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New Default Colors?

Since the project started  almost 3 years ago, the color scheme had been Red fill, Black stroke, and a stroke width of 1px. Is it time to change?

One idea is White for the fill, Black for stroke (same), and a 5px line instead. This makes lines more easily manipulated, but it tends to make rectangles large (and the canvas is small). The normal Black/Red/1px is the same used by Flash (as far as I know), and numerous other editing tools (including svg-edit).

So what do you think?

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  1. josep_ssv says

    It should look like Flash or to Inkscape.
    The rectangles shown in black
    1px Line

  2. Hi says

    Hey I know this has nothing do to but can you send a Google wave invite to Please- I read your blog every day!

  3. josep_ssv says

    Yo tambien quiero otra invitación para Google Wave!!

  4. josep_ssv says

    Admin: Ajaxanimator Player: Fantastico!!!!!

  5. josep_ssv says

    Tu podrias escribir para que AjaxAnimator Player mostrase solo un frame.
    Por ejemplo: show(Frame15)

  6. josep_ssv says

    ¿Donde está el Viewer?

  7. admin says

    I invited you, it will take a while for you to get the invite though, google is slow to hand them out.

  8. josep_ssv says

    where is the viewer ?

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