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December 2015

Methods and Functions

Recovering Deleted Data from LevelDB

August 2015

Optimistically Buying an Excessive Number of LG Optimus Exceed 2

June 2015

Eulerian Video Magnification in the Browser

Handwriting Recognition with Microcontrollers

May 2015

Cooley-Tukey FFT + DCT + IDCT in under 1K of Javascript

April 2015

Blog Reboot

Brass Doge


December 2014

Protobowl: Real-Time Multiplayer Online Quizbowl

July 2014

Outlook Offline Address Book Parser in Python

June 2014

Blog Hacked

May 2014

Perceptual color distance and RGB and L*a*b

April 2014

Project Naptha

March 2014

Unwarranted Speculation On Oculus VR

February 2014

February Progress Report

January 2014



December 2013

Ocrad.js Pure Javascript OCR via Emscripten

November 2013

November Progress Report

October 2013

October Progress Update

September 2013

Muting a Casio W-201 Watch


August 2013

August Progress Report

July 2013

Adaptive Passphrase Length

June 2013

Array Addition and Other Fun Javascript Hacks

May 2013

Automatically Scanning on Lid Close with Arduino

April 2013

Recoloring Planck Data

March 2013

hqx.js - pixel art scaling in the browser

February 2013

Swipe Gesture 2

January 2013



December 2012

Facebook Chat Bot, Turing Completeness

November 2012

A New Approach to Video Lectures

October 2012

Introduction to the Pedant

September 2012

New Host Bitcable

August 2012

Whammy: A Real Time Javascript WebM Encoder

Upcoming Changes

Meta Analytics

Swipe Gesture 2 Development

Raspberry Pi

Etch-A-Sketch on a Trackpad

Determining if a Mousewheel Event Results in Scroll

Swipe Gesture for Chrome

Distributed Pi Revisited

July 2012

CloudFall: A Text Editor

June 2012


May 2012

Visualizing Facebook Activity

April 2012

Chrome Multitask Mode for Real with Multi-Pointer Xorg

March 2012

MusicAlpha v2.0

February 2012 forum mirror

January 2012

This site is going down tomorrow in protest of SOPA/PIPA

Google Circles was Launched on Tau Day


December 2011

Updated Ajax Animator

Offline Wiki Redux

November 2011

Pepper Spray Cop

October 2011

Surplus 4

September 2011

Schedule Compare

August 2011


Generating the iOS 5 Linen texture with Canvas

July 2011

Google+ Profile Suspended


June 2011

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

Why the Chrome Web Store is Bad for the Web.

May 2011

Chrome OS, the delusion of native, and perfection

MusicAlpha Upload to Google Music Beta from Linux and Chrome OS

Uploading to Google Music Beta from Linux

Cloud Save 1.3

April 2011

Google Drive + Cloud Save

Offline Wiki Chrome Webstore App

March 2011

MP3 Player

Cloud Save

February 2011

Google Won't Kill Chrome URL Bar

HTML5 Offline Wikipedia Reader and Help me win a Cr-48

January 2011

The Ambiguity of "Open" and VP8 vs. H.264


December 2010

drag2up 2.0 - drag and drop uploading for all sites

Ajax Animator on Chrome Web Store

November 2010

Digital Sculpting with Three.JS

insanely simple anti-phishing system

Simple Anti Phishing Mechanism

October 2010

Getting WebGL/OpenGL 2 to work on a ATI 1950X

Google Suggest + Venn Diagrams

Weppy Updates Opera, Chrome and Firefox support and simpler usage

Weppy Javascript Shim for WebP on Chrome 6 and Firefox 4.0

drag2up – Drag files onto any site

Gmail Style HTML5 Drag/Drop

September 2010

Readability iframe Extension

3D Sculpting Tool

Why my Streamie fork is better than everyone else’s

August 2010

Sort-of working Linux-friendly Apple Event Playlist

HTTP based federated protocol for real time hierarchical message manipulation

HTML5/CSS3 Zooming User Interface

BitTorrent in JavaScript with Node

Chrome Extension Desktop Search

Chrome Extension Hide Element

microwave on app store

Deep Integration Wave API Sample Blogger

1k JS 3d Function Plotter

DOM Indexer JS Compression

July 2010

JavaScript <canvas> to (Animated) GIF

Experiment Ruby-style function auto-calling in Javascript


Fluidizer fixed width → fluid width bookmarklet

Multicore Javascript Pi Computing with WebWorkers

A Bright Coloured Fish Parsing ID3v2 Tags in Javascript (and ExtensionFM)

June 2010



Wave Reader

μwave updates again

Done switching webhosts

Deep Integration Wave Embed API

It's host switching time.

Ajax Animator on Chrome Web Store (well, when it's released)

The Forward Button

stick figure animator

Ajax Animator for iPad Updates


μwave updates

Steganography in Javascript

May 2010

μwave lightweight mobile wave client

Simple Javascript 3D Function Plotter

April 2010

Ajax Animator iPad Support

Idea: Lego Mindstorms IDE for iPad

March 2010

2.3KB JS Library with ajax, animation, dom manipulation, json encoding

Onion Skinning in Ajax Animator

February 2010

Stick Figures!

Moving an element to a new window

Wave Reader 5.7

January 2010

Wave Reader 4.6 - Insanely Fast Edition

LED Inverse Shutter Glasses

Pure JavaScript HTML5 <canvas> to (Animated) GIF Conversion

Javascript SHA1 and SHA256 in


December 2009

Project Wikify Updated

Wave Unread Navigator

The future of the Ajax Animator

CSS3 Sideways Google

November 2009

Wave uses Closure

Wave Search Pause Button

XPath Bookmark Bookmarklet

October 2009

Real Wave Desktop Reader

withpublic not working

my ideas for a browser os are coming true.

