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Uploading to Google Music Beta from Linux

So yeah, I just got a Music Beta invite today, and it’s pretty cool except for the fact it doesn’t have any means  of uploading besides the desktop application on Windows and Mac.

So, after a little packet sniffing, I got the basic idea of how it works. You send a POST to some URL with some info and then that returns a URL that you PUT to in order to add the song.

So pretty soon, I hacked together something that almost sort of worked, with one rather significant caveat: It doesn’t pick up any tag data, name, time, artist, album, etc. I can’t figure out why. I guess I’ll try some more tomorrow.

The prototype is at

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  1. Shawn Lauzon says

    Yeah, I thought that was a pretty big missing feature too, as all of my music is on my Linux box. Cool that you could at least get SOMETHING working, would love to see a version with tag support. Good luck!

  2. Luis says

    Seems like this could have just been a webapp using the new HTML5 file io support. A shame they had to make it a native application.

  3. admin says

    Yeah, but a desktop app has the nice ability to do transcoding, auto run, and parsing iTunes stuff.

  4. Matt Katzenberger says

    Is there any way to select a folder instead of just a group of files. My music is automatically sorted by Artist, then album making this a very slow way to upload music.

    Even so I’m glad this is out there. At least someone is trying.

  5. Anonymous Coward says

    If you think it’s dead, you should just remove this blog post or update it saying so.

    I was vastly disappointed to have to find out elsewhere that it no longer worked. Probably could have spared me the time I wasted. Anyway, not your fault. Thanks for the hard work.

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