janne G:son Berg PF Patrick Fridh JävelPersson Tomas Persson AudibleBeauty Martin Ternander drifter7508 Magnus Larsson tublenco Antonio Steve Tublén kyaal
31/01/10 01:04PM Social Media Discussion with the following search tag:marketing, with:public
04/02/10 07:11AM Agentry Productivity Feature Requests ) [Karthik] Control + Shift + R to search for anything(actions, transactions, screensets .
01/02/10 12:34PM Introduction to game programming Time: 10:30 - 12:15 Day: Wednesday 20 January 2010 Location: Civic Suites 1 and 2 (Town Hall) Description: This tutorial will cover several aspects of game programming
03/02/10 11:42AM Prerunner & Desert Racing Trucks Discussion Any of you wavers into prerunners? Lets see em and talk about em. Building a truck? Just like to check em out? I run , a website dedicated to
01/02/10 10:07PM Promote Your Webcomics Here Got a webcomic of any sort? Promote it here. Get yourself some exposure. With Wave's current large-wave lethargy, we're going to implement a description and link-only rule
01/02/10 10:10PM [no title] 大家讨论一下,wave到底能用来干吗?群聊?协作?取代gmail+IM。。?
31/01/10 09:55PM Google Wave Etiquette This wave is reply-moderated. Please follow these rules when contributing! Feel free to edit this blip with any
04/02/10 01:24PM Any landscape architects/designers out there? I am a Landscape Architect practicing in Kentucky.
03/02/10 12:42PM Robots by Thomas Jungblut Blogspot: Twitter: http
02/02/10 11:25AM [no title]
01/02/10 10:50AM Campus Party 2010 - Dia (30/01/2010) Este é o link do primeiro wave. Campus Party 2010 (28/01/2010) Este é o link do segundo wave. Campus Party 2010 - Dia (29/01/2010) Para aqueles que não foram e
03/02/10 02:11PM Google Earth. Всем привет. Kто знает координаты где стоит (лежит
03/02/10 06:18AM All In One Gadget - For Mail, Chat, Messenger, Friends To Install All In One Gadget on Your Google Wave check this out
04/02/10 02:26PM all things android a.
03/02/10 07:03PM Eugene Wave Users - Eugene Oregon Eugene wave users is about eugene and find others in the area that are using Google Wave.
01/02/10 10:24PM ಕರುನಾಡಿನ ಸಮಸ್ತ ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರಿಗೆ ಸುಸ್ವಾಗತ Wave for All Kannadigas,Jai Karnataka Mate,Gather All Kannada People from Around the world!! Lets Build this wave..................
01/02/10 05:51PM Lame Kiffin. I don't blame him because he doesn't deserve it. I can't believe USC wants him. But I'd still like to see someone punch him in the stomach.
04/02/10 02:45PM Seriously, DON'T PRESS THAT BUTTON! This is a version of The Button which fixes the issue of browser lag slowing the game's clock.
03/02/10 09:40AM THE EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING WAVE This is a public forum - I
01/02/10 09:52PM Wave in Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana, anyone
01/02/10 09:05PM 艾澤拉斯勇者們 希望各地魔獸世界的勇者們聚首在Google Wave
01/02/10 10:18AM Previsões 2010: - Google Wave fracasso
03/02/10 02:10PM openSuSe Почему-то в Google Wave до сих пор нет волны про этот замечательный дистрибутив.
04/02/10 01:30PM Rede De Proteção Ao Blogueiro me desculpe a ignorância no Googlewave estou aprendendo a lidar com a ferramenta.
03/02/10 09:45AM Playing Cards Gadget [Demo] ) Playing Cards in Wave You can select and drag the cards around, and play most types of card games.
03/02/10 10:48PM มุขเสื้อแดงฮาๆ
03/02/10 09:04PM Hi there. search for with:public
03/02/10 09:19PM WAVESFERA.COM
01/02/10 10:18AM CMSC 433 Spring 2010 kickoff wave I have updated the guide to include information about CVS setup.
03/02/10 08:37PM The Toronto Maple Leafs Wave I thought it'd be a good idea to start a Toronto Maple Leafs Wave to test out Google Wave.
01/02/10 04:17PM Pathfinder RPG This is the Paizo Pathfinder RPG Wave, for public discussion of the recently released Pathfinder RPG and Bestiary. Here are some key links for reference: Pathfinder Reference
04/02/10 08:44AM Poesi Vis dine egne dikt og kommentér andres!
03/02/10 09:16PM January CHSDUG meeting So I've fallen way behind on this one
04/02/10 01:49PM Our Patch The Web has enriched our life and enabled us to participate in a truly global community.
