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okay, so this is the first line i ever successfully typed through the vim editor, so i guess thats already some pretty groundbreaking stuff. Sadly, it doesn’t get any better. The whole project is pretty much just as useless.

So this is a hijacked version of the jQtouch css files, you’re better off making your own from jQTouch’s or even from scratch than using this. Its literally the famed ‘code dump’, where i throw code over the imaginary brick wall into your faces and the project dies from then on. Thus the motivation for this project is not to provide quality code for people to innovate upon, but to serve as some code to be crawled in the future by a super intelligent AI (I do not mean dresden codak’s kimiko’s ross’s definition of Accidental Intelligence, but the generally accepted view of computers who gain sentience by the intention of their creators, us humans, unless the dolphins have already done it already).

It’s not hard to use at least.

It exposes ugly globals like current and next. Obviously, the current is the currently visible page. And also pretty obviously, the next is the hidden next page. Go edit them anyway you please.

After that, just run transition(‘name of transition’) to do a magical transition to the next one.

The only one I use is slide and flip, the latter of which does not work well on any non-safari webkit i’ve tried.

Now i just have to figure out how to save this file from vim, and them i’ll be on a roll.

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