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December 2010

drag2up 2.0 - drag and drop uploading for all sites

Ajax Animator on Chrome Web Store

November 2010

Digital Sculpting with Three.JS

insanely simple anti-phishing system

Simple Anti Phishing Mechanism

October 2010

Getting WebGL/OpenGL 2 to work on a ATI 1950X

Google Suggest + Venn Diagrams

Weppy Updates Opera, Chrome and Firefox support and simpler usage

Weppy Javascript Shim for WebP on Chrome 6 and Firefox 4.0

drag2up – Drag files onto any site

Gmail Style HTML5 Drag/Drop

September 2010

Readability iframe Extension

3D Sculpting Tool

Why my Streamie fork is better than everyone else’s

August 2010

Sort-of working Linux-friendly Apple Event Playlist

HTTP based federated protocol for real time hierarchical message manipulation

HTML5/CSS3 Zooming User Interface

BitTorrent in JavaScript with Node

Chrome Extension Desktop Search

Chrome Extension Hide Element

microwave on app store

Deep Integration Wave API Sample Blogger

1k JS 3d Function Plotter

DOM Indexer JS Compression

July 2010

JavaScript <canvas> to (Animated) GIF

Experiment Ruby-style function auto-calling in Javascript


Fluidizer fixed width → fluid width bookmarklet

Multicore Javascript Pi Computing with WebWorkers

A Bright Coloured Fish Parsing ID3v2 Tags in Javascript (and ExtensionFM)

June 2010



Wave Reader

μwave updates again

Done switching webhosts

Deep Integration Wave Embed API

It's host switching time.

Ajax Animator on Chrome Web Store (well, when it's released)

The Forward Button

stick figure animator

Ajax Animator for iPad Updates


μwave updates

Steganography in Javascript

May 2010

μwave lightweight mobile wave client

Simple Javascript 3D Function Plotter

April 2010

Ajax Animator iPad Support

Idea: Lego Mindstorms IDE for iPad

March 2010

2.3KB JS Library with ajax, animation, dom manipulation, json encoding

Onion Skinning in Ajax Animator

February 2010

Stick Figures!

Moving an element to a new window

Wave Reader 5.7

January 2010

Wave Reader 4.6 - Insanely Fast Edition

LED Inverse Shutter Glasses

Pure JavaScript HTML5 <canvas> to (Animated) GIF Conversion

Javascript SHA1 and SHA256 in