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July 2008 Archive

new IE not supported error 29 July 2008

This time I think my tone is a bit more acceptable (no more “Error: YOUR BROWSER SUCKS!” stuff)

Currently, support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (6/7/8) are only experimental. 
Some features do not work properly such as animation and playback of some specific animations. 
The issues are being resolved, but in the mean time, you may try out another browser such as 
<a href=''>Firefox</a>, 
<a href=''>Opera</a>, or 
<a href=''>Safari</a>.

IE somewhat works 29 July 2008

I just discovered the source of virtually all the IE problems: the non functional function. I managed to implement part of it, and magically, IE works a bit. Its nto very stable, and the tween engine gets weird errors all the time.

Bug Fixes 29 July 2008

Okay, so in IE you can now actually draw (wow!) though tweening doesn’t work yet :(

I fixed a bug when in Firefox 2 where the preview tooltips end up to be huge for no reason.

Tip Of The Day 28 July 2008

The Tip Of The Day box pops up now every time you visit the application.

Build 400 28 July 2008

Its now at build 400!

Busy. 27 July 2008

I’ve been somewhat busy in the last few days, I’m using a new computer now, its quite a bit faster, but doesn’t do everything that the old computer did, and I’m doing a lot for it to catch up.

its also a fresh start anyway, so I guess I can try out new tools/etc (still using the ol eclipse though!).

Minor Updates 27 July 2008

Now, i’m still trying to figure what to do, and now my strategy is simply polishing it. My stragegy is basically getting every feature that a normal user can get to in 2 clicks or less to work. Its somewhat close. I added some “feature(s) not available” message boxes, and made some parts a bit more serious.

Color Tweening 22 July 2008

Well, I added josep_ssv’s color tweening system. I modified it a bit, but it should work fine.

Flash Export 21 July 2008

Okay, i’ve done it. You can now export to flash. But the problem now is that I’m still using the uber limited freemovie library, which is both outdated and incapable of anything besides the rectangles and lines.

For now, I haven’t installed the server files yet so it wont work until I do, but by the time you read this, I may have already done it.

Export to Animated GIF 21 July 2008

here’s an important feature, you can now fully export your animations to raster animated gifs. Its easy, and suprisingly good.

Export to Silverlight 20 July 2008

You can export your animations to silverlight, almost flawlessly (though i’m on a linux box so I never tested them, they’re hopefully close to the Silverlight 1.0 specs).

The only problem, is that I have no idea how to put an animation in silverlight. Right now, it’ll squish every frame’s data together. into a merged display of every frame.

Exporting to Processing 19 July 2008

I’m working on the ability to export animations into various formats. Its close to usable at exporting to the Processing language. I’ve only tested running the output in John Resig’s Processing.js implementation so far. The output is very crude.

I will owrk on Flash and Silverlight export soon.

Standalone Animation Player 16 July 2008

I’ve created an animation player. It works with all ajax animator animations, and when compressed is a mere 3kb (which I believe is lower than OnlyPath Viewer).

It is built using the very same sources of the Ajax Animator, the whole purpose of all those *_core.js files. It uses the files Ext.ux.clone.js, op_view.js, svgrenderer_mini.js, vmlrenderer_mini.js, wrapper_core.js, view_wrapper.js, and tween_core.js.

svgrenderer_mini.js when compressed is just over 1.1kb and same is for vmlrenderer_mini.js

I’m on my linux development environment now, so I haven’t tested it in IE, but it will 100% fail, as the rendering engines is not detected and it uses SVGRenderer always.

See it in action here:

Improved Tweening Engine Stability 13 July 2008

as you probably know, there is a new tweening engine being used. This new one got rid of all the random anomaly checks that report when random errors occur. The error checks are now run more verbosely than eva!