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Ajax Animator Sucessfully Updated!

The update is done! now enjoy the opera-compatability, functional tweening, interactive tutorials, text, visual effects, less-rude IE messages, AXML 2, speed, elegance, registration ease, fasterness, awesomeness, insanely great, new version.

My favorite new feature would probably be the effects (explode, ramdom rectangle, brick wall, translate, text, bak2start)

and since some names are vague and there is no documentation:

-Explode: Over a specified duration, it relocates all the shapes on a frame to somewhere else (awesome when combined with brickwall)
-BrickWall: creates a bunch of rectangles that are shaped like a brick wall (the user can change varialbes such as starting point, size, width, height, etc)
-Bak2Start: Reverts last tween. so you can combine brickwall with explode, and use brickwall, you’ll see the pieces converge back into a brick wall
-Text: Random pixel fonts. they are user-generated (actually, they are trusted user generated, as in, i only post the link in some places, but anyone smart enough to look in the source code can find out) they can be magnified, and since they are created by collections of squares: you can explode them just like the brickwall
-translate: translates all objects on the frame by x,y (if you dont know what translate in geometry means, then go consult wikipdia)
-random rectangle: name says it all. it adds a random rectangle. it has a random color, random location, random size, etc.

Then if you need to learn the basics of ajax animator: just go to Help -> Interactive Tutorial

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