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JavaFX + Ajax

I just noticed something. JavaFX has all the letters in Ajax. so you just switch around the J and the A (ajvafx) take out the V and the F (ajax). freaky huh? I wonder if that was intended…

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  1. Kemeros says


    so, the history list: Let’s say you created 3 squares again then do a new file. then some more squares. Now start clicking on the former states(go back in history by clicking in the list.. then the latest ones you did…basically switch like mad between states.. and after a few clicks…. it will start to show nothing. I guess the history loses it’s content after that or i don’t know.

    Another one for you to have fun with ;)


  2. admin says

    Fixed :P

  3. Kemeros says


    Yes it works great now.

    Only problem is if you play with it too much it becomes unstable. The only problem i’m able to recreate is the huge lag i get if i start creating stuff then new files and clicking around 20 times in different stages. The stages work but the app becomes really laggy if you play with them too much. Maybe my comp is the problem for that… i can’t say. If i play the the grid and line option it’s even worse.

    It’s getting quite usable tough. Great work man.


  4. Neat Tisca says

    It has more to do with Adobe Flex. Sun was annoyed seeing Adobe doing Flex which is pretty much their Java Applet game so they wanted to fight back but could not quite name their stuff Flex so they named it JavaFX.

  5. Kevin G says

    These anagram things are freaky.

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