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Totally failed mini-project: svg-edit + svgweb

So I tried to get svg-edit to work with svgweb’s flash shim (IE support). Sadly, it’s a total failure!

I only got far enough to get drawing lines, paths, polygons and rectangles working. Ellipses and text do not work. Selecting a shape shows the tracker, but if you drag it then it just flies over to (0,0) and dies. Partly because I didn’t spend any more than an hour getting the port to work, but the issues I’ve encountered is that svgweb doesn’t implement shape.getBBox() (but it did provide shape._getX(), shape._getY(), shape._getWidth(), and shape._getHeight() so it wasn’t hard to implement that). Then was that since it’s using a flash shim, the events which they hook on the container with jQuery only show the as the <embed> which the flash resides in. But I got a strange hack where you have 2 copies of the event listeners and kill the selects from the jQuery one, but doing that makes unselecting impossible.

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  1. stelt says

    SVGWeb is in experimental alpha stage after all.

  2. lrbabe says

    Well, I guess vector graphics won’t be really a first class citizen of the Web before Microsoft finally decides to adopt SVG.
    I’m still gonna give a try to SVG Web.

  3. Admin too lazy to login says

    I think it’s just that it’s a bit too early to try.

  4. Brad Neuberg says

    Hey, that’s great that you tried to integrate these things! Make sure to jump on the SVG Web Google Group and share your experiences about what isn’t working and what you need implemented; we are actively working with developers on their projects to have SVG Web be useful for them and fix show stopper bugs.

    Brad Neuberg

  5. Lasse says

    Take a look at this issue. Your problem might be solved now.

  6. Anonymous says

    Also svg-edit is getting updated all the time too. I was using it just yesterday.

  7. admin says

    The problem is that as svg-edit is getting updated quickly, it uses more features which SVGWeb doesn’t support. I tried porting it again last week, and while some of the initial issues are mostly solved (getBBox, isn’t implemented yet, though my hack might still work).

    Right now, it adds a svg node within a svg node (for zooming), which is one that stops it from working.

  8. Jeff Schiller says

    Perhaps you can try to port an earlier version like SVG-edit 2.3 or 2.2. This would still be really useful to have because the only solution at present is a plugin-based one.

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