01/02/10 05:18AM Proof of God The lack of finding a scientificic explanation in a short search does not behoove one to persue a
03/02/10 10:46AM Do podcasts reduce student attendence in college courses? In a lit search I did last semester, only one study had found that students performed better with
03/02/10 09:22AM FOX Dollhouse (i know, he had the chracter arcs set for 5 years) [btw, what is up with Wave, the latency is rough]
04/02/10 12:58PM Sudoku Does anyone know how to restart a new game ? (i don't :S)
04/02/10 01:00PM =Rock Videos Here= It's a place one can show the rock videos .
01/02/10 03:37PM The Official BattleForge Wave Basic Rules: 1. Stick to ONE thread. This reduces lag and helps tidy up the wave. 2. NO spamming! 3. Please do NOT edit or delete anything for the main post. 4. Do NOT use
03/02/10 06:20AM 上海外国语大学Wave 上外女生太多,八成对这种Geek类的东西不感冒吧... Anyway, we'll see.
01/02/10 02:10PM Read only permissions explained A crucial concept to understand with the new read only feature in Google Wave is that permissions granted at the wave level may trickle down to the wavelet level. This
04/02/10 08:54AM 关注贵阳高雁垃圾焚烧发电厂,关注我们的家乡! 各位可在这个波里把所有关于焚烧场的文章贴上来,也可自由发表评论。
03/02/10 04:06PM Hawaii Wavers! You can search the public waves for Hawaii like this: with:public hawaii
04/02/10 02:00PM موج آرزوها شما چه آرزویی داشتید و دارید؟ از آرزوهایی دوران کودکی و الان خودتون بنویسید
03/02/10 06:00PM Chit Chat public wave I was trying to search for someone else and clicked in the wrong place.
01/02/10 02:33PM Geography and Climate Index > Geography and Climate The City spans a massive area, such that a person could travel hundreds of kilometers in any given direction and not leave The City. Because of this
01/02/10 02:33PM Weapons and Armor Index > Weapons and Armor Due to the lack of mass production facilities, weapon and armor manufacturing is still done primarily by hand, with minimal mass production techniques used
31/01/10 04:44PM Hey, I just recieved an invite to Google Wave, and needed to find some people to actually try it out!
04/02/10 01:03PM Official Company of Heroes wave! COH_Logo.jpg Discuss everything related to Company of Heroes here
04/02/10 10:19AM Wave de discussion des joueurs francophones de JdR J'ai tapé "poll application google wave" dans .
01/02/10 05:01PM Webmission in San Francisco May 2010
03/02/10 11:13AM Do you know about, The traveller's search engine? Liligo instantly searches all available flights & trains on a maximum
03/02/10 12:48AM Google \/\/ave公约 GoogleWave公约以下简称(公约),本Wave遵守Wave回复公约
03/02/10 03:09PM [no title]
03/02/10 09:23PM Permaculture Wave (1) Wave needs this! I live in colorado and have been learning/practicing/teaching permaculture for a
03/02/10 02:57PM [no title]
01/02/10 11:06PM RedEyeChicago Newspaper Reader Wave Find us online at Or on Twitter @redeyechicago
01/02/10 05:25AM Las Vegas RP -- Vampires, Weres, Human and Demons Las Vegas RP
01/02/10 12:32PM Vamos generando una red para Taller María!!! Quieres armarte una bici? Quieres que te armen una bici? Quieres aprender de bicis? Quieres reparar tu bici? Quieres... Todo eso y mas lo consigues en
03/02/10 09:10AM Dwarf Fortress Succession Game Main Wave I'm going to make this wave public, just so that anyone searching
01/02/10 11:08PM MORFIK USERS Join this wave.
03/02/10 02:35PM Tokyo Wavers I did not take this picture, I picked it from the google search wave thingy from above.
04/02/10 09:21AM [no title] Welcome to Sudoku Wave ! Sudoku Puzzles Free Sudoku puzzles, an addictive puzzle game with thousands of free Sudoku
03/02/10 01:29PM Mac, PC, Or Linux? (Yes=Mac, No=PC, Maybe=Linux) One of my biggest pet peeves is when people mess up something good with their obnoxious technicalities
03/02/10 04:10PM Fighty Map Demo Please don't add any blips or bots to this thread, this is just for playing with the map. Be part of the discussion here Fighty Discussion
03/02/10 11:11AM How do I invite people? I thought we couldn't yet but I see people talking about sending
03/02/10 04:55PM What is the saddest song of all time? free to reply to others, embed audio, and all those other great things you can do with Google Wave!
