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vX Ajax is almost 10 bytes smaller 04 December 2008

Okay, so 0 = false, so it makes sense that !0 = true. but also 1 = true, so that saved 1 byte.

Since there’s no .readyState attribute > 4, instead of .readyState == 4, you can do .readyState>3

the big one was ActiveX, which was originally


I noticed how this.activeXObject was repeated unnecessarily. So i added a new variable y


then I did:


thanks to dynamic languages, I could use x, and just reset it to something else (saving a variable declaration!)


Now I just need to find a way to shrink


Deja Vu 20 October 2008

Um… I got vX Ajax 1 byte smaller.

*I think you can’t get any smaller than this… For real…

New Features coming in Ajax Animator 0.15 (aka 1.5, read to find out why) 02 December 2007

Okay, so one day i felt crazy and changed everything by 1 decimal place because i don’t want this to seem misleadingly good. I mean, if it hits a 1.0 release, then some people would think it’s almost as good as Flash 1 (futuresplash animator) which it it isn’t even near yet.

So it should be 1.5 but now it’s 0.15 :D

Read more to find out the whole list, a summary of it would be axml2, UI polishing, save space, nicer code (but still hideous), css, users, tweening, finish partially completed ideas etc.

What’s done so far

  • Redesigned Register UI
  • Save Lots of code
  • New Save/Open file format (around 5x faster, and 10 times smaller)
  • Relocating stuff
  • interactive tutorials
  • Backwards Compat Mode
  • for the first time it’s gonna be a legitimate GPLv2 project (I’m gonna include the gpl.txt file for once)
  • replaced wz_tooltips with native ext.js ones
  • Change save file to computer architecture
  • change organization of Save/Open buttons in file menu (submenus)
  • optimized stuff
  • fixed bugs
  • No more save/open window (now, single-purpose dialog alerts, much better)
  • Progress bars
  • User friendly upload error message (yay!)
  • relocate css
  • delete lot’s of stuff from user-management
  • REAL SUPPORT FOR LINES/ELLIPSES, lines didn’t work for tweening, ellipses didn’t work for tweening or flash, and ALL suffered from a programming error causing line-widths to be messed up.
  • FastMode …and more to come