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Ajax Ranking in Rash QMS

So i had this little project involving a quote repository and due to some trouble installing the superior Chirpy system, I used RQMS and did a few changes to add features like ajax ranking so you don’t have to reload to rank something.

It only involved changing less than 10 lines and pasting a snippet of my vX Ajax library.

Replace lines 151, 152 and 153 with the following lines (respectively) in rash_output.php (the template).

<a href="?ratingplus<?=$GET_SEPARATOR_HTML?>id=<?=$row['id']?>" onclick="plus(<?=$row['id']?>);return false" class="quote_ratingplus">+</a>
(<span id="rating<?=$row['id']?>"><?=$row['rating']?></span>)
<a href="?ratingminus<?=$GET_SEPARATOR_HTML?>id=<?=$row['id']?>" onclick="minus(<?=$row['id']?>);return false" class="quote_ratingminus">-</a>

Then add the following somewhere arbitrary in the <head> of rash_template.php
<script type="text/javascript">
var _=_?_:{}
function plus(ID){
_.ajax("?ratingplus&id="+ID, function(){
_.G("rating"+ID).innerHTML = parseInt(_.G("rating"+ID).innerHTML)+1
function minus(ID){
_.ajax("?ratingminus&id="+ID, function(){
_.G("rating"+ID).innerHTML = parseInt(_.G("rating"+ID).innerHTML)-1

I’ve packaged a sample rash template with the ajax functionality. You can get it here:

And the purpose of this is of course for one of my new projects, BotBash a conversation repository between a little (really simple) bot i built and strangers on Omegle. You can see it in action on

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