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Project Wikify Updated

Yes, it's true. I finally updated Wikify

In 2008 (That long ago, I know!), I started something called Project Wikify. Basically, it was a bookmarklet which let people edit stuff on web pages and save it onto a server. A lot of people may be aware of the simple thing where pasting javascript:document.designMode=”on”; into the URL bar makes the internet explode into awesomeness such as replacing every other word in this blog with the name of a certain genitalia. Of course, the absolutely huge issue with this is that you really can’t share your awesome creation.

So here comes Wikify to fix that, the age-old problem of sharing your vandalized sites has been finally resolved….  a year ago. And since then, nobody really has ever cared.

So, I looked back at it last week, and realized how painfully crappy the website for it was. To fix it, I decided to test out iWeb, yes, a totally non-leet WYSIWYG editor. But yes, that’s how crappy my web-design skills are, so the result is quite an improvement. Anyway, I used the Blank-Page template, so at least you can spare your eyes from yet another generic theme (*cough this blog cough*).

While designing the site, I tried out Wikify and discovered that it didn’t work on Wikipedia articles and the News button didn’t work. So I quickly got those features working, so now i’m writing this blog post about my tiny edits and the new site.

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  1. emirotin says

    Hello again.
    I have posted several more comments to the previous post, but they are not shown :(.
    Are you interested in stabilizing your jsvectoreditor?

  2. admin says

    Blame WordPress’s Akismet spam filter, its overly strict with classifying real comments with spam. I went through spam list and manually approved your comments.

    Yes, I’m interested in updating VectorEditor, please file some bug reports on google code.

  3. emirotin says

    Thanks for the instant reply!
    I’ll file the bugs/issues.


  4. emirotin says

    I have created some behavior issues/enhancements requests.
    Some of them might be challenging, so please think about payment.

    By the way, I have had a bit similar project (unfortunately, not finished and paused at the moment).


  5. admin says

    Most of the issues are interface-specific and I’ve provided some code snippets to resolve most of them. The one relating to text is quite hard and I might consider payment for that.

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