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Who wants a Wave invite?

I have enough to give away to some people. I guess I’ll designate ~20 to people who go to my blog or something. Leave a comment and I’ll take your plea into consideration.

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  1. Arth says

    Hey I want to plea for an invite!! :P

    Btw, your workage amazes me dude. :O How did you get involved so early?

  2. Arth says

    hm, brackets are not correcly escaped. Some utf-8 then:

  3. Leite says

    ‘Wave’ to me, ok?!

  4. Anonymous says

    Invited both.

  5. jokmontoya says

    I would like one of that. Thanks.

  6. Rafael Pagliuca says

    I came here looking for the Ajax Animator, but a Google Wave invite wouldn’t be that bad :)
    Good job there!

  7. Paul says

    Please invite me:

  8. aldorr says

    Hi there,
    Thanks for keeping track of what you’re learning for others’ benefit.
    If you get a chance, I’d love an invite to Google Wave.
    I’m personally interested in how it holds up supporting writing projects.

  9. admin says

    Invited, you’ll get the invites eventually, it takes a few days to process

  10. Arth says

    Hey mr. admin many thanks! :D x

  11. Imdm says

    If you still have some… count with me :D

  12. Eric says

    HI, I’m the OS guy, Can you invite me too, please?

  13. admin says

    Invited. 9 left so far.

  14. MaJiKMan says

    I’d like an invite… if it’s not too much trouble.

  15. Chris says

    If you don’t mind, I’d love to get an invite.

  16. Raf says

    I would also love an invite :)
    Thanks in advance

  17. Luke says

    i would love an invite, curiosity needs to be satisfied!

  18. admin says

    Invited Chris, Raf and Luke and MaJiKMan. 13 more.

  19. Manuel says

    Hi! I would also like an invite, if you have any left.
    Many thanks!

  20. admin says


  21. Rumi says

    Hey, i would love to try Google Wave, thanks from Argentina !

  22. Rumi says

    I didnt used my gmail account to make the post, now i did.

  23. dario gaston says

    i Want one

  24. Pablo Grandinetti says

    Sounds very cool! We are starting to build a few Wave Bots so will be very useful to have another account to test them. Thanks a lot!

  25. Anonymous says

    12 Invites left, invited.

  26. hulkster44 says
    Thank ya :>

  27. torcolato says

    If still available you would make me a little bit happy.
    Thanks in advance!

  28. Patrick Laubner says

    Yo, I’d love an invite to Google Wave. are considering developing anything for Wave? Have some Xen Space for it. Cheers from Krautland!!

  29. ihavemorecontacts says

    i saw wave on a friends computer. looked nice, all contacts everywhere. for me, as i have 20+ different girls in my contacts, this would end up in a terrible mess …

  30. admin says

    @torcolato, you didn’t give any contact information.
    @ihavemorecontacts, Well, it’s still a preview and i’m sure some issues will be ironed out. Do you wan’t an invite or not?

    Invited Patrick and hulkster44. 9 Invites remaining.

  31. torcolato says

    ups, sorry.
    Try again, believed email was entered.

  32. Yusuf says

    Do you have one more ? I want one… already thank you very much..

  33. Yusuf says

    my email ; aydemir.y [ at ]


  34. MadMod says

    If you have another invite I’d like to talk to you about you multitouch ideas, they are very original. I’m tired of everyone on nuigroup saying “me too!” and building another FTIR/DI/LLP table. :D

  35. admin says

    Invited Yusef and MadMod, 7 invites left

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