Comments on: Introduction to the Pedant http://localhost/wp/2012/10/introduction-to-the-pedant/ this title probably isn't very original Fri, 30 May 2014 19:32:06 +0000 hourly 1 By: JasonD http://localhost/wp/2012/10/introduction-to-the-pedant/comment-page-1/#comment-80401 Thu, 13 Dec 2012 08:47:41 +0000 I actually like where this concept is headed… Though it is not a new idea, in the least… It is quite possibly the best implementation of it, headed in the right direction, that I have seen so far. I can already imagine walking around town, with the device setup to monitor when my “dinner is ready”, at a local restaurant, while I am no-where near the place. Then my foot feels a vibration, one I am familiar with, letting me know my order has been started. Yet, I am so far from my destination, that arrival “in time”, would not be possible. A quick tap on my toe, and I have just alerted the cook to stall my order for 15 minutes. Now I finish shopping, and head to the restaurant, again alerting them with a tap, that I am on my way.

My arrival alerts them, as I approach the door, with a similar method. They greet and seat me, then serve my freshly heated dinner. With another tap, I flirt with the waitress, and auto-tip her for the friendly smile. Her response is another silent stealth signal, sending me her number and facebook links. Final tap, and dinner is paid and valet parking has been alerted to bring me my car, before I have even stood-up from my seat. The final signal vibrates my foot again, letting me know the car is ready, parked and waiting. I head home for the night… (Alarm set by my presence, as I enter the room and remove my shoes.)

All without having said a single word.

Ok, a little “out there”… But, not unrealistic.

BTW ++200 for using Arduino for this. (FYI, the smaller 8-prong chips may be all you need, looking at the wires you have setup. That saves a LOT of room. Look for “minimalist arduino”, or “tiny arduino”.)

P.S. I came here looking for your ajax animator, and you blew my mind with this instead. Dude, you are like mentally 40 years old. You make me seem like I am the one in high-school, reading this stuff. Apply for a job with google. They already know who you are, trust me. They do and fund stuff like this all the time. (But take me with you. I am not as lucky to have your mind for this, but my mind has other uses, related to application.)

By: Jonathan Hall http://localhost/wp/2012/10/introduction-to-the-pedant/comment-page-1/#comment-66324 Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:47:33 +0000 Tell me more. I’ve always thought chorded toe tying was a good idea.