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IE support is something really important to most users. especially with around 80% of the world still using it.

Raphael doesn’t seem that good, much worse than OnlyPaths SVG Renderer. But something that seems better is still Dojo.GFX

It supports Circles, Ellipses, Groups, Images, Lines, Draggable things, Paths, Points, Polylines, Rectangles, Text, Fonts, etc. and renders into VML, SVG and Silverlight.

It’s size isn’t too big either and there are CDNs for it. We could also learn from xDraw to design our editor.

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  1. lrbabe says

    I’m sorry, what are CDNs and what is xDraw ?

  2. admin says

    CDNs are Content Distribution Networks. It’s basically a web host that only serves certain files, but it serves them really fast.

    xDraw: (Firefox only)

  3. Jeremy1080 says

    I don’t know if you remember me but i am from the liveswifers fourm. any way i am working on my own flash animator in VB because openswif is never going to come. I was wondering what you used to export to swf and am in desperate need.

  4. admin says

    I use the Freemovie library in PHP. Which probably won’t be of use to you.

    I made ForkSwif a while back. Close to what you’re attempting (but in C#).

    It uses SWFMill to convert SVG -> SWF (probably more feasable).

  5. Jeremy1080 says

    Where can i find fork swif

  6. Jeremy1080 says

    Found it. also i was wondering if a could see those 20 lines of code you used to make the timeline in I too use C and a littl C# maybe we could work on our own “openswif”

  7. admin says

    I’m pretty busy now. I made that timeline in VB.NET and ported it to C#.

    You should probably try making it yourself, I’m occupied working on the Ajax Animator. You can download the source at

  8. josep_ssv says

    It evolved Dojo.GFX
    Need OPF!

    Always learning Admin

  9. admin says

    Dojo.GFX supports JSON, and OPF will be easy to convert. I’ll try to make something and see if it’s possible

  10. Jeremy1080 says

    Thanks. One last thing(You must want to kill me by now :))

    That vXg thing in your blog I cant get to work.

    I copyed to it to vXg.js

    and then here is my code for my ajax.html


    My Ajax



    Any help would be appreciated

    P.S. the reason i am so annoying… only 13

  11. josep_ssv says

    That link is your role model? ??

  12. Jeremy1080 says

    Wow sorry didnt come out right

    My Ajax



    That should do it

    Don’t you just want to shoot me now :)

  13. Jeremy1080 says

    I know i have used the jquery to use ajax but jquery is to big how would i click a link and and get a page back from the server using vXg

  14. admin says

    Sorry, I forgot to escape my scripts.

    <div id=”someelement”> </div>

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    vXg(“page1.html”, function(e){
    document.getElementById(“someelement”).innerHTML = e;

  15. muriloht says


    in first, i wanna congratulate you for your blog and the project Ajax Animator. If possible i would like to help you with development, translation to brazilian portuguese and other possible things on this project.


  16. Ghost says

    Actually according to statistics only 48% use IE. :/

  17. admin says

    @ghost: W3Schools is not a representitive slice of the web user population, and nearly 50% is pretty big.

    @muriloht: That’s wonderful! the Ajax Animator still doesn’t have a translation system in place. What are you good at? Java? PHP? Python? JavaScript? HTML?

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