04/02/10 02:07PM Venture North towards the desert and your homeland You slice a cactus in half and have Mortimer slurp up the water inside, taking Inventory You have
03/02/10 02:21PM Sudoku Wave
04/02/10 08:08AM The Many Uses of Google Wave... I've been anticipating my invitation to Google Wave for weeks, yet, now, I have no idea what to do
03/02/10 09:19AM What do you want us to ask Ali Edwards?
31/01/10 12:29AM [no title] - badass!
01/02/10 05:36PM Zeitgeist Suomi - Wave Wave of the Finnish Zeitgeist chapter. Tapahtuu meillä ja maailmalla! UUTISET: 21.1.2010 Jacque Fresco ja Roxanne Meadows aloittavat maailmanlaajuisen luentokiertueensa heti Z
03/02/10 08:06PM 일러스트 & 그래픽디자인 아이폰 캡슐 케이스 file 화려하니 멋지네요..^^ 아래 사이트 참조하시면, 더 멋진 디자인으로 작업된 아이폰 캡슐 케이스를 보실 수 있습니다. 안그래도 요즘 아이폰 관련해서 관심이 많았는데, 유익한 사이트네요. 혹시나, 아이폰(스마트폰) 관련해서 악세사리
03/02/10 11:54AM 山东大学 的wave.
04/02/10 11:09AM Wave JdR Fr : Géolocalisation Jeux de rôles francophones sur Wave.
04/02/10 02:38PM Weekly Topics for March 12 - Hyperlocal News Expert Interviews Issues Essays Tools & Strategies Assessing Great Examples We Add to WIkipedia
03/02/10 02:28PM Gigs this week (London) Wednesday 3rd February David Bazan, Postdata Borderline Karl & Nadia ✔ Wednesday 3rd February Zun
04/02/10 01:57PM The Elsmar Cove Wave There is a way to arrange your typing to show only when you're done.
04/02/10 03:01PM DiceLink Feature and Development Discussions (#2) Starting a new wave, the previous one previous one was having turbulence issues.
01/02/10 10:28AM Uses of Google Wave in the classroom been disabled at the moment Ways to use Wave I think we could have great success in smaller
01/02/10 08:35PM This is a wave for academic philosophers and philosophy students using wave. Hopefully we can connect up philosophers and test out wave's utility. Post here if you work in the field.
02/02/10 11:31AM Ubuntu and all of Open Source. use wine and install boxee or search for an ubuntu alternative ;)
02/02/10 09:28AM [no title] esperanto is really growing http://search.
01/02/10 10:49AM Windows, Linux, MacOS? i like all three of these os's becouse i think all of them are good in own way.
03/02/10 03:36PM New Media Summit 2010 - Knowledge Community Wave This Wave is designed for brainstorming with the Association community.
03/02/10 09:33PM The Word Association Game 5! words DO NOT COUNT! Please answer in order; the next response should follow the last in the wave.
03/02/10 04:59PM Google \/\/ave Extension Installers Google Wave Extension Installers This Extensions Installers come from the Google \/\/ave Extensions
04/02/10 02:37PM Novos amigos (1.2 beta) bom dia a todos, bom dia Budegas.
04/02/10 11:38AM De Dag van Ambtenaar 2.0: wat is de ideale opzet? for those who are astray Translations powered by Google Translate
01/02/10 03:02PM - Оффициальная волна
01/02/10 12:12PM RedEyeChicago's Daily Wave 2/1 Morning wavers, readers and tweeters! So the Grammys were interesting last night, minus the seizure I got while watching the 3D Michael Jackson tribute. What did you guys
03/02/10 01:28PM Communication 4638 New Technologies & Communication
04/02/10 08:37AM 青岛人集中波! 青岛滴朋友进来,大家一起吃嘎啦哈啤酒~~!!
03/02/10 03:19PM The ROWBERRY One-Name Study Although this is called the ROWBERRY One-Name Study it
02/02/10 09:07AM Music Educators Public Beta Google Wave Pisano): You can search for public waves by opening the Navigation Pane and clicking on the "Search
04/02/10 04:07AM Getting Started Materials (note this is a public wave) Here is a link to your Welcome waves (or search for with:doctorwave) Getting started prototypes (let
01/02/10 12:05PM Новый Голосование и обсуждение 1 Итак, граждане убиватели времени, как вы оцените новый дизайн и функционал турбы? Меня вот расстраивают глюки с Хромом. Вы думаете?
01/02/10 11:35AM mharris EL repo Announcements If you're using my "MIke A. Harris EL yum repository" a.k.a mharris-el-repo - ( ), this wave can be used to provide me with feedback
04/02/10 01:13PM Hey, fans of Touhou? I'm not really a big Touhou fan actually.
