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Today’s Updates

Some relatively small changes today.

More icons were added, fixed bug where icons would not work on the main tabpanel. Now it works, and there are nice tabs outlining Canvas, Preview and Animations. The Misc (east) panel and the Properties (south) panels now have icons.

The Canvas status bar has been redesigned (sorta to resemble the Ext Grid Paging toolbar). The scripts used here now accurately handle the status bar (with the “busy” icon working)

The About window has been improved somewhat (just adding more to credits). and some more information in the version tab.

The FAQ button on the Help menu now works (its now tied for the most functional menu in the app, with two working buttons! second is the Tools menu which has two working buttons – Debug and Preload). It has no real content, but it demonstrates how the layout will be (a new closable tab is added to the center panel)

The demo server has finally caught up with my local server. Sadly, since CSS/Images are not synchronized by the Auto-Deploy/Compile system, some edits do not work fully on the demo server (the logo didnt show in the about dialog). Now the main compiled app is almost fully synchronized. so it supports a new theme (midnight).

Again, the url is:

Oh, and check out this awesome updating mask (basically, when updating, this little page pops up)

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