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Totally failed mini-project svg-edit + svgweb 24 August 2009

So I tried to get svg-edit to work with svgweb’s flash shim (IE support). Sadly, it’s a total failure!

I only got far enough to get drawing lines, paths, polygons and rectangles working. Ellipses and text do not work. Selecting a shape shows the tracker, but if you drag it then it just flies over to (0,0) and dies. Partly because I didn’t spend any more than an hour getting the port to work, but the issues I’ve encountered is that svgweb doesn’t implement shape.getBBox() (but it did provide shape._getX(), shape._getY(), shape._getWidth(), and shape._getHeight() so it wasn’t hard to implement that). Then was that since it’s using a flash shim, the events which they hook on the container with jQuery only show the as the <embed> which the flash resides in. But I got a strange hack where you have 2 copies of the event listeners and kill the selects from the jQuery one, but doing that makes unselecting impossible.