03/02/10 10:41AM UiBinder ID generation Goal Allow generation of IDs to associate elements (generally by IDREF attributes), without limiting use of ui:field
04/02/10 11:53AM Building business momentum, visibility, & growth through social media this content is hosted on SlideShare, a socially active platform for presentation sharing
04/02/10 12:06PM google wave上可用的gadget列表 ericschmidt [The Google's Wave team is] getting ready for a much broader distribution.
01/02/10 07:09PM Video Interview with Saul Griffith at the Clean Energy Challenge Fall Gathering Do you largely agree with the ideas that Saul Griffith lays out in this interview? Reply to the thread below with what
01/02/10 04:46PM Wave Utilities: This wave will consist of third party utilities and extensions I find interesting and may be something to look into
03/02/10 07:28PM ¿Estamos preparados para Google Wave? Google Wave es una buena herramienta de edición colaborativa y punto, si la valoramos así es útil.
03/02/10 02:07PM Examply Char Role Example character for the char-listing system Backstory Was thought up in 5 minutes
03/02/10 02:09PM SRPS Stories Player-Important Player-Not Important Backstory-Important Backstory-Not Important
03/02/10 02:07PM SRPS Character List Important Examply Char Not Important
01/02/10 02:28PM Quotes of the Day 7 SEPT 09 "Is it easy to get alcohol there at CMU?" 8 SEPT 09 "Exactly! The chunk of memory is just chillin' there!" 9 SEPT 09 "If this is hard to understand, just imagine the
01/02/10 08:49PM 2010-2-2 二月首日黑一周开始,洗完2639-3361的0.382位置今天会爆发吗? 美国鬼子和香港那边暴涨 风声鹤唳草木皆兵 大龙地产身陷“欠款门”
04/02/10 10:01AM Welcome Michael Jackson fans! and on google video
03/02/10 06:26PM Cleveland Area Wave Users Then click on the map and search for whatever it is that you want to add and when it finds that,
01/02/10 08:27PM Rock Band Wave. 자신이 좋아하는 락 밴드의 음악을 추천하는 웨이브입니다. 어떤 장르의 락이라도 상관없습니다. 이건 정말 혼자 듣기에 너무 아깝다! 라고 생각하시는 락 밴드의 음악이 있다면 추천해주세요. 제가 예로 하나의 양식을 올리겠습니다. 많은 참여 부탁드립니다. Green Day(밴드명) - American Idiot(앨범명) (앨범 아트
03/02/10 09:12AM REST and SAP especially for TonkaPome This is a write protected public wave.
01/02/10 01:02PM らくがきウェーブ こんにちは! Google wave を一緒にためしてみたくて作ってみました. ユーザー追加歓迎です. 知り合いの方, どんどん追加しちゃってください。
03/02/10 07:36PM Social Media Marketing Plus com Does way more than google analytics and does not end up in the bounce ratio of google's search
03/02/10 06:43PM GRADINKATA i e vidial che si se anpil kato prase vchera a ne si bolen :D pulno e v neta s podobni sluchai
03/02/10 06:49PM Android SPA ¿Cuantos de Android-Spa tenemos Google Wave?
04/02/10 10:10AM 教你怎样添加机器人并推荐几个机器人 首先点击“contacts”列表右下角Manage contacts后面的“+” 然后在弹出的“Add a new contact”中将机器人名称加入,形如“”(不需要前后引号) 机器人随后便出现在“contacts”列表中 最后在“contacts
04/02/10 02:41PM Google Wave para Novatos En esta Wave "para novatos" voy a intentar ir recopilando en sencillas blips las ideas, trucos,
03/02/10 11:20AM Can Google Wave replace the current e-mail system? Google Apps emailed me and informed their users that IE6 will no longer be supported
01/02/10 09:58AM [no title] Nifty idea! Maybe I could offer a workshop plan?
01/02/10 01:07PM [no title] Bugs do Wave mensagem Aviso de travamento do Google Wave: Travamento de uma Wave A quantidade de mensagens com imagens, gadgets e robôs deixa uma Wave pesada e pronta para explodir , impedindo assim
03/02/10 10:56PM Spurs Talk - WHITE HART LANE - THFC Carling Cup 2008
03/02/10 09:00AM 下一代的IDE开发环境是否会借助云计算平台进行架构上大变迁呢? 好比一个开发人员只需要一台装有浏览器的电脑,输入IDE的URL
02/02/10 08:51PM TUTORIEL : OBTENIR L'ID D'UNE WAVE (par Vincent Houillon)
03/02/10 01:11PM An Chéad Tonn as Gaeilge?
30/01/10 07:55PM Church - Why do you attend the church you do? What draws you to it, and why? Here are a few examples. Grew up in
03/02/10 01:21PM Stargate Wave Repository II (The repository of Ancient speculation)* Here the Stargate community on Wave can drop a Wave ID to
03/02/10 01:46PM RU.Windows. Обсуждение опеpационной системы Windows и всего, что сней связано.
