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I Fail

I Fail

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  1. lrbabe says

    do you?

  2. josep_ssv says

    Before you noticed more talkative
    There is not much response
    for a project so special

    Talk motivates Admin.
    I can not talk much. Sorry

  3. Mister_Abc says

    Whoa this website looks really different last time I’ve been here, so you must not fail that much. Mind emailing me at the unshown email I submitted in order to submit this post? I want to get in contact with the admin, or whoever’s posting these cynical messages about un-orginal titles, since I have a feeling that I know him because he wrote this website on my subject divider last year :o

  4. josep_ssv says

    No Admin, no.
    Tu debers probar con las mujeres o las flores.
    O con alguna mascota.
    AND FOR AJAX ANIMATOR, blogers!!!!

  5. josep_ssv says

    Yo había dibujado un antimatter Ajax Animator que controla los colores y líneas de OnlyPaths como este
    Same Silver Surfer

  6. josep_ssv says

    Tu caida me arrastra.
    Pero,..seguire en este blog fantasma
    Con bloggers fantasmas

    Sin prueba de vida
    Hablando con alguien que haya muerto
    Un loco solitario.

  7. KsbjA says

    Lol, when reading your post, at first I thought I have wikify on. XD But is this the reason you fail? Here:

    var w = window;
    w = frames[1];
    var d=w.document,b=d.body;
    if(w.wk_onlaunch) return wk_onlaunch();
    function l(u) {
    var s = d.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);
    s.type = ‘text/javascript’;
    s.src = u;
    s.className = “wk_initsc”;
    w.loadmode = 1;
    var m = d.createElement(“div”); = “wk_premask”;
    m.setAttribute(“style”,”font-family:Tahoma,Verdana,’Trebuchet MS’,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;color:#000;background-color:#8095AA;position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;left:0;font-size:100px;z-index:51000;text-align:center”)
    if(!w.jQuery) l(“”);
    setTimeout(arguments.callee, 100);

  8. KsbjA says

    Sorry, my fault. Damn redirect remover. I fail.

  9. Abby says

    Failing is good for your brain.
    Okay, maybe not, but you don’t fail completely….

  10. Sui says

    TJ? I’m sorry. :x Hehe, I’m a stalker…not really, no, not at all. o_o

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