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The future of the Ajax Animator

Eventually, what will happen is a pluggable editor system and swapping between the new Mini UI and the old standard UI. The pluggable editor system will enable switching between the existing VectorEditor and OnlyPaths editors as well as SVG-edit. Possibly, OnlyPaths will be phased out as SVG-edit supports every feature of the former as well as many more. The priority editors with the new version will be VectorEditor (the Mini UI editor, based on Raphael so it works fine cross-browser, but is also much more limiting than the rest, including OnlyPaths which it partially replaces). SVG-edit is an awesome project which is being actively developed, and will add new features that may make the Ajax Animator viable for more than just stick figures. New features that will come from the transition could include Gradients, Curved paths, Wireframes, Zoom, Groups, Align tools, Rotation and Resizing (without bugs!), Polygon/Polyline editing, to name a small subset. It’s likely that SVG-edit will have far more features by the time it’s fully implemented. It’ll be awesome.

The SVG-edit UI won’t fit well with the Mini UI (which I actually like more), so the classical UI will be revived.

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  1. Eric says

    That sounds like a good future but I think you are focusing too much on the UI, you need to focus a lot more on the features of the editor like better frame handling, and maybe try to implement actionscript.

  2. antimatter15 says

    The issue with implementing Actionscript is that the core library which is used to generate SWFs doesnt support Actionscript. I can’t get ming to run on this server, and the other java-based ones don’t work on this server either.

  3. antimatter15 says

    I don’t quite understand what you mean by better frame handling though.

  4. Eric says

    I don’t want to say that your’e not doing an awesome application, but I mean that for instanse you can’t delete or clear frames, insert frame doesn’t works.

    i saw that your’e great with programming languages so why not try to port something that supports it? I saw a java library somewhere that supports AS 1 so why not port that one? I’m sure you can do it.

    and what about using Google App Engine? it supports java…

  5. admin says

    Deleting and inserting frames is buggy, but does work on the Mini-UI version. I use GAE for serving up static files relating to the app, but i’ve never tried using Java with it, I don’t know Java so that’s why.

  6. Dawwe says

    Can I add Ajax Animator to a regular Wave (not Sandbox)? doesnt work for me

  7. admin says

    The manifest file is for the installer, not the extension. is the extension.

  8. Michael G says

    Are any of the export formats in AA stable when more than 1 layer is active?

  9. admin says

    It’s not something I’ve tested.

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