03/02/10 08:16PM 如果wave被墙了,你会翻墙用吗?
04/02/10 01:55PM Roleplaying on the Wave: Dedicated Discussion Wave III. Please follow these rules when contributing! This wave serves as a dedicated discussion forum for
02/02/10 09:10PM Waveboard 0.11 Is it able to turn off the notification when I am doing search?
04/02/10 02:03PM Montreal Wave Users / Utilisateurs Wave de Montréal Si vous utilisez Wave et êtes de Montréal, donnez-signe de vie If you are a Waver from Montreal, say
04/02/10 11:29AM Read-only Public Wave? How can I make a public read-only wave? I'd like to have a wave that certain people have the right
03/02/10 10:04AM Обсуждение волны Делимся впечатлениями
01/02/10 08:29PM West Ham United Wave A Place for West Ham Fans to comment on the current Season. Ok it's not going so well so what are the predictions for the current season? You can follow on twitter also with
02/02/10 06:29PM Liverpool Public Wave: ? :-) I'd have been here earlier but I couldn't work out how to search for public waves until today.
03/02/10 09:00AM BLOGS DE MP3
04/02/10 12:47PM LOST DISCUSSION WAVE!! So maybe there is a problem besides his nemesis.
01/02/10 02:33PM Paradise Index > City Sectors > Paradise Summary Government: Mob Controlled Area: ≈2300km2 Elevation: ≈320m Population: ≈8,000,000 Basic Information Paradise Sector is the player’s beginning city. The
04/02/10 12:22PM Уфимская волна Герб Уфы Флаг Уфы Ссылка на волну со всеми регионами: Регионы (Оглавление) Уфимская конференция в Jabber: Чтобы волна
04/02/10 03:03PM [no title] BLIP! Para comentarios favor de acudir a los blips de "Discusión" que se encuentran más adelante.
03/02/10 01:22AM [no title]
01/02/10 04:11PM Mysticism - A trans-rational discussion Oh dear, where to start? I think the definition on Wiki is pretty good. Mysticism (from the Greek μυστικός, mystikos, an initiate of a mystery religion)[1] is
01/02/10 08:47AM Game Development | Programming Game Development (Wave Group
04/02/10 03:03PM FunCup News So....
03/02/10 07:22PM ShannonWiki Project Initial Proposals - January 2010 Our topics stem from the list of relevant topics, found on the ShannonWiki page, located here. Commercial
02/02/10 03:45PM Junior High or Middle School Educators ...thought a Wave for this level might be helpful. You could post
01/02/10 10:49AM TEST
03/02/10 06:02AM A Wave To Save The World... If you are new to Wave, and plan to do more
03/02/10 06:25PM Linux Switch Log I tried Awesome for a while.
01/02/10 10:40AM Testis
01/02/10 01:06PM ci sei?
04/02/10 08:06AM Andrew Rump's Wave Blog I still search in newsgroups via Google Groups but Usenet does not really shine through any more
04/02/10 11:08AM Mochilão: Machu Picchu Data: 08 de Julho 2010 Origem: Brasília - DF Mapa:
04/02/10 01:03PM [no title] COMO SER ESCRITOR NO PROJETO LIVRO DE AVENTURAS COLABORATIVO EM GW! Opa, se está a fim de participar
03/02/10 02:47PM So, what do you think? Leave a comment below
03/02/10 11:23AM Some say Google Wave is just a hype. and take this poll Is Google Wave just a hype? Comment your vote through the paths below the poll
01/02/10 11:06AM Intro to Archeology 3001, U of Mn I.
04/02/10 10:04AM 这个是大家最喜欢的美女图片收集贴。大家一起接力吧 请勿乱加机器人谢谢 13.jpg hehe
03/02/10 08:54AM Уютный чЯтик :3. searchteg: чат , chat ВСЕМ ЧЬМОКИ В ЕТОМ ЧЯТЕ
04/02/10 01:50PM Vicevi, smesni linkovi i tako to :) tanjir je prazan, neko je jeo iz njega! A mama medved kaze: Aj ne serite, jos vam nisam ni sipala!
04/02/10 02:44PM KotSf (D&D 4e RPG) OOC Table Talk. Once we get started, we'll be walking into a combat encounter pretty quick.
01/02/10 12:15PM LG KP500 Česká vlna
31/01/10 04:31PM Fan Wave: Radio Paradise ( Radio Paradise ( is
31/01/10 08:05AM OpenCSW Wintercamp in Munich, Day 1 benny: We could use gmake search name=lsof which would search inside the categories.
