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VectorEditor 2

I’ve decided to experiment with improving the original VectorEditor again, which was initially stopped because of the limitations of Raphael, but since it has by far matured a lot, I decided to try making it again.

Part of the reason, is that I want to make a Google Wave Ajax Animator Mini. Which is the Ajax Animator with a minimal UI, that replaces the user management and history features with those which are inherent for Google Wave. I think it is quite important to achieve better browser support for that to happen, so I think it’s a good idea to rethink the Vector Editor project.

It’s also inspired a bit from the svg-edit project, which doesn’t seem to actively persue support for IE, and has built itself around SVG (which is what OnlyPaths was also).

It’s mostly going to be for the mini-ajax animator.

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  1. josep_ssv says

    Muy buena idea!!.
    Te sugiero también retomar Ajax-Animator Viewer con events para video-games

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