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Non-Usable Ajax Animator 0.2 Demo

As you may know, version 0.2 is a *complete* rewrite of the Ajax Animator, with completely different coding styles.

Here is version 0.6 alpha 1. It is the first phase of the transition (see roadmap), and is therefore not usable.

It is more of a mockup than the actual application.

(mind the letter casing)

It will take *forever* to load (yes, longer than my stable app) because it has not yet been optimized/compiled (didn’t make my compilier yet :P).

You might notice that the icons (notably the File menu) are more closely match that of the other parts. For some reason, I used icons from another iconset (i think it was mini) but now i’ve switched entirely to silk. and the result is quite nice.
With the file menu, the Open submenu has a new option.  “From URL”, which means you can load from another server hosting a file. Likely this will not be enabled on my production server though.

The Edit menu comes with better organization of the buttons. There is now a Redo button along with the Undo button (and more!). there is also now Cut and Delete buttons on the menu.

In the View menu, you see a list with all the panels (timeline, tools, misc, properties) that you can toggle to hide/show. But the Theme submenu has been greatly improved. it has virtually double the themes you can choose from (and a much nicer implementation). Note: Changing themes actually works.

The Tools menu was expanded, and has new icons (still from silk). It is not yet complete (see drawing submenu).

The timeline has more, nicer icons that more closely relate to the action. Its organized better, and has some buttons that were relocated from the animation menu.

The animation menu hasn’t changed that much other than switching from a Blue control set to a gray one (likely will be changable by user preference), and again, better organization and a nicer icon for “recalcualte tweens”.

The effects menu has been renamed to the Plugins menu. The first item is a “Add Plugin” button (does not work, as with everything else). It is followed by a seperator, and two “plugins” (immigrated from the current version)

The User menu has been changed little otehr than the new icons, and a few new buttons (login, profile)

The help menu is organized better, with the tutorials now on a seperate submenu. the icons relate to the context better, and there is a comments and bug reports button.

[More to be overviewed soon]

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