Weppy Demo: WebP in modern browsers today

Mandelbrot Set

Demo Code

How does it work?

WebP is actually a lightweight container for a single VP8 frame (whereas WebM is a container based off Matroska meant for video). WebM support exists already in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, so all that's needed to render it is to do a little magic to convert the RIFF encoded WebP image into a EBML/Matroska encoded single frame WebM video, loading it in a <video> and replacing the .webp image with the <video> element.

What Browsers?

Chrome, Firefox and Safari Chrome 7.0, Opera 10.62, and Firefox 4.0 were tested and functional. It should work in all browsers that support WebM video.


I'm @antimatter15 (please help me get my followed/following ratio over 1.0!). I know practically nothing about video, VP8, Matroska, EBML, WebP, WebM, codecs, binary, compression though all of them fascinate me, and I loved "A Digital Media Primer for Geeks". At time of writing I'm fifteen, though I don't find that much of an accomplishment. My site is at antimatter15.com and hopefully you'll find some other cool stuff there too.