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Project Wikify Success

Project Wikify is working out really well. My blog is getting vandalized a lot, and I actually find it really funny.

So, thanks spammers! You’ve just made my day (seriously). And posting this probably constitutes a change in the template, and will screw up Project Wikify.

For all of you who don’t have either Project Wikify, RWK, or the Project Wikify GreaseMonkey Userscript, follow the nex link to view the vandalized page (it’s the RWK version, not the full Wikify one, so you can’t edit it on that.).

View my super-vandalized blog

Amazingly, it turns out WordPress assigns IDs to posts, so it actually works (cool)! which is far better than I expected. So, it really shows how this project is working out way better than I imagined. and I’m sure someone is gonna edit this.

[Edit v0.2 Pre Alpha Beta Prototype 3 revision 1 Stable (Development) Testing Build 44 ASCII codename: copying the ajax animator's insanely long version names]
For all of you who haven’t tried this magical program yet, try so here at wikify dot antimatter15 dot com

[Edit Again]

Okay, I was wrong, it did screw up the template :( Wikify is messed up now :(

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