WebGL 3D Gaussian Splat Viewer

By Kevin Kwok. Code on Github.

Use mouse or arrow keys to navigate.
movement (arrow keys) - left/right arrow keys to strafe side to side - up/down arrow keys to move forward/back - space to jump camera angle (wasd) - a/d to turn camera left/right - w/s to tilt camera up/down - q/e to roll camera counterclockwise/clockwise - i/k and j/l to orbit trackpad - scroll up/down/left/right to orbit - pinch to move forward/back - ctrl key + scroll to move forward/back - shift + scroll to move up/down or strafe mouse - click and drag to orbit - right click (or ctrl/cmd key) and drag up/down to move touch (mobile) - one finger to orbit - two finger pinch to move forward/back - two finger rotate to rotate camera clockwise/counterclockwise - two finger pan to move side-to-side and up-down other - press 0-9 to switch to one of the pre-loaded camera views - press p to resume default animation