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Ajax Animator Status 17 August 2009

It’s certainly hit a milestone with the current set of modifications, IMO, it’s now, finally, after 3 years of development (Actually, nothing happened the past year), what I had envisioned. The first parts of my April 7th, 2007 post on

I am working on a project to make an open-source browser based Flash Authoring system.

….. The idea is to make an animation on the site, save to the site’s server, and continue working on it later. Later being able to publish it and be sort of a YouTube for Flash Animations/Applications. Another aim of this project is to be next-gen software, sure there are about 10 open source multiplatform C++ based flash IDEs out there, but none of them truely [sic] represend [sic] the future of software, or true platform independence. Another interesting fact is that I didn’t know what YouTube was until Google bought it. But with the idea for a “YouTube for animations”, is totally possible with the new infrastructure provided by Google Wave. People can mark their waves containing the gadget as with:public, and people could search, comment, and improve animations (Though I was thinking initially on a more opensource software-like fork system, than a wiki type system which Wave is, and I’m not certain how this will work out with in the evils called the “real world” since now, Wave is still just a theory).

What has it done which makes me think it’s reached this milestone? Well, finally, I can make stick figures and animate them as they were meant to be animated. Having multiple layers with visibility now works, and now it supports most of the beloved and mostly efficient workflow of the Flash IDE - or at least to a beginner like I was, and still am.