September 2009

New Default Colors?

Ajax Animator Video Demo

Scroll Bar Improvements

Ajax Animator Wave Gadget

Massive file sharing networks?

Wave Syncing "Echo"

Basic Shape Resizing in VectorEditor

Ajax Animator Storage

Ajax Animator + Wave

Wave Gadget API issues (again)

Easy Clickjacking Bookmarklet!

RSVGShim A new SVG Shim that renders to SVG and VML using Raphael

Migrating small stuff to GitHub

August 2009


JS vs Python

ShinyTouch Videos

Totally failed mini-project svg-edit + svgweb

Future plans on VectorEditor

Shinytouch Perspective Transform

How I Would Design The Browser 2 Addons

WebWorkers + Canvas + Glif + GIFEncoder = Client Side Animated Gif Generation

Freemovie/JS Pure Javascript SWF Generator

Wave2 A higher level Wave Gadget State API

Ajax Animator Status

Visible/Invisible Frames

Working on interface for Animator/Wave

Ajax Animator Updates


VectorEditor on Wave

Google Wave Gadget API "Flaws"

VectorEditor Updates lines, rotation, more

Google Chrome OS

TUIO Support

ShinyTouch Images

July 2009

Private Tracker Registration Checker in Python

ShinyTouch is 1 month old

ShinyTouch Auto-Calibration

Ajax Animator + Vector Editor

How I would design a touchscreen browser

Vector Editor Google Code Project Page

New ShinyTouch Algorithms

The interesting order of digital communication paradigms

TwitMon Twitter Trending Topics Notifier in Jetpack

New Site!

Redirect referred users to new site's respective page

ShinyTouch ideas


Google and Microsoft

vX JS Library

Ajax Animator History

ShinyTouch Progress Update + Fresnel's Equations

ShinyTouch Zero Setup Single Touch Surface Retrofitting Technology

June 2009

New MirrorTouch Algorithm

Ajax Ranking in Rash QMS

touch input device

May 2009

Somewhat better distributed pi calculator

Good Web Host?

April 2009

Run Brainf*ck... on your brain

Python Ports!

Future updates to the Ajax Animator

March 2009

Experimental Ambient Light Parallel Reflection Optical Multitouch Overlay Proof-Of-Concept Implementation Version 2

Idea for Mirror-Based Multitouch System

Subleq VM + Memory Visualizer

New Idea Insanely Cheap Multitouch


Setting up a Wiki


Safari 4 Beta

January 2009

I Fail

Flexible Plugin System

I'm A Wordpress Idiot

I'm A Linux Idiot

Feynman Point


December 2008

Calculate Pi!

Distributed Computing Take III

Action Limit Exceeded

3999 Spam

Wikify Format 2.0

Crashing IE

Wikify Diff Engine


Porting Ajax Animator to Titanium

WordPress 2.7!

Posting From WP 2.7

vX Ajax is almost 10 bytes smaller

Wikify Update

November 2008

3000th spam

October 2008


Ajax Animator Thoughts

Deja Vu

Can Anyone Beat This?

vX JS Library

vX Ajax Function

September 2008

Project Wikify Prototype 5 Released

Project Wikify Success

Project Wikify Prototype 4 Revision 3


Google Chrome

Project Wikify

August 2008

Wikifying the Internet

Controlling A Native App from a Javascript Desktop

Note To Self

Login System

Ajax Animator 0.20.2 Released

Ajax Animator Manual


Refresh your cache

Ext 2.2

IE works in development version

Why no demos?

Preparing Ajax Animator 0.20.01 Beta RC2 Stable Release

Ajax Animator 0.20.01 Beta RC2 Stable Released

Ajax Animator 0.20.01 Soon

Ajax Animator 0.20 Browser Support

Ajax Animator 0.21 Early Fork

JavaFX + Ajax

0.21 Bugfixes

new features

Ajax Animator 0.20 Beta RC1 Released

Do not go to testing site

Ajax Animator 0.2 Beta *almost* RC1

Almost There!

July 2008

new IE not supported error

IE somewhat works

Bug Fixes

Tip Of The Day

Build 400

Small Stuff Again


Minor Updates

Color Tweening

Flash Export

Export to Animated GIF

Export to Silverlight

Exporting to Processing

Standalone Animation Player

Improved Tweening Engine Stability

June 2008

Switching Editors

Resize Grid, Improved Select, Delete Selection/Clear All

New loading screen + HTML Strict Doctype

Status Fixing the compiler problem

May 2008


Build 99

Today's Updates

Today's Updates III

Today's Updates II

Starting Over


Hello world!

Updates Today

Small Updates

Experimental Comet MMORPG

April 2008

Today's (Tiny) Updates

January 2008

Desktop Flash IDE ForkSwif Released


December 2007

New Features coming in Ajax Animator 0.15 (aka 1.5, read to find out why)

November 2007

Note to self

Format of new Ajax Animator Interactive Tutorials

New File Format

To Self Fixed Timeline2.js

October 2007

Progress Report

MD5/SHA1 Pure Javascript Hash Cracking

September 2007

Some Progress

New Features

August 2007

More Information

May 2007

New Alpha

Ajax Animator


September 2006

PSP Portal Installer Beta 1 Released!

August 2006

My Freeware Image Resizer