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Flash Export 21 July 2008

Okay, i’ve done it. You can now export to flash. But the problem now is that I’m still using the uber limited freemovie library, which is both outdated and incapable of anything besides the rectangles and lines.

For now, I haven’t installed the server files yet so it wont work until I do, but by the time you read this, I may have already done it.

Export to Animated GIF 21 July 2008

here’s an important feature, you can now fully export your animations to raster animated gifs. Its easy, and suprisingly good.

Export to Silverlight 20 July 2008

You can export your animations to silverlight, almost flawlessly (though i’m on a linux box so I never tested them, they’re hopefully close to the Silverlight 1.0 specs).

The only problem, is that I have no idea how to put an animation in silverlight. Right now, it’ll squish every frame’s data together. into a merged display of every frame.

Exporting to Processing 19 July 2008

I’m working on the ability to export animations into various formats. Its close to usable at exporting to the Processing language. I’ve only tested running the output in John Resig’s Processing.js implementation so far. The output is very crude.

I will owrk on Flash and Silverlight export soon.