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Project Naptha

Screenshot 2014-04-24 02.56.29

So, well, this kinda finally launched.

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  1. Dinsan says

    Awesome work :)

  2. nemo says

    Super cool. Looking forward to Firefox addon. Kinda curious actually. the OCR emscripten compile you’re using. Is it asm.js and therefore would benefit from Firefox’ static compile?

  3. meta says

    this is a really cool feature!
    but I wonder what that means for the battery runtime – i would suggest a on/off button on the browsers user interface in order to avoid the deactivation in the chrome://extensions/

    thx for this amazing tool anyway :-)

  4. John Saddington says

    Congrats. An amazing product. Holy shit. I love it.

  5. nemo says

    Hm. Still no Firefox :-/ there was certainly plenty of interest in it back when it hit HN 3 weeks ago.

  6. Kota says

    Really handy. Can see it being really useful.

    One thing I would suggest is having a different color highlight for images as it is not immediately apparent if something is an image or live html text.

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