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On December 15th, 2012 12:15pm, I was accepted Early Action to the¬†Massachusetts Institute of Technology, so I’ll be there starting this fall :)

This blog isn’t principally here to boost my ego, so I’ll leave it at that, because I’m writing this post some six months after-the-fact with a fake retroactive timestamp in order to fraud my monthly post-count goal.

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  1. Darin says

    Well played! Bring a jacket, or two, and boots, and gloves. Remember, mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves.

  2. Alex Jimenez says

    Ahhh congratulations!!!! So proud of you!!!

  3. Alfredo Abambres says

    We all (and you know who are the “all”) knew that you were set to something great… this is just the next step in your wonderful life. Enjoy.

  4. Pooja Srinivas says


  5. Kevin G says

    heh, retroactive posting?

    congrats again!

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