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Talk to the bot!

You can talk to the awesome omegle-learning robot with it’s 20MB database!

The way it works is pretty cool, there is that client which is using postMessage to communicate to a frame hosted with google app engine which is polled at an insanely fast rate (practical DDoS at 2 requests per second). That gets stored on a datastore, and my server in my basement is also DDoSing google, recieving new messages (probably using BOSH/XMPP would be better…). It uses JSONP to query the server’s php server and computes a response with MySQL and PHP. Then it’s sent to the HTML, postMessaged to the iframe and t hen ddoses google and etc.

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  1. Kevin G says

    I didn’t know that you could send requests that fast in JS (it just seemed unreasonable). I’m thinking about a random project with chat and I guess I should probably poll at about once per 2-4 seconds with no chats, and once per second with a chat open.

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