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December 2008

Calculate Pi!

Distributed Computing Take III

Action Limit Exceeded

3999 Spam

Wikify Format 2.0

Crashing IE

Wikify Diff Engine


Porting Ajax Animator to Titanium

WordPress 2.7!

Posting From WP 2.7

vX Ajax is almost 10 bytes smaller

Wikify Update

November 2008

3000th spam

October 2008


Ajax Animator Thoughts

Deja Vu

Can Anyone Beat This?

vX JS Library

vX Ajax Function

September 2008

Project Wikify Prototype 5 Released

Project Wikify Success

Project Wikify Prototype 4 Revision 3


Google Chrome

Project Wikify

August 2008

Wikifying the Internet

Controlling A Native App from a Javascript Desktop

Note To Self

Login System

Ajax Animator 0.20.2 Released

Ajax Animator Manual


Refresh your cache

Ext 2.2

IE works in development version

Why no demos?

Preparing Ajax Animator 0.20.01 Beta RC2 Stable Release

Ajax Animator 0.20.01 Beta RC2 Stable Released

Ajax Animator 0.20.01 Soon

Ajax Animator 0.20 Browser Support

Ajax Animator 0.21 Early Fork

JavaFX + Ajax

0.21 Bugfixes

new features

Ajax Animator 0.20 Beta RC1 Released

Do not go to testing site

Ajax Animator 0.2 Beta *almost* RC1

Almost There!

July 2008

new IE not supported error

IE somewhat works

Bug Fixes

Tip Of The Day

Build 400

Small Stuff Again


Minor Updates

Color Tweening

Flash Export

Export to Animated GIF

Export to Silverlight

Exporting to Processing

Standalone Animation Player

Improved Tweening Engine Stability

June 2008

Switching Editors

Resize Grid, Improved Select, Delete Selection/Clear All

New loading screen + HTML Strict Doctype

Status Fixing the compiler problem

May 2008


Build 99

Today's Updates

Today's Updates III

Today's Updates II

Starting Over


Hello world!

Updates Today

Small Updates

Experimental Comet MMORPG

April 2008

Today's (Tiny) Updates

January 2008

Desktop Flash IDE ForkSwif Released