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Wave uses Closure

Closure Tools were recently released by Google to allow for others to use the same rich libraries that Google uses internally. Its used by Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps, but interestingly also used by Google Wave. While they don’t actually announce that Closure is used in Wave, the view-source obfuscated mess from Wave does strongly show it.The reason why its use in wave is more interesting than most others is that Wave is in GWT, while the rest are pure JS. This implies that an interface to the Closure Library may be coming to GWT. While the interface doesn’t seem to be made from Closure, there are references to “closure_hashCode” and “”.

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  1. Eric says

    I just went to see if you had any progress with your projects(mainly ajaxanimator) and I saw your post. about closure. I just want to say thanks because I always wanted to get into google wave and see how do they do a lot of things(to learn for my OS) and I found out they are using closue which I had o idea what it was until now.

    So Thanks!

  2. qMax says

    Isn’t Wave coded in GWT? It seems like Lars stated this directly at i/o 2009 dev preview.
    It also obfuscate code quite well.
    But the structure should be very different.

  3. admin says

    Yeah, Wave is GWT, but they seem to also use Closure which makes me believe part of the reason Closure was released is because Wave uses it and will be open sourced too. The names of things are changed quite a lot and so are the variables, but it’s still too similar.

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