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September 2008 Archive

Project Wikify Prototype 5 Released 18 September 2008

I just released Project Wikify prototype 5 revision 9. The highlights are support for ‘Channels” which let you have your own private “fork” of the internet. Also, Full IE support, and a completely redesigned website. On the backend, there’s a new communication protocol. Saving is only done through POST, no more JSONP/GET stuff. Loading is done differently too.

Again, you can get it from

As with all the major updates before, the database was trashed in the process.

Project Wikify Success 09 September 2008

Project Wikify is working out really well. My blog is getting vandalized a lot, and I actually find it really funny.

So, thanks spammers! You’ve just made my day (seriously). And posting this probably constitutes a change in the template, and will screw up Project Wikify.

For all of you who don’t have either Project Wikify, RWK, or the Project Wikify GreaseMonkey Userscript, follow the nex link to view the vandalized page (it’s the RWK version, not the full Wikify one, so you can’t edit it on that.).

[View my super-vandalized blog]


[Edit] Amazingly, it turns out Wordpress assigns IDs to posts, so it actually works (cool)! which is far better than I expected. So, it really shows how this project is working out way better than I imagined. and I’m sure someone is gonna edit this.

[Edit v0.2 Pre Alpha Beta Prototype 3 revision 1 Stable (Development) Testing Build 44 ASCII codename: copying the ajax animator’s insanely long version names] For all of you who haven’t tried this magical program yet, try so here at wikify dot antimatter15 dot com

[Edit Again]

Okay, I was wrong, it did screw up the template :( Wikify is messed up now :(

Spam... 07 September 2008

I’m getting a lot of spam (it’s showing up on my Akismet filter) on this blog now. I usually only get a few (~5) trackback spams (no comment spam). But now, I’m getting ~11 trackback messages OVERNIGHT, and I’m getting a few comment spams (basically unheardof). Just like two weeks ago I hit a TOTAL of 500 spam, now it’s close to 1200.

Strangely enough, I’m actually pretty happy of this. Spam is an indication of people actually visiting it. Even though virtually nobody comments (still a lot more than the early days of the blog).

And the stuff at is really spammy now :( I built a quick-n-dirty spam filter for it, and it’s database is over 7mb !!!!

Google Chrome 02 September 2008

It’s awesome btw. The tab bar location is like opera, the new tab button is like IE, the password manager is like firefox, and buttons are like IE 8. I’m actually posting from IE 8, and it (being based on Webkit) works with the Ajax Animator.