04/02/10 12:18PM O QUE É O PROJETO? próprio sistema, adicionando suas idéias a aventuras já criadas ou criando suas próprias aventuras.
01/02/10 06:13PM [no title] REGRAS DE PARTICIPAÇÃO A premissa básica é, quanto menos regras, melhor, portanto ao planejar este sistema, parto da premissa que estarei lidando com pessoas colaborativas, inteligentes e do bem, que
03/02/10 03:22PM Windows vs Mac vs Linux vs Chrome OS New wave released
03/02/10 01:32PM MAP - SotAC Room 1 - Fighty+ That is awesome! (Cept Kelkon kinda looks like another Kruthik at a glance.
03/02/10 10:52PM Geocaching Public Wave My 5 year old is more interested in running around the woods than taking the time to search for a
01/02/10 03:09PM About Google Wave(GW) !!! Tell us your thoughts / some tricks you'we find in GW.
03/02/10 01:44PM Curious About Hypnosis? - New Google Wave discussion group starting up.
01/02/10 03:00PM ガジェット有効活用法を試して見つけるWaveポータル [THIS WAVE IS JAPANESE ONLY for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience.] このWaveは WAVEの作法 の一般的なモデレーション:edit-moderatedに準拠して運営されています。編集に参加頂ける方はご考慮お願い致します。 本Waveは
01/02/10 04:03PM Wave-SL integration I think Wave and Second Life (SL) are great communication platforms. Who has creative ideas on their integration?
04/02/10 02:33AM Embeddy Test (public) This is a test of the embeddy robot for
03/02/10 03:56PM Any Jewish people using Wave yet? Join me here. Just for the fun of it.
01/02/10 09:41PM CARTE DE VISITE / ViSITING CARD Sur GoogleWave: En dehors de Googlewave sur le net:!w%2B6zragGj-A Le site de mon village: http
03/02/10 11:09PM Google Wave Plus & Minus & How to It creates a search among your waves for other waves with that tag.
03/02/10 01:08PM hi
01/02/10 12:33PM siedemjeden wave
31/01/10 03:36PM Hello Party People!
03/02/10 02:43PM Русскоязычная волна Python разработчиков request("GET", "/search?q=" + dork) response = conn.
31/01/10 04:34PM The Nonprofit Technology Wave. This wave is for anyone
04/02/10 08:25AM Just want to know...
04/02/10 12:49PM Ravensbridge General Chat and Requests Is this a classical game of V:tR or do you have some specific touches added to it ? How many players
02/02/10 02:22PM Catch the UNC SILS Public Wave!
31/01/10 01:34PM Don't Press this button......
04/02/10 01:27PM Character Generation Rules Bloodlines on a case by case basis.
04/02/10 10:50AM 聊天咯 = I just touch google wave for two days~~~it means I don't know.
03/02/10 02:06PM PUBLIC GOONER WAVE pretty sure he needs a google email address to get in on the wavery.
02/02/10 09:49AM Goo spel In many cases, most notably our search and ads products, opening up the code would not contribute
04/02/10 01:43PM Mindmap Experiement
01/02/10 06:10PM Cisco Network Academy This wave is created for the members of Cisco Networking Academy. If you have an idea how we could use Google wave to improve our collaboration please feel free to share it here.
01/02/10 01:44AM chattylibrarians wave Rita Directions: Search for your location on the map, click on the "pin" that appears and fill in
01/02/10 08:33PM [no title] new 84 wave e~最好不要加机器人进来
04/02/10 01:14PM Makeitupism, a meme for people past the dualities of Theism/Atheism, Science/Religion etc... to rise whether you believe its a god or a marble or a gas ball.
03/02/10 03:38PM Techincal Stock Trader's A shout out to technical stock traders
04/02/10 11:02AM Ya pe profe que de bueno puedo hacer con google wave
02/02/10 04:08PM O.U.C.H. - Open University of Celestial Hardships (an Eve Online
01/02/10 10:30AM PATICIK dosyada paylaşa biliyoz güzel :) L70ETC - I Am Murloc
01/02/10 02:04PM Exalted 2nd ed Recruitment Wave Currently looking for 5 players for a Solar Exalted game based in the North, in the City of Whitewall. Finished/Approved Characters: Dawn - War general (Matheus
04/02/10 01:10PM Discussions: Google Wave Extensions List (2) & Google Wave Gadget Installers a gadget that looks like my "meeting time matcher", but instead of hours it has days
04/02/10 06:05AM The OFFICIAL Digit Magazine Wave ! digit Welcome all ! Here's an interesting question : Are you a
03/02/10 04:50PM [no title] Robot de traducción de idomas Translation language robot
04/02/10 12:57PM RedEyeChicago's Daily Wave 2/4 I posted my thoughts in a quick blog entry for RedEye Royalty.
