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April 2009 Archive

Run Brainf*ck... on your brain 16 April 2009

So I built this interesting brainf*ck interpreter which offloads most (not all) of the arithmetic operations (it concatenates tons of +1s into some more interesting operations). It could easily be made to offload all operations, but then it becomes a bit too prolonged and boring, so for +1s, and +0s, the computer handles the task.

It’s fitted with a Hello World app, which takes quite a bit to start, but then it quickly types out the message.

Python Ports! 12 April 2009

I’m porting the multitouch concept to python. Why? Because i’m on linux now, mono sucks, and PIL is pretty awesome.

I’ve set up a mock-rig where there are 2 mirrors on the side angled by erasers with a crappy Creative NX webcam mounted on a textbook over it. It seems like the only practical use of this is for a multitouch-table sort because gravity makes it otherwise pretty hard to calibrate.

So after I rewrite the software I need to try getting it to parse an actual image. Then I need to somehow hook it up to streaming webcam data, and somehow do something else.

Future updates to the Ajax Animator 12 April 2009

okay, so recently something really awesome happened. Google App Engine will now support Java. The great thing about this, it that decent flash export may happen because of that (yay!) and possibly actionscript later on.