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My Freeware Image Resizer 23 August 2006

Coded in VB.NET (requires .net framework 2.0 to run) PM me 4 the source code

Completly free not a demo or trial


  • Fixed Bugs in Saving to the psp
  • Fixed Bugs in saving to the pc
  • Added Image Flipping
  • Added Image Rotating
  • Added splash screen
  • This is a freeware PSP image resizer it Includes;
  • Freeware No Registration Necessary
  • No Install Necessary
  • LightWeight (only 48 kb Less than most flash games)
  • Dosent Cut Off Sides Changes the aspect ratio
  • One click Resizing to 480/272 pixels
  • Built in Direct Output To PSP Images
  • Easy To Use
  • I made it
  • 1 click resize to psp
  • custom resizing
  • image preview
  • easy to use

Large amount of supported extentions include

  • jpg
  • bmp
  • png
  • gif
  • wmf
  • tiff

SCREENSHOTS of verion 1