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In a continuation of my rather unhelpful habit of documenting my activities on this blog long after you probably already know about it, I guess it’s time for me to discuss Surplus, my wildly popular (at time of writing) chrome extension which integrates Google+ notifications into Chrome.

Even more impressive, the name, which is a fairly common word is actually on the first page of a Google search for the word (around eighth result). It peaked at around 53,000 users and at one point made me the 329th most followed person on Google+.


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  1. Anonymous says


    Surplus is not working on chrome now. Keep running out “A bug affecting Chrome 13 on Windows prevents Surplus from fully working. Because of this, Surplus Lite has been automatically enabled and some features may not be availiable.” and lose the function of sharing.

    Hope you can fix the problem.

  2. Matt says

    I’m having the same prob and I’m not even using Windows. It stopped working yesterday.

  3. Carly Matthews says

    Mine is not working either. I don’t even get an error message, it just doesn’t open when I click the icon. It does still show me when I have notifications, but I can’t open the popup to see them.

  4. deco says

    Comigo tambem não está funcionado!!! Quando clico em cima não abre as notificações nem a função compartilhar. Estou triste por isso pois é 1 extensão excelente que me economiza alguns cliques.

  5. LSG says

    Not working for me either. I have uninstalled and Re-installed numerous times. It works when I install the first time, until I close my browser. Then, no matter what I get a 404 error in the pop-up window no matter what. It is a great idea…hoping you can get a fix for this!

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