01/02/10 05:30PM Sandnes - For de som er fra eller lever i Sandnes. Målet med denne waven er for at de som bor i eller er i fra Sandnes skal kunne si hei, slik at andre fra Sandnes kan se hvem av deres venner/bekjente
04/02/10 03:03PM Unity Javascript Keyword classification Wave Here is a list of the Unity JavaScript keywords I have find so far, along with a brief explanation
31/01/10 07:28PM DAW Users / Music Producers / Songwriters Hello, I search tuts for sampling (with chopping slice or other) , you have it ?
31/01/10 09:53AM What's your favorite browser? Chrome is cool performance wise but it doesn't have a Google search box.
02/02/10 09:24AM How to annotate and share search results in a wave? What I would like to see is a possibility to capture search results in a wave, and rank (e.
01/02/10 02:45PM TUTORIEL : JOUER DU PIANO Créez une nouvelle wave avec le bouton "new wave" en haut à gauche, puis sur le bouton vert vert en forme de puzzle : Le fameux bouton vert Insérez l'adresse suivante... http
01/02/10 11:14AM [no title]
03/02/10 12:32PM Ask a Christian: Index This wave series was created to allow everyone the opportunity to ask questions of Christians.
04/02/10 01:46PM Debatewise GYP Debate: The submission of targets for the Copenhagen Accord are the basis for a global deal to prevent climate change.
04/02/10 09:31AM 翻墙圈圈~ 大家把互相加为好友,如果有朝一日,wave不在了,大家一起翻墙。
31/01/10 08:27PM This is a Wave to talk about how we might use Google Wave for tourism and destination marketing. about your destination and eventually people would search the
03/02/10 12:41PM Google Wave on the iPhone/iPod Touch/and the iPad ; ) On that note, they really need to add an in-wave search.
03/02/10 04:42PM Debatewise GYP Point: Democracy
04/02/10 11:28AM Connecticut Wave. So far the hope and promise of Google Wave far outweigh the delivery.
04/02/10 02:26PM Great Sudoku Challenge Everybody is
04/02/10 12:21PM BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus who is public@a.
01/02/10 11:41AM 东华理工大学 ECIT 原华东地质学院,一所以工为主,理工结合,文、管、经、法兼备的多科性普通高等学
01/02/10 11:05AM 駕籠真太郎好きな人います?
04/02/10 02:05PM Swiss a suivre.
04/02/10 10:15AM Cloud Computing in 2010 Look to Google for all things Cloud.
03/02/10 08:39PM [no title]
03/02/10 12:12PM Элитная волна поговорить с жителем Украины?как хорошо теперь такие вещи можно и не знать , ведь есть google .
03/02/10 09:00PM Debatewise GYP Point: Shows countries are committed to reducing emissions
31/01/10 10:57AM mobileMacs MM040 Public Wave Nokia-Bashing ✔ Windows Mobile 7 erst 2011? Microsoft-Bashing Nexus One, keiner wills haben -
03/02/10 08:32AM 杭州大学生 杭州读书的同学进来聊聊吧。
31/01/10 07:54PM SA Android Community Wave v.01 Announcements Links Android
03/02/10 01:04PM Иерархическое древо UNIX-систем Страница Google Labs Ссылка на гаджет XML
01/02/10 03:30PM Crisis Wiki PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PORTION OF THE WAVE UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE CRISIS TEAM! Team Members: Andy Carvin: Project Manager Jared Goralnick: Research/Support (jared@technotheory dot com
03/02/10 04:21PM This is the second wave for Kidlit people. I had to make a new one
01/02/10 05:30PM Опрос - пришли ли вы из песочницы? (Wave Sandbox) Если не знаете, что это такое, значит, ваш ответ No.
04/02/10 09:04AM Protectors - Space City Superheroes: Episode 1 - Identity Theft A quick search revealed the explanation: Until construction was completed, this ring was in a
03/02/10 05:20AM E-books, e-textbooks: news and perspectives better-than-google-for-the-specific-task news search engine for a reasonable fee (they then could
03/02/10 04:41PM DreamInCode Users! If I put </>, it sets as a link. :( Instant wave fail. So, how are
04/02/10 09:59AM Dráčkova vlnka ^.^ dráček si hraje s vlnkama :D odkazy: Naše milovaná škola
01/02/10 05:04AM What do I use Wave for? It's almost impossible to think what to use this for initially or what to search for to know how to
04/02/10 01:26PM Greetings from Mission Control - STS-129 Mission Wave How do you embed a steaming video like this one above?
31/01/10 05:06PM [ZIKULA] Brainstoming Putting the header [ZIKULA] makes it easy to find with the search term with:public zikula.
