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Wave Reader 4.6 – Insanely Fast Edition

Loading a 500 blip wave in Google’s GWT Client takes 3:34 to get to a usable state (Where the scroll bar works) on a 3ghz Core2 Duo (whose extra core admittedly won’t do much). It also uses 972 MB of RAM.

Loading the same wave in my Wave Reader, takes 678 milliseconds. A 315x speed-up. Also, my client is totally unoptimized, pure 30KB of javascript. On top of those features, anyone can view waves, without a google account, individual blips can be linked to, it supports rendering almost everything Wave can, that is gadgets, inline replies, nesting, font color/size, italics, bold, everything you could probably expect. Interestingly, when you add an attachment to Wave, and delete the parent blip, it still stores the attachment on the current wave state, and this client can display/link to them without using Playback. There is an option to generate plain simple HTML for turning a Wave into a standalone page or Website. Private waves can be exposed read-only as a website simply by adding the username.

Using it is simple, take  a Wave!w%252Br5lewFqCA and then put it after the Wave Reader URL!w%252Br5lewFqCA
And magically you have a super awesome URL to link to.

You can learn some tricks on how to use it to do some more awesome things!w%252BrnG0vaFXA such as the before mentioned HTML generation.

Samples (Some random waves):!w%252Br5lewFqCA (New for 4.6 Inline reply support)!w+UDMZOGpSG

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  1. Charles says

    Hey, that’s quite interesting! Although my gadget doesn’t work in it. I guess it’s because I’m doing some postmessage stuff to transfer data and since it’s served from another domain it doesn’t allow it:

    On another note, I don’t know if you can help on this, but have a corrupted/undeletable/unarchivable wave in my inbox, which I believe was created by you… I’m even unable to get it’s ID, it bombs before that. Title is “VectorEditor – Real Time Graphics Editing”, last update nov 3rd… have you been able to get rid of it for yourself?

  2. antimatter15 says

    I have a lot of waves above it so I haven’t tried. The error seems to be because of a unicode decode error, I’ll go fix it eventually.

  3. ali says

    Wave Reader 4.6 – 5.7 none of them working properly.How can I read my wave

  4. admin says

    Google must have changed it in a way that broke wave reader. You can try static-bot, try adding

  5. ali says

    by adding i cannot scroll down

  6. песчаный краткое says

    очень хорошо мне очень понравилось

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