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Freemovie/JS: Pure Javascript SWF Generator

I’m making a crude python script that translates PHP to JS rather hideously. It probably will not work on any other codebase. It was a script quickly hacked together to one purpose.

Freemovie is

FreeMovie is an SWF generator library written in PHP and ported to Ruby. FreeMovie can be used to develop Web and desktop aplications.

Speaking of the Ruby port, I can’t find it. So if anyone finds it, I think it might be useful somewhere. Found it in the CVS, it’s really incomplete compared to the PHP version.

The machine translated code (Not *entirely* autogenerated, I wrote a line or two of it) is not too hideous, the tabbing is slightly off, but it’s at least mostly readable. It was a lot worse 2 hours ago (half of the lines had indentation, other without any, debugging comments everywhere saying useless and distracting things).

The translator is only 107 lines of (hideous code, though the language is beautiful, I guess if you loved JS enough, you could try running the program though skulpt) python (+ 20 or so in another file to change chr() to String.fromCharCode, etc). After that, it uses 6 PHP compatibility functions and 5 from the PHP.js project to cover the features that I’m too lazy to  put in the compiler or are just not features in JS.

The above demo generates a flash image entirely client-side, though the resulting base64 encoded data is sent to be decoded on the server since you can’t load a SWF from a data-url. If someone finds out how, it would be cool to tell me.

A big issue though, is that for some odd reason half the shapes don’t work. The ones in the demo work, but all filled shapes, and the circles/arcs do not work.

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