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Experimental Ambient Light Parallel Reflection Optical Multitouch Overlay Proof-Of-Concept Implementation Version 2

With new Tri-detection system. Area Scan, Perimeter Scan, and Point Scan.

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  1. lrbabe says

    Looks promising!

  2. rainabba says

    There’s an issue I’ve seen in a couple buggy capacitive implementations that I think would be unavoidable here and I’m wondering if you can confirm, or explain how you might avoid them. The issue is that when two points share an axis value as they cross in motion, you can’t reliably detect (at least for that moment), which point gets the other axis value. For example, say you had one finger moving from (0,0) to (0,10) and another finger moving from (10,10) to (0,10). At one point in time, they both might be (x, 5). I’m not trying to knock your idea by any stretch, I love the work you’re doing and hope to try the shinytouch project soon myself. I’m just pondering these ideas.

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