02/02/10 04:36PM Public World of Warcraft Wave I'll search for another video now:
04/02/10 01:15PM Wykopowa fala A to taki mój testowy robot.
01/02/10 11:59AM Fencing FAQ In modern, Olympic fencing, there are three weapons: Foil Epee Sabre
03/02/10 05:11PM HV ee/search?q=Nordic+Hotel+Forum+&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.
31/01/10 05:36PM Crisis in (of) Faith Experiencing a lack of faith can be
04/02/10 01:44PM Java Programming If you are a good programmer.
04/02/10 01:02PM Willkommen in der NSF\/\/ave :-) Das ist die Public Wave, die alle sendungsbezogenen
01/02/10 07:19PM Nikit's home page wave: (Волна личной страницы Nikit) Добро пожаловать! Welcome! Адрес волны на моем сайте (Link to wave on my site):
04/02/10 08:25AM /tg/ - Traditional Games - Main Wave Link to other pages Discuss changes to the /tg/ waves "with:public:/tg/ Main Wave" is the search
04/02/10 02:39PM Biomolecular Engineering Design Project — Team 4 If you see a section that needs to be there but isn't, feel free to create it :)
01/02/10 09:58PM A Strange Encounter in Empty Space - Portents of Darkness A shrill alarm pierced the air as the Starguider decelerated into realspace with a tremendous lurch, tossing supplies around the ship and
01/02/10 09:28AM HighTouch Book Club Here's how it works: I pick a book.
03/02/10 11:06AM hello
04/02/10 01:58PM Facebook Friends-Wave A robot enabling you to log in to Facebook and interact with your Facebook friends.
02/02/10 11:48PM OOC Wave for A Strange Encounter in Empty Space - Portents of Darkness (Star Wars Saga RPG) Search my Feelings to determine if it's a good idea to meet with them
04/02/10 09:10AM I like it! google.
01/02/10 10:07PM [no title]
03/02/10 04:23PM NMP wRPG1: Table-talk 2 OOC Comments, observations, and feedback Open to all Current
01/02/10 06:15PM INDIQUE UM FILME! 2.0 Wave original: INDIQUE UM FILME! 1.0 Wave criada para para aqueles que gostam de um bom filme, seja ele romance choroso, terror trash ou pancadaria! Indique aqui seus filmes
04/02/10 12:56PM Let's get a media camp wave going! isn't there a way to post a link to this wave for people to join?
04/02/10 03:03PM Hello Wave! Please let me know if you'd like to create a wave linked to this one where you can have discussions
01/02/10 01:45PM Wave Installation Art 1
03/02/10 11:58AM 山东大学的wave.
02/02/10 02:49PM [no title] hum??
01/02/10 10:07PM Web 前端从业者交流区 Google Wave 有哪些新的交互形式值得学习? 大家有啥想说的?
03/02/10 01:18PM Purdue University directory for Course and Class Notes Wave Please link the wave of your particular class within the appropriate School or purdue don't forget
03/02/10 11:05AM SRW 机器人大战 插画图集 moe%2084553%20mecha%20super_robot_wars moe%2084569%20mecha%20super_robot_wars moe%2044932%20alteisen%20mecha%20super_robot_wars%20weissritter moe
01/02/10 12:21AM 함께 만드는 구글 웨이브 매뉴얼 For L.C Fam Search 자신의 연락처에 등록된 웨이버, 봇을 검색함.
04/02/10 10:27AM MyCharity Auktionsideen - Schnupperpraktika (Internships) Eventagentur Praktikum in Onlineagentur Praktikum bei radio hamburg Praktikum bei Google Deutschland
01/02/10 09:43PM The "Still Alive" Wave ↓↓ Up-vote this wave! ↓↓ . DO NOT ADD BOTS TO THIS WAVE WITHOUT PERMISSION!! Let's see how far we can go! Just find the last blip and say the next line in the song! Ready
03/02/10 06:22PM Google wave scenarios with SAP Maybe thats why the "with:public" search is not working atm, but the "group:public"
03/02/10 04:47PM New Media & Tech - LCC Hey guys, you should all have received invites to join Google Wave now.
01/02/10 09:28AM The Geekup Wave I'm trying out the mac one.
04/02/10 10:55AM Gicker's Forgotten Realms 4e Table Talk 1 I like Google Wave a lot and think it has worked well, but I am making and preparing to launch my
01/02/10 08:53PM Alright so we need to find some real use for Wave. I can't think of anything. How about yall? Add people to this Wave!
02/02/10 09:57AM [no title]
03/02/10 08:46PM 북스피어 사랑방!! 오픈함당.
03/02/10 02:17PM test of what? ;]
03/02/10 10:31AM [no title] Translations powered by Google Translate