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Ajax Animator + Vector Editor

So yesterday, I worked a little on making a VectorEditor based Ajax Animator. It actually took suprisingly little work. The mostly modular and abstracted design of the Ajax Animator means that only a few files need to be changed. Mainly those in the js/drawing directory. Though there was a bunch of references to Ax.canvas.renderer.removeAll() which needed to be changed.

Another cool feature in that version is the ability to have layers show up concurrently. So you can see things while drawing just as they would be in export.

However, it’s not ready, it’s very very buggy, Lines and Paths aren’t tweenable yet, and it’s missing all those nice features of OnlyPaths that VectorEditor inherently lacks.

But the one really nice feature I think is the multi select. You can easily select a group of things which comprise some sort of shape, and move it all across.

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  1. josep_ssv says

    Me interesa.
    Inkscape y Flash son diferentes para edición de vectores
    Flash separa Fill y Border
    La edición es usando el borde
    Una forma es un conjunto de capas donde hacer subselección
    Tool subselection

  2. josep_ssv says

    Voy a probar
    necesito poder controlar los Nodes Path

  3. josep_ssv says

    Estoy sorprendido de
    y el control de nodos de ejemplos

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