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Ajax Animator 0.20 Beta RC1 Released

I’m pleased to release the latest version of the Ajax Animator, 0.2. This version has been a complete rewrite of the application down to it’s core, not a single like of code copied from the old (0.14.7) release. It also happens to be the most advanced and complete release to date, with full multi-layer support, a greatly expanded toolbox, complete undo history, a shared clip-art library, a completely redesigned UI, and much more.

Lets start from when you open the app. The application speed has greatly improved, the 0.14.7 release takes ~9.5 seconds to load, 0.2 takes a mere 4.5 seconds, more than half the time. On the top toolbar, the buttons are relocated and restylized. Over at the file button, you see everything has new gorgeous icons intuitively organizing the New, Open, and Save options, where you can use the powerful new JSON based file format. Below that, you see a new Publish menu, where you can export to several formats like Adobe Flash, Processing (language), Microsoft Silverlight (XAML), and Animated GIFs.

Skipping over to the View meu, you see that there are 17 different UI themes to choose from. An unprescedented degree of customizability. And over at the Help menu, there is more useful content. A working FAQ, helpful Tip Of the Day, About page, and a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Of course the most important and powerful change in this version is the inclusion of the OnlyPaths editor. A new, powerful Vector graphics editor. The new editor allows you to draw not only the standard rectangles, ellipses, and lines, but also Text, Polygons, Freeform Paths, Images and more. You can now Rotate, Resize, and move shapes around.

The Timeline has also been reworked. The new archetecture allows the deletion of layers, expansion of tweens, and more. The Tweening engine is vastly superior, with much fewer bugs than the old one, though the new one certainly does *much* more and gets much more room to screw up.

A new Animations tab allows you to view and improve on public animations them. A new Properties panel allows you to adjust the canvas size and animation framerate along with the text content and image URL.

Its available here, at

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13 Responses

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  1. josep_ssv says

    I am proud and happy Antimmater
    The best and the only animated vector web-based no Flash .

  2. Kemeros says


    Don’t know if it’s a bug: but the history doesn’t reset itself after a file–>new

    did you want it like that? If yes.. there is a bug then… if i create 3 square.. then do file new… then edit: undo… a square is missing.

    The ad is annoying, i wasn’t missing it! (am here since you last version! i understand you want money though)

    For the rest, awesome job!

  3. admin says

    Yeah, its sorta intended that history doesn’t reset itself after file->new.

    Hmm. that bug is interesting. I think I should create a history event labeled “New Animation” and that may solve it.

    You can close if it you really get too annoyed.

  4. Kemeros says

    Meh don’t mind me with the ads… i just hate them. It’s nothing against you :p

  5. DGM says

    Looks interesting, but why no offline version?

  6. admin says

    In firefox, you can use it offline simply by going to the URL and doing a File->Go Offline. The only problem is that it doesn’t automatically cache the icons, so you’ll end up with a perfectly functional Ajax Animator with no icons.

  7. DGM says

    I was thinking more along the lines of a download, so that I don’t have to keep going online to use it in the first place. Can I do that?

  8. admin says

    If Adobe AIR has SVG support, it’s possible. but I’m not sure it has it yet.

  9. Rich Campbell says

    I’m also interested in a downloadable/offline version



  10. asdf says

    when i zoom to fullscreen and use free hand it makes a rectangle and doesnt draw then everything i use are rectangles no matter what i click what is happening?

    i have a pretty decent computer

  11. asdf says

    none of the stuff will work its laggy and its either this sucks or my computer sucks

  12. admin says

    Zooming doesn’t work, what browser are you using?

  13. icons pack says

    Absolutely with you it agree. I think, what is it good idea.

    P.S. Please review icons

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